Update (16 April 2023)

My thought experiment from yesterday, where I revisited some important documents from my late childhood and early adolescence proved helpful in making sense of the current trajectory of the past few Scenario 1999 Entries. Allow me to summarize a list of conclusions, all of which will become topics in the upcoming Entries:

  • Job Posting Boards, ATS and AI are banned on the National Intranet for being sources of Kapital Accumulation in the form of Intangible Assets from Production for Profit. Such technologies under the Work-Standard, are to be treated no differently than LCFIs like Stocks and Bonds: rubbish. To allow them on any National Intranet, much less the International Internet at large, is to deprive the Properties-as-Power of the Self, their Totality and State.
  • Personal information online is another form of Personal Property-as-Power, which on its own is incapable of creating Arbeit and Geld under the Work-Standard! The collection of personal data on the National Intranet is not to be considered part of any Domains within the Work-World. Whosoever does not realize this is condoning egregious theft and violations of human decency. Even in the Work-Standard, there will always be those fundamental distinctions between the Self and Totality, the Totality and the State, Productive Property-as-Power and Personal Property-as-Power.
  • Enterprises, as Productive Properties creating capable of creating Arbeit and Geld, also contribute Arbeit and Geld to the Life-Energy Reserve while searching for prospective Civil Servants among the Student Body. Nothing good ever comes out of a Neoliberal herd mentality. Enterprises must give prospective Civil Servants their chances to prove themselves in the Social Ranking System at our Tournaments. This is another Implicit Intent behind abolishing of LCFIs in favor of NSFIs at the Kontore. This is also another Implicit Intent for the Digital Tournament to act as a medium where the economic activities of the VCS Economy and the SSE become intertwined.
  • There is far more to Council Democracy than the political freedom of voting and abstaining inside the workspace and the economic freedom of buying and selling outside it. Whosever demonstrates the determination to pursue the greater Quality of Arbeit for least Quality of Geld is advances in economic life whilst advancing to the next highest Social Rank in social life. In political life, they become the best and most qualified people to become Delegates for our electoral process at the workspace.
  • What is the best-kept secret to finding wealth under Work-Standard? That the most successful people under the Work-Standard are the ones most enthusiastic about their Arbeit, which in itself is the most obvious sign of Meaningful Work emanating from one’s Vocation. Technology is the means by which the Arbeiter mobilizes the entire world. It is here, in the State of Total Mobilization, the Life-Energy of Nation is channeled toward the creations of Arbeit and Geld in the promotion of peace, order, and stability.

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