Announcement on Work-Standard Accounting Practices (1st Ed.)

Today, I am proud to announce that I have completed the First Edition of Work-Standard Accounting Practices. The finalized PDF copy is now ready for download. Similar to the PDF versions of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) and The Third Place (1st Ed.), the PDF copy of this Treatise also includes exclusive content not found in the posted Entries on the Blog. This includes an Appendix containing a Blog post documenting my research into Herman Schmalenbach and the latest Economic Case Studies Entry, the one that was released earlier today.

Additionally, I updated Digital Library III, which contains documents related to that Treatise. Two new academic journal articles were added pertaining to the works of the Schmalenbach brothers Eugen and Herman. I am also planning to someday release Digital Library IV to house relevant literature on the National Intranet, the World Wide Web (WWW), ARPANET and OGAS, Project Cybersyn, and so forth.

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