Update (25 April 2023)

I took some time yesterday to work on one of the aforementioned diagrams from yesterday’s Revision post. This one is for the demonstrating how “Arbeit begets Arbeit” from The Digital Realm (1st Ed.). Basically, economic activities that create Arbeit have a chance of creating additional sources of Arbeit. If I had to demonstrate how this can be shown by means of the Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping, this surplus Arbeit would fall under Economic Socialization (ES). Think of it as a further expansion or elaboration of ES from previous Treatises.

It’s amazing that I am specifically using the phrase “Arbeit begetting more Arbeit.” In Neoliberalism, the equivalent was to envisage “Kapital begetting more Kapital.”

For the remaining Entries, Section Three can be split between the Social Forums, COAB, and discussions about Cyberwarfare. All three topics are to be discussed in relation to the National Intranet within the context of Scenario 1999. My goal for today is to work on the next Entry.

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