Compendium: Artistic Creativity and Innovative Ingenuity with the Work-Standard

The Socialist nation of the SMP Compendium, it should be mentioned, will never resemble anything like the Soviet Union, the CMEA/Warsaw Pact nations, or even the People’s Republic of China. Rather, it will be going above and beyond all of those countries, Jeffersonian America, the EU/NATO and the Empire of Liberty, the Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO). Everything depends on the preservation and promotion of the national culture, traditions, faiths, values, language, customs and norms. We must tenaciously challenge any and all forms of Liberal Capitalist psychic and psychological subversion against the Socialist nation. The Intent of this is not because we want to be isolated from the world, but because the need for authenticity in the state of Total Mobilization demands that we stay true to ourselves and our own way of life.

This fact is demonstrated among the non-Marxist Socialisms, although more recently the Marxist Socialisms have followed suit in response to Globalization brought on by the LIEO. The PRC, the DPRK, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam were originally part of the old Soviet Eastern Bloc, and they have all realized that they had to resist the temptation of subversive Liberal Capitalist influences and, in some cases, even the Soviets.

This “Social Imperialism” waged by the Soviet Union against the PRC, East Germany, Hungary, Albania, former Czechoslovakia, and former Yugoslavia is not Maoist propaganda. It must never be seen as ‘proof’ of that despicable Trotskyite rhetoric about “Degenerated Workers’ States” or even “Socialism from Above vs. Socialism from Below.” Those are all sheer nonsense espoused by the delusions of grandeur and hubris shared among the followers of Leon Trotsky.

Echoing Vladimir Lenin’s personal complaints about Socialists hypocritically espousing ‘Socialism in words, Imperialism in deeds’ in World War I, Oswald Spengler also wrote about Social Imperialism while Prussianism and Socialism in 1919:

In days to come people will look back with amusement at the thing called ‘international socialism’ that dominates the political image of the world at present. What we are really witnessing is an International of catchwords, Marxism as a set of vapid slogans. It will be able to arouse feelings of solidarity among the workers of all nations for only a few decades, and with much less intensity than the noisy Socialist conventions and the overconfident public appeals might lead one to believe. Actually this solidarity is limited simply to the belief that it exists, and to the fact that a movement in one country often calls forth a movement in another country. But it is characteristic of a civilization so completely saturated with literature as our own that leaders of the masses, who live in a perpetual cloud of theory, can nonetheless become the instruments of powerful realities. Representatives of English, French, German, and Russian modes of life foregather at pseudo-political conventions without ever comprehending each other’s basic feelings and desires, and strive to agree on a certain minimal set of principles that they think of as supporting some common cause.

Just how thinly overlaid our other national instinct is by these intellectual realities became clear in August 1914, when they suddenly vaporized in the course of a single day under the heat of natural and nonintellectual passions. Socialism is something different in every country. There are just as many labor movements as there are vital races in the spiritual sense, and as soon as they have finished their search for things that they hate in common, these movements find that they hate each other just as pitilessly as they hate the peoples they represent. There are Red Jacobins and Red Puritans; there is a Red Versailles and a Red Potsdam. The same gap separates Shaw and Bebel as separates Rhodes and Bismarck. All of them have tailored their garments from the same old theoretical cloth.

We still live in a post-1945 world where nations continue to maintain stockpiles of nuclear weapons that can be deployed under the worst circumstances. The Socialist nation in the SMP Compendium may still be living in a world ruled by Liberal Capitalists, but one would be naïve to not expect the old hostilities between nations to disappear within a Socialist world order. There will be the usual issues of sectarian and ethnic tensions, the usual power struggles between opposing interpretations of Socialism, the usual disagreements over international borders and the determination to redraw the political map of Earth. These problems inherent within the Authentic Dasein –“authentic human existence”–of every nation will persist in the Socialist world order. It is important to understand this political reality sooner rather than later because all the lessons of the ‘First Cold War’ will be reintroduced into the context of “Cold Peace.” Such a ‘new-old Cold Peace’ in the Socialist world order shall teeter between the brink of a ‘new-old Hot Peace’ and that of a ‘Second Cold War’ that can become another World War.

What lessons shall our Socialist nation learn as it continues to exist in the midst of Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty? Why is it so important for the People’s Party and their Council State to preserve and promote the national culture, tradition, values, social customs and norms? Are there any ways for the Socialist nation to creatively and artistically express itself through its own everyday technologies, including electronics, appliances, and other technical innovations?

Political Organization Problem’s Foreclosure on Economic Calculation

The Political Organization Problem will continue to exist as the more suitable alternative to the Economic Calculation Problem. The Socialist nation prefers the former problem over the latter one, and it is demonstrated by the manner in which its Planned/Command Economy is organized.

