Update (26 September 2021)

My schedule for this week is without a doubt more chaotic than usual. I may or may not be able to keep up with the usual production run of six SMP Compendium entries as originally promised. Those of you who have read my Blog lately may recall that my refrigerator broke down due to a usual case of “Planned Obsolescence.” It is now the end of September, and I am expecting the delivery of a replacement fridge sometime this week. Also, I have to deal with a number of other inconveniences which will prevent me from carrying out my duties.

I really do not appreciate these inconveniences all that much. There really is no other choice on my part because I am being force to literally drop everything. Even so, my original plans to finish the SMP Compendium by the middle of October can still be fulfilled. And if that is not going to be the case, then at least aiming for the end of October will suffice regardless.

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