New Additions to the Digital Library

onsider this post a website-related notification. As of this writing, I finished the latest addition to the Digital Library and rearranged the website menu bar to accommodate a few changes.

Clicking on “Digital Library” will access the “Digital Library I” webpage where one can find all kinds of philosophical, theoretical political, historical texts, and research papers. Digital Library II is supposed to contain, among other things, research documents related to the “Kitchen Debate” from The Third Place.

The new addition to the Digital Library is “Digital Library III,” which currently contains some Accounting and Econometric research papers. They will undoubtedly be revisited again in the upcoming Treatise.

Some of my earlier readers may recall that I have kept the SMP Compendium in the website menu bar for the past two years. Today, I relocated it under “The Work-Standard,” where .PDF copies of the Second and First Editions may also be downloaded.

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