Update (9 September 2021)

Overall, there are only twenty-four entries that have yet to be completed before I can finally consider the SMP Compendium finished. Two of them are entries in “Important Terminology”: Synchronicity and the concepts of State Expense, State Budget, and State Revenue.

What I would like to do for this coming weekend is to elaborate on the details of Technology under the Work-Standard for SMP Compendium as well as complete the final portion of “The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits.” For the entries “Tactical Logic,” “Operational Logic,” and “Strategic Logic of Technology,” I will be outlining the details of Technology for the Work-Standard within those three categories within the context of the Socialist nation. Included are various proposals of technologies designed by me as suitable replacements to their Liberal Capitalist equivalents. The idea there is to demonstrate how those alternatives are distinguished by their reliance on the Work-Standard and its fundamental functions.

I remain convinced that if the Work-Standard is more than capable of functioning on late 18th century, 19th century and early 20th century technologies, it is also capable of functioning on late 20th and early 21st century technologies as well. The early 21st century, like the early 20th century, has already witnessed an array of different technologies that can be repurposed to facilitate the Work-Standard. Examples range from “Cryptocurrencies,” “eCommerce” and “Automation” to more promising ones like “carbon-zero synthetic fuels,” “automated delivery systems,” “3D Printing,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “the digitalization of ‘physical Arbeit’ into ‘digital Arbeit.'”

The goal behind discussing about various technologies in the SMP Compendium is to outline a basis by which the development of Technology can be directed by the Socialist nation in a manner conducive to the Work-Standard. Every new introduction of Technology by the Figure of the Arbeiter can be designed to facilitate the creation of new Vocations, new opportunities to contribute Arbeit and generate Geld from that same Arbeit, enhance the Quality of Arbeit and reduce the Quality of Geld to facilitate further economic growth, optimize the Attrition/Inaction Rate, and allow the Central Bank to maintain its Mechanization Rate. The introductions are to be methodically evaluated and quickly deployed by the Totality with the full backing of the State.

Expect new SMP Compendium entries related to Technology over the next few days.

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