Preview of “Compendium: World State Organization”

Compendium: World State Organization [as of 4 October 2021]

Every great idea on paper will sound fantastical until the moment of its implementation. Either it is a practical application when it was originally designed or else it had been an impractical concept all along. Humility is needed in order to recognize any potential flaws in the Work-Standard and to find the resolve conductive to rectifying them. Any proposed monetary reform for the Work-Standard can and will stay true to the authenticity of its true essence in the SMP Compendium. After all, the first edition was quickly written as a draft to consolidate what has been ten years of efforts to conceptualize Socialist Finance and Socialist Technology into a Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology). If all monetary reforms from hereon stay true to “the spirit, the sense, the lessons” of the SMP Compendium and The Fourth Estate, then I am proud to call the Work-Standard my greatest contribution to the Destiny of America and Western Civilization.

It must be repeated until it becomes internalized that the goal of the Work-Standard is to pursue the greatest Quality of Arbeit for the least Quality of Geld. No matter what happens in Life, always remember that, like political or military history, nobody in economic history is perfect.

Achieving results under the Work-Standard may become easier said than done if there are circumstances where “the Quality of Arbeit achieves par value with the Quality of Geld,” where our contributions of Arbeit and generations of Geld begin breaking even. Or there could be other circumstances where we have to deal with the worst-case scenario: what we are capable of genuinely achieving is “the least Quality of Arbeit for the highest Quality of Geld.” In that case, our contribution of Arbeit is greater than it should be and yet we are still not receiving the appropriate generation of Geld.

Either of those cases may reflect any economic conditions in war and peace. If the Work-Standard capitulates during wartime, it will bear all of the misfortunes of Prussia between 1914 and 1945. And if the Work-Standard capitulates during peacetime, it will bear an uncanny resemblance to the economic stagnation, decline and eventual collapse of the Eastern Bloc countries, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia between 1971 and 1991. It is possible that the stagnation and decline could be prolonged across decades, as evidenced by the economic deterioration of the Western world and the United States between 1971 and 2021.  

Humility is what gives me this realization. I genuinely prefer those kinds of odds to be stacked against the Work-Standard. The 20th century never ended in the 21st century. There is no doubt that the 20th century will continue living in the 22nd century as well. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I am writing this in 2021. And no, I am not convinced that Oswald Spengler’s predictions of Western Civilization collapsing by the 23rd century will be realized. History itself has shown that Spengler is an example of what Richard Alan Clarke had once referred in 2017 as a “Cassandra,” whose warnings are self-evident based on the “Cassandra Coefficient.”

The so-called “Decline of the West” was just that: a two-volume ontological and phenomenological pondering over Currency, Technology, and Fintech becoming the three things that will bring about the demise of Western Civilization through Climate Change. The significance of Climate Change is discernible not in the pages of Prussianism and Socialism, but in the other treatise that Spengler had written as his follow up with the final chapters of Decline of the West, Man and Technics.

Speaking of 2021 (and the Coronavirus Pandemic), I will ‘never forget’ this particular paragraph that Richard Alan Clarke and coauthor R. P. Eddy had written in their 2017 book, Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes:

“Perhaps because [Robert G.] Webster and [Laurie] Garrett fit so well into the metrics of experts we ought to listen to, they are not ignored completely like some of the Cassandras we met in the first half of this book. Nonetheless, they and other experts in their field believe there is a dangerous lack of commitment and resources to the solutions Garrett and Webster call for[,] [namely, the need to find the financial firepower for the whole world to defend against the next 1918 Influenza Pandemic]. When the next pandemic strikes, all that will matter is the capacity of [America’s] public health system to detect and respond.”

