Update (24 May 2023)

The Jeffersonian showdown on the fate of the US National Debt under the Biden Presidency is reaching its climax. At the time of this writing, the Debt Ceiling has yet to be raised to stave off a default in the American Sovereign Schuld. My calendar has it marked for June 1, the last day that the US can tolerate the current Debt Ceiling limit before the Quantity of Schuld overwhelms the US. Remember, if the Debt Ceiling is not raised on time, it will cause massive cuts to Federal spending and economic destruction on a scale not seen since the Pandemic or the Great Recession. I am talking about an Economic Recession that will result in millions to suddenly become unemployed and the worldwide hegemony of the US Dollar weakening. My goal in the coming days is to start reporting on the trend as it develops as I will no doubt be indirectly affected by its implications.

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