Revision (25 April 2023)

With the first Entry of Section Three completed, I felt that I needed to write a Revision post for the next four Entries: “Political Functions of Social Forums,” “Economic Functions of Social Forums,” and “The ‘Social’ Aspect of Social Forums,” and “The Conduct of MTEP on the National Intranet.” Those four Entries will not only focus on the Social Forums, they will also focus on how the Social Forums interact with the SATHs (Shopping Arena Transit Hubs), LERE Refineries, Shopping Citadels, Internet Cafes, Intranet Service Providers (ISPs), and the Social Courts of the International Internet.

My goal for the rest of today is to complete Economic Functions of Social Forums because the Entry that I had just finished at the time of this Revision post has finally outlined two important details for the LERE Process:

  • Where are the exact jurisdictions between the Digital Tournament with regard to the Digital Economy and Virtual Economies, as outlined in the earlier Entries of The Digital Realm (1st Ed.)?
  • Can the same ruleset for Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld be reapplied by States under the terms of Real Trade Agreements (RTAs)?

If I do not post it by the end of the day, I will finish the rest tomorrow as originally planned back on Sunday.

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