Update (25 September 2021)

Six entries in the SMP Compendium have been completed this week. There are now only ten Compendium entries which have yet to be completed. The next set of entries that I need to be working on for next week pertains to discussions about how the Work-Standard interacts with Technology during wartime conditions across three entries and how the accounting discussed in the final Section of the Compendium comes together in three more entries. The latter three includes how the State Commissariats must determine the Paygrades. Each Paygrade is fixed according to an Income Bracket and issued on a per household basis in the Socialist nation.

The Income Bracket will tell us how much this household will receive under the current economic conditions. It also includes the Years of Service and Number of Dependents. The secret to the Income Bracket is that it relies on the Attrition Rate and the overall TPP equation to determine how much each household should receive. If the Socialist nation is achieving economic growth, we can expect the State Commissariats to let the Paygrades rise. And if the Socialist nation is achieving economic contraction, the State Commissariats will let the reverse happen to the Paygrades.

Unlike the Liberal Capitalists, our Paygrades will not be very high if the rate of Currency Depreciation and the Attrition Rate are low. We are probably not going to see people trying to do Meaningless Work in order to receive $50,000 USD or more each year. Our Central Bank is not like the Federal Reserve where the US Dollar is constantly depreciating year after year in order to offset the disadvantages of a consumerist economic lifestyle fueled by Free Trade and Globalization. This is part of the same Intent behind why we must strive to live within our own means of production. The worse that could happen from us trying to emulate those conditions is the accumulation of Sovereign Schuld, which explains why the last SMP Compendium entry for this was shorter than the previous five.

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