Compendium: The Tactical Logic of Technology

The Art of Socialist Finance cannot be conveyed in a massive book of rules and regulations like a “70,000-page Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Code.” The styles which govern Socialist Finance are to be applied in accordance with present-day economic conditions in the Socialist nation-state. Straightforward, honest actions achieving a well-understood Intent is sure to achieve the flourishing of the Totality’s well-being. 

As with any other Technology, the Art of Socialist Finance is subject to continual improvements within the framework of its own Artform, the Work-Standard. Socialist Financial Technologies (“Fintech”) require Socialist methods of applying them, their purposes understood by the Totality and their performances evaluated by the State. Technologies known to help the Socialist nation-state is to be deployed into the Vocational Civil Service (VCS) Economy, the Totality being the judge, jury, and executioner.

The fate of the Socialist nation, whether it prospers or collapses, still depends on decisiveness of the Individual. Every Legal Right bestowed unto the Individual is tempered by a Legal Duty from the State, every Constitutional Obligation unto the Individual to be met with a Constitutional Intent from the State. An Individual’s performance in the VCS Economy rests on their upbringing, education, training and experience as a student in the secondary schools and universities of the “Socialist Student Economy” (SSE). Socialism requires them to think critically and creatively, apply training and expertise in practice, live with purpose and meaning, and demonstrate self-confidence, determination, selflessness and daring to overcome any situation.

Everything here applies both in the physical realm and in the digital realm. For the Self that is committed to their Vocation at the workspace, Technology intended for tactical deployments shall be designed specifically to enhance their Vocation and allow the State to create additional Vocations related to that profession. Important areas of interest under the Work-Standard must include but not limited to:

  • Ways of increasing Work-Productivity (WP) and minimizing the Attrition Rate;
  • Ways of decreasing Work-Intensity (WI) and warding off the Inaction Rate;
  • Ways of sustaining Force Multipliers (FMs) like the 40-hour work week, minimizing the risks of work-related injuries and deaths, and expediting the production process without any alterations to the Central Bank’s Mechanization Rate;
  • Ways of reducing waste and inefficiencies as well as curtailing excessive consumption and the risk of resource depletion and environmental degradation;
  • Ways of increase the Economic Socialization (ES) and Solidarity Rate (SR) of individual Vocations within a given profession by providing potential opportunities to sustain the Price of goods and services being distributed at a consistent rate of production;
  • And ways of contributing “digital Arbeit” and generating “digital Geld” on the international Internet of a Socialist world order. There will be mechanisms designed to allow the vast electrical power consumptions of, say, a casino and hotel resort in Las Vegas or Atlantic City to be repurposed as a “Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification (LERE) Refinery.”

In the early 21st century, during the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are “Cryptocurrencies,” “Non-Fungible Tokens” (NFTs), “data mining” (whether for Cryptocurrencies or mass surveillance), “eCommerce,” “Blockchains,” “Peer-to-Peer” (P2P) distribution systems, “digital streaming services,” “digital subscription-based services,” “rentable multiplayer online gaming servers and website domains,” “online gambling and betting markets,” “automated software executing trades on financial markets and placing orders on LCFIs (Liberal Capitalist Financial Instruments),” and a proposed ‘Digital Market/Mixed Economy’ called the “Internet-of-Things” (IOT). Every example cited is embedded with some aspect of Liberal Capitalist ideology in its programming. The whole World Wide Web (WWW), the medium by which somebody is reading this SMP Compendium entry on The Fourth Estate, exists as a planetary-wide Digital Market/Mixed Economy and the problems inherent within them.

Whatever equivalents the Socialist nation intends to implement must require their software programming operating under the Intents of Command and Obedience vis-à-vis the Arbeit and Geld of the Work-Standard. Remember, the digital realm serves only as an extension of the physical realm and never as a replacement for physical economic activities. This can be done without having the Central Bank raise the Mechanization Rate. The Totality of the Socialist nation will need to help the State restructure the “Information Sector” and “Government Sector” to accommodate them for the Work-Standard. The Intent here is to allow a State functionary from the Government Sector to oversee the contributions of “digital Arbeit” and generations of “digital Geld.” Unlike the physical equivalents which are capable of existing offline, “digital Arbeit” and “digital Geld” cannot be converted into physical ones by the Central Bank.

This is not to suggest that “digital Arbeit” cannot join the Life-Energy Reserve or that “digital Geld” cannot count toward the State Budget and somebody’s weekly Paygrade. Computer scientists and software programmers will need to develop an entirely different Technology for the Work-Standard to operate within a national Intranet under the direct command of the State through an SAE (State-Administrated Enterprise). This SAE exists offline and is subordinate to the Ministry of Science, its goal is to run and maintain the digital infrastructure, act as service provider, issue of website domains, offer downloadable software, and facilitate digital mediums for the Totality to build their own websites and provide all the usual amenities found on the WWW.     

