Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. I of IV)

Temporary Happiness or Eternal Glory?

This final SMP Compendium entry is split into four parts, the Intent of which is to demonstrate how everything discussed throughout the Compendium is able to coalesce and assume all-American forms in these United States of America. I will be providing the introductory groundwork to a simulated scenario to demonstrate the Work-Standard’s specifications in the US.

My fellow Americans, let us begin illustrating the scenario for the final Compendium entries. We must realize that there are only two ideologies in the American Way of Life: Hamiltonianism and Jeffersonianism. America, unlike Europe and Germany in particular, is blessed with all the resources and manpower it needs to pursue Hamiltonianism under the Constitution and yet we do not realize this. Still, no other country since the 18th century dares to ask: is this Federalist Union subject to the will of all Americans as a “Totality” or a single American and their State as an “Individual?”

What I see in these United States, thanks to the Work-Standard and its Total Productive Potential (TPP) equation, are too many opportunities missed and too much potential wasted. The American Quality of Arbeit is very poor: the Work-Productivity (WP) is overwhelmed by very high Work-Intensity (WI), almost no Force Multipliers (FMs), and no Mechanization Rate set by the Federal Reserve. The American Quality of Geld is excessively high: Economic Socialization (ES) declining, Texas and California exploiting each other and the Union to create unstable State Revenues, and the Solidarity Rates for Scale (SR1) and Scope (SR2) of Production fluctuating.

Our Attrition/Inaction Rate has Attrition approaching dangerous levels due to an overabundance of low-paying Meaningless Work for all Americans, with “Death-by-Overwork” looming just like that new Dust Bowl in the Midwestern States as of 2021. The Attrition Rate can be correlated to the decades of Currency Depreciation for the US Dollar. It is discernible from the rising Prices of everything since World War II (1939-1990), the so-called “Cold War” only being its continuation.

The US Economy has too many untapped Equipmentalities in the Natural Sector, diminished economic power in the Industrial Sector, a bloated Services Sector, an inefficient Information Sector, and a badly mauled Government Sector. American Total Economic Potential (TEP) is dropping. Its freefall delayed by Agriculture (Natural), Petroleum (Natural), and Food Processing (Services), Lumber (Natural), Mining (Natural), Steel (Natural), Automotive (Industrial), and Aerospace (Industrial). Converting from TEP to Real Total Economic Potential (RTEP), however, an abysmally small amount of Arbeit is being converted into Geld. 

On the Actual Geld side, American Total Financial Potential (TFP) may seem high, but almost none of it is coming from Actual Arbeit. The vast majority is from Sovereign Schuld created by the Federal Reserve all because there are out of control fiscal deficits throughout the entire Union. This includes the Federal Budget and the State Budgets of all fifty States. Converting from TFP to Real Total Financial Potential (RTFP), the RTFP is nowhere within sustainable levels due to the absence of Synchronicity between Arbeit and Geld. While no NSFIs (National-Socialized Financial Instruments) exist, the Jeffersonians in charge of the Federal and State governments demonstrate their Sadomasochistic tendencies toward the Union through painful Taxation Rates and gigantic amounts of wasted Actual Geld on Federal-State Investments (FSIs). Worse, we have High Economic Foreignization (EF)–the actual source of America’s trade deficits. As for the American Totality, we are losing more and more Geld with each passing year.

What shall be the Exchange Rate for US Dollars to GDMs, these “Greater German Marks” to commemorate three decades of ‘peace’ since 1990? $75.00 USD for every 1.00 GDM.

For comparison purposes, the Jeffersonian Presidency in 2021 originally intended to spend $5.5 trillion USD as a Federal-State Investment. This figure was later lowered to $3.5 trillion USD. Going from Socialist Finance to Liberal Capitalist Finance, $5.5 trillion USD is “66,666,666,666 GDM” and “0.70 Pfennigs” (₰) in spare change. $3.5 trillion USD is “46,666,666,666 GDM” and “0.70 Pfennigs” in spare change.

66,666,666,666.70 GDM = $5.5 trillion USD / 75.00

46,666,666,666.70 GDM = $3.5 trillion USD / 75.00

We can expect the USD/GDM Exchange Rate to continue climbing: unlike Debt or Gold, there are Interest-free limits to how much Geld can be borrowed by the United States. Such borrowing constitutes its own worst form of Usury because these reckless spending behaviors are characteristic of an America under Jeffersonianism, especially given Thomas Jefferson’s notorious spending habits in his own “Pursuit of Happiness.”

