Update (14 September 2021)

I have decided to make slight adjustments to the Blog. The Fourth Estate’s homepage as well as the opening notations in the SMP Compendium should be edited, the text turned into a subpage under the “Fourth Estate?” webpage. Another decision is to introduce the Symbols of the Work-Standard and Hamiltonian Federal Socialism, with the Compendium being nearly completed. Additionally, I would also like to recheck which Compendium entries can be found on the Wayback machine and which ones are not. Once the last Compendium entry is completed, I will be going over the SMP Compendium as part of an editing process. The Intent is to minimize the number of typos that I may have missed while writing the Compendium since May of this year.

For this wondering about the status of the Compendium, I am still working on three entries, which are “Real Trade and Free Trade,” “Wartime Preparations and the Work-Standard (Pt. I of III)” and “Domestic Accounts for Inflowing Arbeit, Outflowing Geld.” Since my last major post on the Blog was the final addition to “The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits,” I will be focusing on either “Domestic Accounts” or “Real Trade and Free Trade” instead of Part I of Wartime Preparations.    

“Real Trade and Free Trade” is a philosophical Compendium entry. Here’s a preview:

While reading the SMP Compendium, pay close attention to the recurring metaphysical patterns of ‘Arbeit into Geld, Geld into Arbeit’ that are always constant throughout the various entries in their respective Sections. There is something peculiar about the specific manner in which somebody commits their Life-Energy (that is, their physical, mental, and spiritual strength) to a Vocation, creating the Arbeit that is then converted into Geld by the Central Bank. Variations of this pattern exist and each one will be discussed across the Sections of the Compendium.

The Intent behind splitting the Compendium into Sections is to complete a simple equation called the “Total Productivity Potential” (TPP) equation, the Work-Standard equivalent of the Liberal Capitalist GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The Work-Standard cannot and must not rely on Liberal Capitalist methodologies, including the mathematical formula and equations, because they are always relying on Kapital and Schuld (Debt/Guilt) as opposed to Arbeit and Geld.  

The basic form of the TPP equation is:

TPP = (State Budget + People’s Geld) + (RTEP + RTFP) + (NSFIs + State Investments)

Whole Sections of the SMP Compendium will be exploring how each aspect of the Work-Standard is designed to yield the sum value of all economic and financial activities for the Socialist nation. Everything discussed in the Compendium is intended to elaborate in great detail about where the Arbeit and Geld of the Socialist nation are applicable in the context of the TPP equation. Broken down like this, the TPP equation can be described as three components:

The State Budget and People’s Geld are the overall Income of the State and the Totality.   

The RTEP (Real Total Economic Potential) and RTFP (Real Total Financial Potential) are the overall Production of the State and the Totality.

And the NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) and State Investments are the overall Mobilization of the State and Totality.

For the rest of that entry, I will be addressing the metaphysics behind the Real Trade Agreement (RTA), the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) process for offline activities, the Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification (LERE) process for online activities, the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking practices of the Socialist nation’s banks, and the NSFIs of the Kontore. It is there that I describe how the entire Compendium fits neatly into the TPP equation while referring the reader to the Section where I demonstrate how to apply everything mathematically and the elusive World State Organization (WSO).

I want to make sure that anyone who reads the SMP Compendium in its completed state will realize that everything discussed in the Compendium eventually converges on the TPP equation. There is a recurring metaphysical basis that binds every aspect of the Work-Standard, preventing anyone from implementing it within the framework of Liberal Capitalist ideology.   

My plan for this week is to complete that entry, “Domestic Accounts,” Part I of “Wartime Preparations” and at least five of the following unfinished entries from the Compendium:  

Work-Standard Applications of Technology

  • Artistic Creativity and Innovative Ingenuity with the Work-Standard
  • Expressing Identities through Technology

Economic Metrics and Formulas of the Work-Standard

  • Domestic Accounts for Outflowing Arbeit, Inflowing Geld
  • Foreign Accounts for Inflowing Arbeit, Outflowing Geld
  • Foreign Accounts for Outflowing Arbeit, Inflowing Geld
  • State Revenue and Requisition Accounts
  • Domestic and Foreign Schuld Accounts

I now have everything that I need to complete those entries before the end of this week. If I can complete six entries before 20 September, then everything is proceeding ahead of schedule. I just hope it stays that way because everything has been going well for me since early August.  

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