The VCS Economy does not adhere to a central plan from the economic planners where everybody must create goods and services of questionable quality in vast quantities. There is in fact a distinction between the “central planners” at the Ministries of Economics and Finance and the “economic planners” embedded across all State-Administrated, State-Owned, and National-Socialized Enterprises. Rather than a single, binding economic plan, we issue individual Work-Plans and Work-Tenures as financial instruments revolving around Arbeit and Geld.

The state commissars of the State Commissariats of Wages and Prices are closest that our national judicial system will ever be within economic life. The VCS Economy relays information to the State Commissariats through the delegates in a functioning Council Democracy in order to oversee the changes to proposed Wages for Paygrades and Prices for goods and services. The Kontore now operates on the Arbeit and Geld of NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) as opposed to the Kapital and Schuld of LCFIs (Liberal Capitalist Financial Instruments) among the Liberal Capitalists’ financial markets.  Thus, the financial markets are no longer necessary. Any promising NSFIs should be evaluated by the State and their overall effectiveness judged by the Totality.

It is not in the Duties of the economic planners to decide how many goods and services should be produced. The Industries within the Economic Sectors will produce as much as they need for the Tournament. A Tournament refers to any “market” that operates under the Work-Standard and the Intents of Command and Obedience, where whole Enterprises are compete for the highest-possible Rank through the best-possible Quality of Arbeit for the lowest-possible Quality of Geld. This involves producing adequate Sustainability in the production of goods and services, ensuring that the Quality of all goods and services maintains a steady pace with the Frequency of transactions for those same goods and services.

Our Tournaments are real places for Enterprises to compete because, unlike Liberal Capitalists, we are appalled by the Liberal Capitalist conception of competition, which is essentially Evolutionary Theory rooted in a pseudoscience called “Social Darwinism.” The Liberal Capitalist conception of competition embodies outrageous “commands” governed by the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ and the ‘Survival of the Likeliest’, a Spontaneous Order where all economic life is dictated by a form of Natural Selection. Those perceived to be “uncompetitive” (i.e. contributing the least Kapital for the most Schuld, especially those more attuned to Arbeit and Geld) are always privatized and eventually eliminated altogether from the “commands” of Market/Mixed Economy.

The essence of our markets as Tournaments is rooted in the fact that, like real sports tournaments, nobody in their right mind massacres an entire sports team because they did not perform as well as their competitors. There will always be ways for the state commissars at the State Commissariats of Wages and Prices to consider a Transvaluation of All Arbeit, questioning the vocational administrators and civil servants at the affected Enterprise on whether they found their Vocations in Life. Any Enterprise that does not perform as well as their competitors at every Tournament shall never be privatized, expropriating the Totality with the introduction of absurd Taxation. They can only be dissolved by the approvals of the Enterprises’ administrators and civil servants in a majority vote at the workspace, the economic planners ordered by the State Commissariats to attend Bankruptcy Court as an official court order under the Intents of Command and Obedience.

Every Enterprise, so long as they remain committed to their Authentic Dasein, will always remain active. Our economic planners share the same Duties to look for ways to improve the Quality of Arbeit at the workspaces and listening to the concerns of the vocational civil servants. If they cannot do that, the State should be given the power to relieve them of their Duties for failing to uphold basic democratic practices in the VCS Economy.

On the Diversification of Production in Goods and Services

Suppose for a moment that there is an abundance of goods and services for the entire Socialist nation and some of these goods and services are being exported abroad. While the economic planners could ‘scale back production’ by letting go of certain people employed at an automotive assembly plant, why should they? Why would the economic planners carelessly destroy such valuable, high-paying Vocations all because it is somehow ‘cheaper’ to build automobiles with Automation? Why must the Socialist nation continue insisting that unemployment and underemployment do not exist once the basic minimum of production has been exceeded?

Whenever and wherever the Socialist nation’s production capacity exceeds the number goods and services required by the Totality and the State, a new Implicit Intent emerges. The possibility is there for the Enterprises of whole Industries to consider creating custom-built designs tailored to the specific Ranks within the hierarchical command structure. Economic planners should realize that when the basic minimum is exceeded, their Enterprises will begin production on unique, decorative and ornate variants of their manufactured goods. Such activities should be supported by them and the State because they offer additional sources of Arbeit and Geld.

The Agricultural and Livestock Industries would like to cultivate agricultural products in inhospitable environments and storages for long periods, helping their livestock ward off pests and diseases, and providing healthier food menu options will be pursued.

