Update (19 April 2023)

I am going to spend the morning and afternoon hours today taking care of more personal matters. If I manage to post anything else today, it will be whatever else that I managed to complete. There are only five Entries left in Section Two of The Digital Realm (1st Ed.) that remain incomplete. Recently, I have had to change the name of one of the remaining Entries to reflect an important question that has become apparent in the digital realm as it stands. I am of course referring to the “flow of information” in the National Intranets and International Internet.

This is less about how whether people access to information and more about an investigation into the concept of information facilitating economic activities. It is here where I actually need to reintroduce the LERE Process and the concepts of Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. Even Intellectual Property deserves a proper revisiting in that particular Entry.

On a side note, I will be uploading some new research articles to Digital Library IV tomorrow. Whenever I get a chance, I will definitely announce it in a Revision post.

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