America may seem like the worst place on Earth to write the final SMP Compendium entries about from the outset. Everybody from every conceivable ideology loves to claim that America was never a “Socialist country” and it will never be, but they are simply regurgitating Jeffersonian propaganda. The American people still have the physical, mental and spiritual strength to overcome these adversities and restore peace and prosperity for the Union and the entire world. The Municipal and State governments are just as important as the Federal government itself insofar as the Municipal, State and Federal governments constitute a Union far greater than the sum of its parts. Everything begins when the American people decide for themselves as a Totality that there is in fact a far better way of economic life. The more Hamiltonian or the more Federalist an American’s life can become, the better off America will be.

Return to the American Essence!

My fellow Americans, imagine for a moment that the Union as we know it is not governed by Jeffersonianism but Hamiltonianism. It has always been “We the People” who governs these United States as a Council Democracy of Municipal Governments, State Governments, and Central Government with a Federalist Congress of Councils and Federalist Electoral College, a Federalist Presidency, and a Federalist Supreme Court. These United States have a Federal-State Ranking System, a Federal-State Educational System, and a Vocational Civil Service Command Economy centered around Property Rights. Instead of the Incentives of Supply and Demand, Hamiltonianism relies on the Intents of Command and Obedience.

The economic strength of our Federalist Command Economy rests on the economic strength of fifty State Command Economies in the Union. Our support for Property Rights is rooted in our rejection of Private Property-as-Wealth and Common Property-as-Wealth as infringements on American political and economic freedoms which we had gained in our Independence from the British Empire. If Private Property-as-Wealth does in fact exist within this Union, then the “Commonwealths” of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Virginia are US States controlled by Great Britain. Shall Congress and the President ratify a treaty to cede Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia to the British? How would the American people react to the sight of the American flag being lowered and the British flag unfurling for the first time since the 18th century? True Property Rights in America pertain to Personal Property-as-Power and Productive Property-as-Power, the latter of which is required to facilitate the pegging of the US Dollar to the Work-Standard.

We have a Federalist Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System with Federal, Federal-State, and National-Socialized Banks without any Interest whatsoever, Federal Financial Offices, Federal-State Commissaries of Wages and Prices, Federal Post Exchanges (FPXs) for foreign currencies, goods and services, mails and emails. We rely on a Federalist Intranet of “.fau” website domains, our Information Sector working towards the creation of an International Internet to replace the World Wide Web by harnessing the full power of Socialist Fintech (Financial Technology) to create Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld. This International Internet will be controlled by the World State Organization (WSO), the Federal government financing it as a member-state of the Socialist International Economic Order (SIEO). ‘Never forget’ that every people, including the American people, will always have their own version of Socialism.

 Our economic planning defies those un-American qualities behind Soviet-Type Economic Planning (STEP) by employing Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP). Municipal and State governments issue National-Socialized Financial Instruments (NSFIs), Federal government issuing Federal-State Financial Instruments (FSFIs) for all interested investors. Wall Street, that street in Lower Manhattan where Alexander Hamilton once lived with his wife as the neighbors of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC, from 27 Wall Street, shall find its redemption through these NSFIs and FSFIs. In Philadelphia, the original American capital, immigration shall bear a resemblance to the legacy St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR, of Bohemia, who came to America prior to the Civil War and continued Hamilton’s original European contributions to the US.

All of this can be done under the US Constitution because Hamilton and the Federalist Party had already set the constitutional and legal precedent. ‘Never forget’, Article V of the Constitution prevents the Jeffersonians from abolishing Hamiltonianism forever for their Neoliberal Utopia:

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no State, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

Americans should be grateful of the fact that the Jeffersonians had proposed 12,000 or so Amendments that are essentially Constitutional Duties and Constitutional Rights, even though the Constitution was only designed to facilitate Constitutional Intents and Constitutional Obligations. Instead of that Jeffersonian Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s proposal for some ‘British Bill of Economic Rights’ to go with a ‘British Bill of Political Rights’, Hamiltonian Federalist way of doing things is for 37 Hamiltonian States and two-thirds of a bicameral Hamiltonian Congress invoke Article V and introduce 27 Constitutional Intents and 27 Constitutional Obligations to render those 27 Amendments to not only be legally redundant but also technologically obsolete. The result will be like this one Clause in Article V over the issue of Slavery prior to 1808:

“[P]rovided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight [1808] shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article[.]”

Neither Jefferson nor his protégés, James Madison and James Monroe, nor even the Democratic-Republican Party in its current form as two parties can deny these historical facts. Even so, we cannot begin our Strategic Accounting and Allocating of the Federal Budget without first dealing with the Federal-State Budget and Trade deficits we inherited from the Jeffersonians.

