Update (17 September 2021)

I regret to inform my readers of this Blog that something happened yesterday. My refrigerator broke down from what can only be described as a genuine case of “Planned Obsolescence” by its Liberal Capitalist manufacturer. I am not exaggerating: the refrigerator had built-in defects that made it last shorter than five years in order to create Kapital and Schuld. No Arbeit and Geld was created in the process. A replacement was needed and I had to take the initiative, but the lost Zeit from yesterday can never be replaced.

In the meantime, yes, I had drafted a handwritten copy of an SMP Compendium entry or two. Both of them pertain to Technology. I am referring to “Artistic Creativity and Innovative Ingenuity with the Work-Standard” and “Expressing Identities through Technology.” Since the latter was completed first, I will be posting that entry before the former.

The topics covered in both entries are simple. The Socialist nation in the SMP Compendium needs to develop its Technology in a manner reflective of its Socialism, its Culture and Traditions, and the Work-Standard. It needs to reject Liberal Capitalist Technology for being shoddy, cheaply-made, gimmicky, and designed to be thrown out and replaced like the latest fashion trends under Liberal Capitalist regimes. In fact, “Artistic Creativity and Innovative Ingenuity” even delves into the role of uniforms in Socialist regimes and why they are necessary for everyday life at school and in the workspace.

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