Notes on the US Economy

This final SMP Compendium entry is split into three parts, the Intent of which is to demonstrate how everything discussed throughout the Compendium is able to coalesce and assume all-American forms in these United States of America. My fellow Americans, let us begin illustrating the scenario of the final Compendium entries. We must realize that there are only two ideologies in the American Way of Life: Hamiltonianism and Jeffersonianism. America, unlike Europe and Germany in particular, is blessed with all the resources and manpower it needs to pursue Hamiltonianism under the Constitution and yet we do not realize this. Still, no other country since the 18th century dares to ask: is this Federalist Union subject to the will of all Americans as a “Totality” or a single American and their State as an “Individual?”

What I see in these United States, thanks to the Work-Standard and its Total Productive Potential (TPP) equation, are too many opportunities missed and too much potential wasted. The American Quality of Arbeit is very poor: the Work-Productivity (WP) is overwhelmed by very high Work-Intensity (WI), almost no Force Multipliers (FMs), and no Mechanization Rate set by the Federal Reserve. The American Quality of Geld is excessively high: Economic Socialization (ES) declining, Texas and California exploiting each other and the Union to create unstable State Revenues, and the Solidarity Rates for Scale (SR1) and Scope (SR2) of Production fluctuating.

Our Attrition/Inaction Rate has Attrition approaching dangerous levels due to an overabundance of low-paying Meaningless Work for all Americans, with “Death-by-Overwork” looming just like that new Dust Bowl in the Midwestern States as of 2021. The Attrition Rate can be correlated to the decades of Currency Depreciation for the US Dollar. It is discernible from the rising Prices of everything since World War II (1939-1990), the so-called “Cold War” only being its continuation.

The US Economy has too many untapped Equipmentalities in the Natural Sector, diminished economic power in the Industrial Sector, a bloated Services Sector, an inefficient Information Sector, and a badly mauled Government Sector. American Total Economic Potential (TEP) is dropping. Its freefall delayed by Agriculture (Natural), Petroleum (Natural), and Food Processing (Services), Lumber (Natural), Mining (Natural), Steel (Natural), Automotive (Industrial), and Aerospace (Industrial). Converting from TEP to Real Total Economic Potential (RTEP), however, an abysmally small amount of Arbeit is being converted into Geld.  

On the Actual Geld side, American Total Financial Potential (TFP) may seem high, but almost none of it is coming from Actual Arbeit. The vast majority is from Sovereign Schuld created by the Federal Reserve all because there are out of control fiscal deficits throughout the entire Union. This includes the Federal Budget and the State Budgets of all fifty States. Converting from TFP to Real Total Financial Potential (RTFP), the RTFP is nowhere within sustainable levels due to the absence of Synchronicity between Arbeit and Geld. While no NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) exist, the Jeffersonians in charge of the Federal and State governments demonstrate their Sadomasochistic tendencies toward the Union through painful Taxation Rates and gigantic amounts of wasted Geld for Federal-State Investments (FSIs). Worse, we have High Economic Foreignization (EF)–the actual source of America’s trade deficits. As for the American Totality, we are losing more and more Geld with each passing year.

America may seem like the worst place on Earth to write the spend the final three SMP Compendium entries from the outset. But the American people still have the physical, mental and spiritual strength to overcome these adversities and restore peace and prosperity for the Union and the entire world. The more Hamiltonian the personal life of every American can be lived, the better off America as a whole will be. The Municipal and State governments are just as important as the Federal government itself insofar as the Municipal, State and Federal governments constitute a whole that is far greater than the sum of their own parts. Everything begins when the American people decide for themselves as a Totality that there is in fact a far better way of economic life.

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