American Dasein: Hamilton’s Eternal Glory or Jefferson’s Temporary Happiness

The Hamiltonian Pursuit of Eternal Glory is the Struggle for Happiness of all Americans. All Americans must join together as a Union to declare their Independence from “Lender Tender for all Debts, both Public and Private,” by giving them to the Federal government. Our Federalist Congress will phase out the US Dollar as “Federal Reserve Notes,” replacing them with new-old United States Notes (USN). Under Direct Orders from the US Treasury Department, the Federalist Life-Energy Reserve shall print each USN with the following:

“This United States Note is Legal Tender for all Works, both Personal and Federal, except for Federal Imports; all Works are Redeemable in the Amounts thereof as Payments on all Federal and Personal Debts to these United States.”         

Every US Note coin and banknote is thereby pegged to the Work-Standard. Like the coins, the portraits on these banknotes shall be John Adams ($1 USD), Grover Cleveland ($2 USD), Abraham Lincoln ($5 USD), Richard Nixon ($10 USD), Theodore Roosevelt ($20 USD), George Washington, ($50 USD) and Alexander Hamilton ($100 USD, $500 USD, and $1,000 USD). Only when there are no deficits whatsoever in the Union shall the Federal government begin paying down the US National Debt.

Enter the Work-Standard’s Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping System. On the Obedience side is the American Total Productive Potential (TPP). On the Command side are the Federal-State-Personnel (FSP) Accounts, Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) and Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification (LERE) Accounts, Federal-State Investments & Taxation (FSIT) and Economic Foreignization (FSEF) Accounts. Enter the “Total Mobilization of Production for American Pursuits of Eternal Glory.”

Our Hamiltonian Congress and Presidency will begin by abolishing the “Jeffersonian Federal-State Taxation System,” its “Debt Ceiling,” and all “Federal-State Income Taxes.” The Hamiltonian Federal-State Taxation System has only a handful of Taxes to promote specific economic activities that encourage Meaningful Work and another handful that discourage Meaningless Work. There will be a Federal-State Investment Limit that prevents Federal and State governments from spending more than their Budgets as part of the Union’s Total Productive Potential. In the FSIT-FSEF Accounts, we record “FST” for Federal-State Taxes, “FSFI” for Federal-State Financial Instruments, and “NSFI” for National-Socialized Financial Instruments.

LER-LERE Accounts for the US are “Federal RTEP” and “Federal RTFP” for the Federal government, followed by “State RTEP” and “State RTFP” for each State in the Union. Finally, for the FSP Accounts, record the Union Budget, followed by the States’ Budgets and all known Geld owned by the American people as a Totality as “Federal Civil Service” (FCS) and “State Civil Service” (SCS) respectively. Our Command-Obedience Account should look something like this:

From here, we can reformat the completed table that was created earlier in this Section of the SMP Compendium according to the specifications of the United States. In essence, we would need to create four additional rows with three columns related to the Arbeit and Geld of the following:   

Primary Domestic Account

  • The Income of the Federal government, the State and Municipal governments, and those of the American people under the effects of additional Sovereign Schuld and any new Taxation Rates.
  • The Production of State Foreignization Investments, Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld by the Federal government, the State and Municipal governments, and the American people.
  • The Mobilization of Socialist Fintech deployed by the Federal government, State and Municipal governments, and those of the American people through the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, all FSFIs and all NSFIs, Federal and State Investments, Federal Exports and Federal Imports.

Auxiliary Domestic Account

  • The Income in Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld created by the “Unified Federalist Student Economy” (UFSE) under the US Department of Education.
  • The Income in Arbeit and Geld created by every inmate inside all State and Federal penitentiaries under the US Department of Justice, which will be given to them only on good parole.  
  • The Production of bonus Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld through the Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification of the Federal government, State governments and American people with Digital Arbeit and Digital Geld.
  • The Mobilization of Socialist Fintech deployed by the Federal government, State and Municipal governments, and those of the American people for Priority Requisition, Foreign Exchanges, and the US National Debt itself.

As for the Foreign Accounts, both fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal government as part of the powers conferred to Congress (and by extension, the President of the United States) under the US Constitution. Like the Domestic Accounts, there is a Primary Foreign Account and an Auxiliary Foreign Account:

Primary Foreign Account

  • The Income in Actual Arbeit and Digital Arbeit as well as Actual Geld and Digital Geld created by the US State Department regarding Tributes and Diplomatic Gestures, Federal Attachés and Interstate Compacts with foreign governments, the Secret Service, and all three Branches of the Federal government.
  • The Production in Actual Arbeit and Digital Arbeit as well as Actual Geld and Digital Geld created by a reorganized Presidential Departments, Bureaus, and Offices to address the Jeffersonian refusal to acknowledge “Cultural Festivals and Youth Activities,” “Sports, Gaming, Vacations, and Recreation,” and “Uniform Production” as real sources of Actual Arbeit and Actual Geld.
  • The Mobilization of Socialist Fintech by the Federal-level organizations such as US Patent Office (USPO), Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Congressional Budget Office (CBO), US Postal Service (USPS), the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and others related to “Production Licenses” and “Tourisms and Pilgrimages,” and US State Department activities related to “Development Aid.”

