Update (13 September 2021)

I am confident to announce that there are now less than two dozen SMP Compendium entries that have yet to be completed. This is an encouraging sign because my original plans to complete the Compendium sometime in October is well within schedule. Even so, there are a few topics of interest that I would like to discuss here in this Blog post as they are very important and will affect my ability to post additional Compendium entries.

I have a few important errands offline that need to be taken care of. One of them includes a proposed redesign of the Blog’s layout. Enough information is already available on this Blog to warrant changes to the homepage and the introductory section of the SMP Compendium. Proposed expansions of the “Work-Standard” webpage will include one section about “The Goal of Monetary Policy” and the other as a basic introduction to “Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism.” And since the homepage is technically the place where the first impressions matter the most, that is an portion of the Blog which is also slated for revisions before the year is over.

Additionally, I also have to work on the next set of Compendium entries for this week as well. I have one Compendium entry related to war, but I have decided to rewrite it to take into account the implications of Financial Warfare, a topic that I discussed in Compendium entry “The Strategic Logic of Technology.”

There will be no new Compendium entries or Blog posts until Wednesday, 15 September. If I am able to post anything on Tuesday, 14 September, I will post another Update. I know that this is an inconvenience, because I do appreciate the feedback and readership I have been receiving over the past few months, but they are necessary in ensuring that the SMP Compendium will be completed on schedule.

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