Update (12 April 2023)

Today is a very special day for me, so I will write this Update to be straight to the point. First of all, I have expanded the relevant webpage for The Digital Realm to include the titles of roughly a dozen proposed Entries for Section Two and a proposed set of Entries for Section Three. Those Sections will be focused on Scenario 1999, which will build upon the conclusions established in Section One with the world order that I had described at the beginning of Section Two. The current list of titles for Section Two are as follows:

  1. Hamiltonianism in Words, Jeffersonianism in Deeds (Pt. III of III)
  2. Factional Interests, Estate Interests, National Interests
  3. “Tournament” and “Market”: National Institutions or Civil Societies?
  4. Digitalizing the Modes of Production
  5. Digitalizing Economic Organization Models
  6. Digitalizing Economic Governance Models
  7. Roles of Artificial Intelligence in LCFIs and NSFIs
  8. State Development of National Culture
  9. State Funding of Universities and Research Institutes
  10. International Relations between SSEs and their Central Governments
  11. “Cyberdefense,” “Cybersecurity,” and Military Conscription

Here were the goals outlined in “Introduction to the 1999 Scenario”:

  • How Life-Energy facilitates Arbeit-into-Geld and Geld-into-Arbeit
  • How the Value of Arbeit and Price of Geld are determined.
  • How MTEP, NSFIs, State Investments, Economic Socialization and Economic Foreignization are employed across an SSE’s Industries, Enterprises, Professions, and Vocations.
  • How the Student Body receives Paygrades and how they obtain housing.
  • How the Tournaments and Social Ranking System govern economic life.
  • How the Councils and Social Forums conduct themselves, coordinating activities both in the National Intranet and in the Real World.
  • How Student Governments govern their Student Bodies and interact with each other under their superior central governments.
  • How Technologies and the National Intranet are designed and deployed at the behest of the Student Body and the Student Government.

Everything except for the first and second objectives are to be covered throughout the course of Section Two. Section Three will delve into the theoretical and philosophical sides of the Work-Standard before returning to the practical. All of the concepts discussed in every Entry should already be familiar to anyone who has previously read The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.), The Third Place (1st Ed.), and Work-Standard Accounting Practices (1st Ed.). The purpose of The Digital Realm is to discuss about the concept of the same name in relation to everything that has been brought up elsewhere.

On a sidenote, I may be considering two possible avenues for the future of the Blog. Someday, I am thinking about coming up with a Donation Page, and an alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud. The costs of running The Fourth Estate are going to undoubtedly increase over the long term as I continue working on this Blog.

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