Compendium: Expressing Identities through Technology

Technology is not a politically neutral entity nor should anyone be unaware of the fact that philosophers can project their own ideas onto specific technical designs and applications. Anyone who continues to believe that Technology is somehow ‘apolitical’ will never understand why it is a common propaganda meme for Liberal Capitalists to claim that Socialism is “unsophisticated,” “uncivilized,” or “backwards.” The argument by this meme claims that a Socialist regime is incapable of being innovative, forward-thinking, and revolutionary in the technological sense. The meme may still be applicable to the Socialist nation of the SMP Compendium, but the People’s Party of this Socialist nation knows full well about the Work-Standard requiring the Technology embodied by the Figure of the Arbeiter from Ernst Jünger’s Der Arbeiter. For the Prussian or Hamiltonian Federalist Socialist way of developing Technology is to build applications that can truly last and not be quickly rendered obsolete due to faulty design flaws.

Today in the early 21st century, there are well-known forms of Liberal Capitalist Technology which have no place in the affairs of the Socialist nation in the SMP Compendium. A few of them stand out because they reflect the psychic and psychological conditions of Liberal Capitalist ideology which contributed to their development.

Automotive industries in America, starting with the General Motors Company, had developed their automobiles to be sold each year by only having their outward cosmetic appearances changed. Very few, if any, improvements or modifications were installed onto these newer models in a process that GMC executive Alfred P. Sloan Jr. borrowed from the bicycle industry called “Dynamic Obsolescence” (or more commonly known as “Planned Obsolescence”). Planned Obsolescence is when any finished good or product was designed with an artificially short service life in order to allow privatized commercial firms to achieve the greatest Quantity of Kapital through the greatest Frequency of replacements for the lowest Quantity of Schuld. It strongly resembles the Liberal Capitalist conception of history, where economic life follows a linear, progressively straight line as opposed to the Socialistic spiral or cyclical conceptions of history.   

Smartphone manufacturers have also emulated “Planned Obsolescence,” given the constant releases of countless different iPhone models. It is possible that there are other kinds of Liberal Capitalist electronics being designed to force people on a linear path of progression outlined in the Liberal Capitalist conception of history.    

Social media platforms are being designed to create a linear path of progressive addiction in its users. This is evidenced by how young people in America and the broader Western world are addicted to their smartphones and having drastically shorter attention spans as a consequence. Instagram for instance is designed to create self-esteem and self-confidence issues among teenage girls by subjecting their online experiences to the “Keynesian Beauty Contest” from Chapter 12 of John Maynard Keynes’ The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money.

 Post-9/11 mass surveillance are now capable of datamining personal information online for conversions into Kapital and Schuld by means of personalized advertisements. Such mass surveillance systems have been relied on by data analytics to control the political-economic decision-making process of a Totality living under Liberal Capitalist regimes. Worse, personal information is being gathered on everyday people in America and the Western world without their consent and their foreknowledge. Their personal information is literally being expropriated from them in order to sell them goods and services that they neither truly needed nor truly wanted. Here, we find yet another example of Liberal Capitalist ideology’s “freedom-security dialectic,” where the inward unfreedom and inwardly insecurity reigns within the Individual and kept hidden behind a pretty veneer of outward freedom and outward security. This is the sort of implicit language one finds in the logic of people like Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Papers No. 84 and 85.   

There are Liberal Capitalist fashion and cultural trends that have come into existence one day and are immediately rendered archaic by future generations because those trends never drew from the best values of a national culture or tradition. Rather, these trends came and went because advertising and mass communications firms in Liberal Capitalist regimes introduced them for Kapital. The people who adopted those temporary trends did so not because they wanted to change the national culture or tradition, but because they wanted ‘to be different’ as an Individual controlled by the propagation of Kapital and Schuld.  

Liberal Capitalist Technology demonstrates absolute disregard for our Socialist nation’s culture, traditions, social customs and norms, family, community and faith-based values, and ancestral heritage. The people who designed them do not care about the highest-possible Quality of Arbeit for the lowest-possible Quality of Geld; they care far more about generating the greatest Quantity of Kapital for the lowest Quantity of Schuld. Our scientists and engineers help the Work-Standard when they contribute to the development of Technology capable of facilitating Arbeit and Geld. Our artists, scholars and philosophers achieve far more Arbeit and Geld when they are helping our scientists and engineers with any proof of concept and prototype. Our Technology must adhere to the distinct manner in which we live our lives.   