In this national Intranet, the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) process that has been allowing Arbeit to be converted into Geld will be accommodated by the LERE (Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification) process. It is under LERE that anyone capable of contributing digital Arbeit can immediately convert them into digital Geld at an online banking service. This online banking service is connected to an LERE Refinery operating as part of the Ministry of Finance, its digital presence acting as a proxy server for the Central Bank. LERE Refineries transmute the digital Arbeit and digital Geld into physical Arbeit and physical Geld, allowing LERE process to finally converge on the actual LER process at the Central Bank’s Life-Energy Reserve.  

The idea behind LERE is to deter speculative attacks on the Central Bank, preventing computer malware and spyware, cybercrimes, cyberterrorism and cyberattacks from affecting the offline LER process. To facilitate the LERE process on behalf of the LER process, anyone with a Vocation involved in the Information Sector is to be issued a Four-Year or Five-Year Work-Plan from Office II of their regional Kontor, the hefty Service Fee to be reimbursed by the State. Included in this Work-Plan is a website domain connected to a digital communications service provider and is automatically renewed past the Work-Plan’s maturity date. This is because, once the State gives the Work-Plan to its recipient, the recipient will continue to be the owner of the website domain until they decide to sell it and allow the State to look after it until somebody else purchases it. A similar methodology is also being employed for the servers of online video games on behalf of gamers making Machinimas like those agitating against “Games as a Service.” Even though the amounts of digital Arbeit and digital Geld may not be much, it will still be enough for individual gamers to run gaming servers on the side as a secondary Vocation to their daytime one.       

Once the LER process is brought online vis-à-vis the LERE process, the Socialist nation can now achieve economic growth from within its own national Intranet. The secret is the implementation of a special “Blockcycle” where the owner of a website contributes Arbeit by offering an online service. Any Vocation that engages in both offline and online services will receive a bonus Force Multiplier by 1.00 to account for the Blockcycle, which is a huge difference when one realizes that most Vocations in the VCS Economy generally have FMs ranging from 1.00 to 2.00.  

The Blockcycle relies on a “LERE-Stamp” that indicates when and where digital Arbeit was contributed from the electrified commitments of Life-Energy, when and where the digital Geld was generated, and when and where they were both converted into physical Arbeit and physical Geld on behalf of the Central Bank. There is a digital ledger that is accessible to the Individuals involved (as the Self), the economic planners working under the service provider (as part of the Totality), and the Central Bank (as part of the State). This ledger operates on a centralized “STS (Self-Totality-State) Network” relying on the Work-Standard’s Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping instead of the Triple-Entry Account Bookkeeping found in the Blockchains of most Cryptocurrencies. The STS Network automatically registers the Quality of Arbeit (QW) and Quality of Geld (QM) of digital economic activities, allowing them to be counted toward RTEP (Real Total Economic Potential) and RTFP (Real Total Financial Potential).  

Thus, the national Intranet has a ‘Digitized VCS Economy’ that interacts with the physical one and vice versa. There will be website platforms where people can buy and sell goods and services, wire Geld to different accounts, take out Work-Tenures from their local National-Socialized Bank (NSB) or invest in NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) from their regional Kontor. Digital platforms related to video streaming, online multiplayer gaming, forums and chatrooms, blogs, social networking, and websites where can people upload, download and share digital media that they created as their own contributions of digital Arbeit and even sell them for digital Geld. Also connected to the national Intranet are the websites of educational institutions and the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) from the Ministry of Education. Any foreign Enterprises allowed to operate under the terms of a Real Trade Agreement (RTA) will be operating a national website registered with the host State as part of the RTA.  

If everything described there sounds familiar, that is because many of the characteristics found on the international Internet can also be recreated in the national Intranet with the Work-Standard in mine. For those interested in accessing the international Internet, the Ministry of Science shall coordinate with the Ministries of Economics, Finance, Education, Transportation and Culture to allow entire groups of “digital citizens” from the Socialist nation to visit the international Internet. This can be done from inside a library, an Internet café, at the computer lab of a school or university, inside one’s home, and even on a portable laptop and smartphone. All one needs to access the international Internet, besides an Internet connection or WIFI, is a digitized copy of their passport. Those interested in accessing the national Intranet of the Socialist nation from abroad is a “digital tourist” that will need their passport and a travel visa.

Finally, on the topic of International Standardization Organization (ISO) protocol, what would the website domain for be if was allowed to operate in the Socialist nation? The website will include “fourthestatepolicy,” a “.fae” to indicate its Hamiltonian Federal Socialist status as being registered under an offline service provider operating as a “Federally-Administrated Enterprise,” the American equivalent to an SAE, and a “.us” to indicate that the website is operating from the United States. Therefore, it will read: “” Such a website domain will never exist on the current World Wide Web; it will, however, exist in the Socialist world order’s international Internet. The name of this Socialist world order’s international Internet deserves to be called “Heliopolis,” and so this website domain can then be renamed as simply “”  

In retrospect, whatever goes on in the national Intranet of the Socialist nation is an extension of what goes on offline. Everything already discussed in previous entries in the SMP Compendium is extended to the digital realm, including the VCS Economy. In the next two entries, we will be exploring the Operational Logic and the Strategic Logic of Technology, including an array of other proposed technological applications made possible by the Work-Standard.   

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