Update (15 February 2023)

Sorry, I am still unable to work on anything for the Blog. I remain preoccupied with personal projects outside of the Blog. My hope is that sometime on Friday or Saturday, I will devote the entire day to writing two new Entries for Work-Standard Accounting Practices. They are not going to be posted immediately after the Update posts on Friday or Saturday morning, but before the end of Friday or Saturday evening.

If anybody is curious as to why I am not able to work on the Blog, it is because I have to write two fifteen page research papers about the “Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)” and designing a proposed arms limitation agreement involving the US, China, and cyberweapons. Speaking of which, for those who are wondering what I would be working on next after Work-Standard Accounting Practices, it will be about the National Intranet and the question of cyberweapons and national defense. Apparently, according to one of my sources, in the People’s Republic of China, the country’s universities are integrated into this “digital militia system” where their computer science students and faculty could potentially become a formidable cyberdefense force that Beijing would call upon in the event of a cyberwar with the US. Another source warns about the emerging cyberarms race between the US and China over the past decade, and concerns about cyberweapons falling into the global shadow economy of illegally procured firearms.

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