Revision (30 April 2023)

There was a recent comment in the ARPLAN Blog, where Bogumil provided some additional background information on the subject of the latest post at the beginning this month. For those who do not know or cannot recall, April’s ARPLAN post was about Richard Scheringer, a Reichswehr artillery officer, joining the KPD after being disillusioned with the Hitlerists running the NSDAP.

Someone else commented on that post to ask Bogumil if he knew anything else about Scheringer. It turns out that Scheringer had a colorful history that reflected the sentiments of those who saw in the KPD and Marxism-Leninism as the German Reich’s chance to become a European great power. What is notable is that Scheringer, despite his sympathies to Marxism-Leninism, did not defect to the Soviet Union when he fought on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. While one could argue that Scheringer’s sympathies were either temporary or insincere, I am convinced that this is evidence to justify why, if the German Reich did become a Marxist-Leninist regime, something comparable to the Sino-Soviet Dispute would happen between the German-speaking world and the Soviet Union.

The following are my statements in response to Bogumil’s last comment:


That is an interesting find. I did not expect Richard Scheringer to have such a colorful history, both before and after 1945. Yes, it goes to show that there was a fusion of political-economic ideas in the German Reich, where new ideologies were being recreated out of old ones and old ones finding new purposes for themselves. Something tells that loyalty to the German Reich and loyalty to the Hitlerists are two different things insofar as the reign of the latter was not guaranteed to last.


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