True Socialist Technology shall last longer than any trend or fad peddled by Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty. We may seem ‘backwards’, ‘uncivilized’ or ‘unsophisticated’ to people living in the Empire of Liberty, but at least our Technology helps us retain our inward sense of Authentic Choice and personal authenticity in the state of Total Mobilization.

Our Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein does not manufacture technologies that do not last nor do our manufacturers develop technologies that eliminate Arbeit and Geld with Kapital and Schuld. Our electronics and finished goods are made on assembly lines where people produce the basic essentials before moving to develop their own custom-built variants, subvariants and derivatives. This is Intent behind our State Commissariats strongly supporting manufacturers who strive for high-quality products with superior artisan craftsmanship. Our State backs them in their efforts to create the most unique works of art through creative ingenuity and tradition.     

Take some time to tour our cities and our countryside. Our architects design the parishes, cathedrals, school, universities, homes and apartments, shops, restaurants, and town squares in this country according to Gothic, Baroque, Classicism, and Heroic Realism. Strength and beauty define the structures and we strive to ensure that our skyscrapers reflect those architectural design philosophies. Our residential homes are not cheaply made out of wood and bricks, but stone and granite. They may not be as large when compared to an American McMansion, but they are nonetheless spacious enough to be multigenerational and survive will wars and natural disasters.

The homes in Jeffersonian America, by contrast, are not even worth their Prices anymore. They are so cheaply made, impractical with living space, and cannot even house up to three generations. When tornadoes or hurricanes strike, they are reduced to a sorry pile of rubble. When fires break out, very little will remain, and everything still standing will have to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up again. If such homes cannot withstand fires or natural disasters, how well will they fare in a war? Can they withstand large caliber bullets, unguided rockets and shells, a multi-ton armored vehicle ramming through its walls, or a burning plane slamming against its roof? These questions will never be addressed nor will they be answered in a “Jeffersonian real estate market.”   

But one may be inclined to ask ‘how we are going to keep up with the Empire of Liberty?’ The most obvious step is to never compare our nation to the Jeffersonians, always remembering that they are the ones who are drowning in the Schuld of their own Kapital Accumulation. We, on the other hand, will be unleashing the Figure of the Arbeiter and its Technology to mobilize our nation and the entire world.

The Arbeiter has a special Vocation unlike the rest of the Totality. His Intent is to develop a Technology where we can ‘electrify’ our own Arbeit and Geld, tremendously boosting our Quality of Arbeit and reducing our Quality of Geld. Such Technology is always unaccounted in the Mechanization Rate of the Central Bank. Yes, that is correct: the Technology of the Arbeiter was never meant to be accounted in the Mechanization Rate of the Central Bank. The Arbeiter’s Technology is a cyclical spiral centered on Arbeit and Geld, capable of electrifying his own Arbeit and Geld through the unmanned or pre-programed operations of MATVs, MARVs, Command MATVs, and C-Wings. That will save the Quality of Arbeit, avoid the excesses of a high Mechanization Rate (which will unjustly and wrongly destroy valuable Vocations, increasing the risks of a Recession), and ensure the Attrition/Inaction Rate stays within normal bounds.

The Arbeiter and its Technology rely on the conversions of Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld into actual Arbeit and Geld through the LERE (Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification) process and its Blockcycle. Every form of Arbeit done by the Arbeiter’s MATVs, MARVs, Command MATVs and C-Wings receive a well-encrypted LERE-Stamp denoting the Intent of their activities and the Quality of their own achievements with the Arbeiter. The Socialist nation can and will see to it that the untapped potential of the Arbeiter is realized because the Work-Standard allows it and even promotes and encourages it. That is how the Socialist nation is going to ward these Liberal Capitalist Technologies: developing reliable and unique alternatives just as how the Work-Standard relies on the revolutionary Art of Socialist Finance and Fintech.        

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