Therefore, this SMP Compendium entry explores the elusive mystery of the World State Organization (WSO) and its significance to a Socialist world order. By finishing this Compendium entry, my first hope is to shed light on the significance of the US Dollar being the World Reserve Currency, why this affects the world order since 1945, and why this status is more harmful to the American Union. Relevant to this discussion is why every nation must never allow its own Currency to become the next “World Reserve Currency.” I will also discuss from an American perspective about the European Union (EU) and from a European perspective discuss about the United Nations (UN) and the why US still has overwhelming leverage over the current world order. And at the end of what will no doubt be the longest entry in the Compendium, the role of the Work-Standard can then be addressed in relation to a proposed World State Organization (WSO) to address the historical problems posed by the UN, the EU, and the current world order.

2021: Jubilee of Nixon’s NEP

When I began writing this Compendium, 2021 became the jubilee of President Richard Nixon’s decision to unpeg the US Dollar from the Gold Standard. The demise of the Bretton Woods System was set into motion on 13 and 15 August 1971, its death finalized two years later in 1973. Americans should be proud of this historical fact because he had exposed the metaphysical contradictions of an international financial system that was literally designed to fail from its moment of conception. Despite Vietnam and Watergate, Nixon should be praised for reintroducing Socialism in America by addressing why America and the West still exist in the state of Total Mobilization despite living in financial nihilism since 1914. His 1971 speech, “Address to the Nation Outlining a New Economic Policy: The Challenge of Peace,’” can be reinterpreted with the Work-Standard in mind. Below are the relevant portions which I feel to be the most important:

“America today has the best opportunity in this century to achieve two of its greatest ideals: to bring about a full generation of peace, and to create a new prosperity without war.

This not only requires bold leadership ready to take bold action–it calls forth the greatness in a great people.

Prosperity without war requires action on three fronts: We must create more and better jobs; we must stop the rise in the cost of living; we must protect the dollar from the attacks of international money speculators.

The time has come for a new economic policy for the United States. Its targets are unemployment, [Attrition], and [the dangers of Financial Warfare.]

We are going to take that action–not timidly, not half-heartedly, and not in piecemeal fashion. We are going to move forward to the new prosperity without war as befits a great people–all together, and along a broad front.

“In the past 7 years, there has been an average of one international monetary crisis every year. Now who gains from these crises? Not the workingman; not the investor; not the real producers of wealth. The gainers are [Liberal Capitalists]. Because they thrive on crises, they help to create them.

In recent weeks, the [Liberal Capitalists] have been waging an all-out war on the American Dollar. The strength of a nation’s currency is based on the [Arbeit] of that nation’s economy–and the American economy is by far the strongest in the world. Accordingly, I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the [Liberal Capitalists].

I have directed Secretary Connally to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the Dollar into Gold or other reserve assets, except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interests of the United States.

As a result of these actions, the [Total Productive Potential] of American [Totality] will be more competitive, and the unfair edge that some of our foreign competition has will be removed. This is a major reason why [the Balance of Power in Trades and Payments have] eroded over [since 1956].”

“The purposes of the [Federal government’s] actions I have announced tonight are to lay the basis for renewed confidence, to make it possible for us to compete fairly with the rest of the world, to open the door to new prosperity.

But government, with all of its powers, does not hold the key to the success of a people. That key, my fellow Americans, is in your hands.

A nation, like a person, has to have a certain inner drive in order to succeed. In economic affairs, that inner drive is called the competitive spirit.

Every action I have taken tonight is designed to nurture and stimulate that competitive spirit, to help us snap out of the self-doubt, the self-disparagement that saps our [Quality of Arbeit] and erodes our confidence in ourselves.”

This was one of the Nixon speeches which I have found to be favorable to the Work-Standard. The SMP Compendium was written in light of the great economic and financial tragedies that have occurred since the First World War. The US Dollar is still not being pegged to the Gold Standard, the only thing backing the Currency now is Schuld (Debt/Guilt). Problems like trade and fiscal budget deficits, excessive Taxes, government and consumer spending, the US National Debt, Currency Depreciation, and economic stagnation continue to plague the Union. For Socialism to be taken seriously by everyday Americans, a Transvaluation of the US Dollar is needed.  

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