Update (28 April 2023)

Okay, there are only five Entries left before I can finally begin compiling everything for The Digital Realm (1st Ed.). Aside from that, yesterday, I completed a few diagrams that I am also planning to include in .PDF copy. These will no doubt be included in Section Three.

This diagram depicts the six main sources of Kapital and Schuld within the interactions of Parliament and the Market, the Public and Private Sectors, in both Production for Profit and Production for Utility. All six attributes correspond to the basic criteria for most Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), Neoliberalism’s equivalent of the Work-Standard’s National-Socialized Enterprise (NSE).
By contrast, this diagram is an expanded description of the six main sources of Arbeit and Geld elaborated in The Work-Standard, The Third Place, Work-Standard Accounting Practices, and The Digital Realm. Red and green arrows indicate regular sources of Arbeit and Geld respectively. Blue and yellow arrows are sources of Arbeit and Geld from NSFIs, State Investments and Economic Foreignization and Economic Socialization.
Diagram of the Digital Realm within the LERE Process. Note the green arrow next to the red arrow in the middle. That indicates Geld staying in the National Intranet at the Digital Tournament. The other green arrow, the one pointing at the Social Court, is Geld leaving the National Intranet and entering the International Internet as part of a Real Trade Agreement (RTA).

Note that if I do not complete anything today, it is because I am taking care of other matters outside the Blog. If I do not post anything today, I may be forced to post whatever I had managed to finish tomorrow morning.

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