Update (5 October 2021)

The SMP Compendium entry “World State Organization” is one-third complete. Yesterday, I submitted the historical background behind Globalization as everyday people have understood it since the 1970s. It is appropriate for me to begin the Compendium entry with Richard Nixon because he was the one who brought about the death of Bretton Woods. Nixon also provided some subtle clues on how to address the political, economic, financial, and cultural problems of Globalization. While this entry does focus a lot on Europe and the United States, the rest of humanity cannot understand why Earth exists in its current state without being aware of recent Western history. For all the problems of Neoliberalism can be traced back to the 1970s.

Therefore, I am sharing with everyone a preview of how I will be formatting the rest of entry. Note that abbreviation “SIEO” stands for ‘Socialist International Economic Order’. The “LIEO” is ‘Liberal International Economic Order’ and “NIEO” is ‘New International Economic Order’. Sure, the world’s Socialists may be the ones in charge of the their world order at the WSO, but so will the world’s Nationalists, who are going to be the ones to hold them accountable at the same WSO.

World Order: SIEO contra LIEO and NIEO

European Order: European Realm or European Union?

American Order: Federalist Union or Democratic-Republican Empire?

International Order: World State Organization or United Nations?

Interplanetary Order: Worldwide Socialization or Worldwide Exploitation?

The Fourth Legal Spirit of Globalization

Political Socialization or Political Liberalization?

Economic Socialization or Economic Liberalization?

Cultural Socialization or Cultural Liberalization?

Financial Socialization or Financial Liberalization?

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