Update (19 February 2023)

So far, I am currently two-thirds done with the other research paper, the one about an arms limitation treaty on cyberweapons. What is really ironic is that I was expecting the Liberal Capitalists in the West to be the ones advocating for it. Instead, I found the Russians and the Chinese promoting such treaties as part of their advocacy for the National Intranet. The Liberal Capitalists are still adamant about viewing the World Wide Web as their personal pet project, their way of imposing their ideological hegemony over the digital realm, just as how the Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO) fulfills the same purpose in the Real World.

It’s a real shame because there are genuine concerns about cyberweapons ending up on the black market and legal loopholes where hackers are allowed launch cyberattacks on computer networks other than their own nation’s networks. There is an entire Military-Industrial Complex being born in the darkest corners of the World Wide Web due to the West’s failure to address the proliferation of cyberweapons. And yet so much of everyday life in the 21st century is increasingly dependent on the digital realm. Talk about weapons deadlier than nuclear weapons.

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