The Fishing and Meatpacking Industries are looking into ways to minimize overfishing and overhunting, cultivating special environmental preserves where the Socialist nation can replenish populations before releasing them back into the wild.

The Mining and Lumber Industries is reorganizing production processes where the Socialist nation will preserve its forests and minimize overconsumption of metals and rare materials as possible. They will also look into minimizing environmental degradation by the development of alchemical-like technologies that can turn base metals into a different base metal.

The Energy Production Industries are constantly focused on improving the quality of zero-carbon synthetic fuels and ways of closing the nuclear fuel cycle. They will be looking into ways to convert spent nuclear fuel to create electrical power and even the transmutation of a base metal into another.

The Automotive Industry is experimenting with unconventional, unusual vehicle designs that could yield technological breakthroughs someday. Spare replacement parts may be ordered by motorists interested in modifying their cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs. Not every vehicle in our streets and highways should have to look the same.

The Computer Electronics Industry is developing custom-built, handcrafted electronics, analog and digital devices. Everything from individual spare parts for building PC desktops from scratch to unconventional designs will be considered. Moreover, the Furniture Industry, when it is not mass-producing furniture, has its artisans building handmade furnishings.

The Toy Industry is creating toys distinct from those found in other countries. And the Video Gaming Industry may consider offering their game engines to gamers interested in developing Machinimas on behalf of a Kontor’s Office VI or even a video game modification, otherwise known as a “mod.” There were some video game mods in the late 1990s and early 2000s that later became their own video games.

The Restaurant Industries may consider refining their culinary dishes with the latest preservation and preparation techniques. New food items purchased today may potentially became iconic staples of the Socialist nation for international observers tomorrow.

Below are a few more examples where we can expect the VCS Economy to find additional sources of Arbeit and Geld for the economic planners to also consider:

Civil Service Uniforms and National Educational Uniforms: The boys and girls in our national educational system wear an official school uniform as well as in our Socialist Student Economy (SSE). Such Prussian uniforms and regulations continue into the university campuses and the workspaces of the VCS Economy. Garments Industry produces these uniforms to remind everyone that every Vocation is an official function of the State. They are looking into ways to develop synthetic fabrics on grounds of Autarky.

Cultural Festivities and Youth Gatherings: On certain days of the year, the Socialist nation hosts cultural festivals and processions that do not necessarily have a political context because they are a part of our national culture and tradition. There will be opportunities for us to invite foreigners for cultural exchanges. Our SSE hosts youth rallies and gatherings dedicated to Socialization in the countryside, giving the urban youths their opportunities to attend summer camps and avoid an afterschool life of petty street crimes.

Foreign Tourism and Religious Pilgrimages: The Socialist nation may have landmarks and memorials to certain historical figures unconnected to the People’s Party but nevertheless share the values and worldview of the People’s Party and its United Front. There may be occasions where the central government may allow foreign tourists to visit and film cultural and architectural achievements. And there are also occasions where there are religious sites of the Catholic faith for instance. Like the Cultural Festivities, they will contribute far more Arbeit if such processions reflect our culture and values. The tourists and pilgrims need to be catered to by Hospitality Industry and Industries specializing in aircraft, trains, ships and other public transportation.

Ceremonial Guard of Honor: The Socialist nation has important monuments and memorial sites to prominent war heroes and important historical figures. They do not necessarily have to be directly connected to the People’s Party. Our armed forces maintained special military formations tasked with being the ceremonial guards of these sites.  

The United Front of the People’s Party: Council Democracy under the Socialist nation disregards the “Left-Right Political Spectrum” and its “Authoritarian/Libertarian Axis” for being Liberal Capitalist propaganda. Such propaganda underlines our Democracy, corroding the social trust and social bonds of the Totality and rendering the Totality vulnerable to the rhetoric of demagogues advocating for so-called “free market reforms.” Every citizen has a Duty to oppose all subversive influences which threaten to divide the political forces rallying around the “United Front” of the People’s Party. This United Front advocates for political pluralism by including Conservatives, Nationalists, Traditionalists, Ultramontanes, Statists, Authoritarians, Anarchs, and Environmentalists in the State Council and Electoral College. They embody the other qualities that the Socialist nation must strive to uphold.

The examples and contexts are endless. The Intent should be obvious by now: there is plenty of opportunities for Arbeit to be contributed and Geld to be generated in the production of more unique and artisan goods and services. We do not have to be creating the same goods and services or repeating them same production process every single time. We can contribute Arbeit and generate Geld by through experimentation, innovation and achieve technological breakthroughs. After all, the economic planners and the Central Bank still need to see results because a competitively cooperative spirit of innovation and tradition shall reign over our VCS Economy.

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