Auxiliary Foreign Account

  • The Income of all known Kapital stored in two separate accounts controlled by the US Treasury Department and stored inside of Fort Knox to maintain Fixed Exchange Rates. Its deactivation coincides with the creation of the World State Organization (WSO) and replacements by Federal-controlled ERRBs (Economic Redevelopment and Reconstruction Banknotes) and NFAKs (National Financial Autarky Kits) pegged to a new World Reserve Currency from the WSO.
  • The Production of Military Arbeit and Military Geld by the US Defense Department, from procurement and research and development to live training exercises and wartime combat operations of the US Army and National Guard, Navy and Marine Corps, and Air Force.
  • The Mobilization of Socialist Fintech by Congress and President on the acceptances of Foreign Aid from other nations, including their issuance to the State governments.
  • With all of these specifications, we can now begin formatting the TPP equation and the Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping for the United States of America. The best part of all is that everything can fit on an 8.5 inch x 11.0 inch sheet of blank computer paper.

If my conclusions here are financially sound enough to pass legal muster, America can finally begin realizing my conclusions in Part II of SMP Compendium entry “World State Organization.”

No matter how large the US National Debt is capable of becoming, whether it is roughly ~$29,000,000,000,000 (in Federal Fiscal Year 2021-2022) or over $1,300,000,000,000,000 (beyond the mist-shrouded fog of the late 21st and 22nd centuries), America will always find an infinite number of ways to shrink the US National Debt down to $0.00. Everything depends on whether the American Totality, from the President of the United States to the youngest high school student, is able to live within the Union’s means of production. I would not be surprised if the Work-Standard allows the US to literally pay off its National Debt in just one four-year presidential term befitting of a Four-Year Work-Plan issued by the Federal government.

The Hamiltonian Congress and Presidency will confer tons and tons of medals, awards, decorations, promotions, and prizes to any US citizen who demonstrates “the greatest Quality of Arbeit for the lowest Quality of Geld.” And regardless of whether one loves or hates Richard Nixon, he had still bestowed upon the Federal government a civilian medal on par with the one bestowed to the Federal government by Dwight Eisenhower.     

Eisenhower’s “President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service” is a Federal Vocational Civil Service medal conferred for “contributions so outstanding that the officer or employee is deserving of greater public recognition than that which can be accorded by the head of the department or agency in which he is employed.”

President’s Award for Distinguished
Federal Civilian Service

Nixon’s “Presidential Citizens Medal” is a Federal-State Vocational Civil Service medal higher than the Eisenhower medal conferred for: “Exemplary deeds or services [performed] for his or her country or fellow citizens.”

Presidential Citizens Medal

Of all the Presidents in US history, despite the Vietnam War and Watergate,  I am fully convinced that Nixon is the only US President that I know of who was unconsciously aware of the whatness and thatness behind the Work-Standard and why Oswald Spengler and Vladimir Lenin were both talking about “The Decline of the West.” Nixon deserves to be seen in a different light because he pretty much summarized the American definition of the Work-Standard in his July 1971 speech, “Remarks to Midwestern News Media Executives Attending a Briefing on Domestic Policy in Kansas City, Missouri”:

“I am convinced, however, that we have the vitality, I believe we have the courage, I believe we have the strength out through this heartland and across this Nation that will see to it that America not only is rich and strong, but that it is healthy in terms of moral strength and spiritual strength. I am convinced it is there. I am convinced as I talk to crowds of people. I am convinced as I see a group of young people, 500 of them, going off to Europe, as I saw them yesterday, from 50 States.

But I also know that people need to be reassured. The people that can reassure them are opinion leaders, editors, television, radio commentators, teachers, even perhaps Presidents and politicians. At the present time, I will simply say in raising these problems, I don’t raise them in any sense of defeatism; I don’t raise them in the usual sense of pointing out that the United States is a country torn by division, alienation, that this is truly an ugly country, because I don’t believe that.

I honestly believe that the United States, in its preeminent position of world leadership, has in its hands the future of peace in the world this last third of the century. I honestly believe that the United States has the destiny to play a great role, but I also know we cannot play it unless this is a healthy land, with a healthy government, a healthy citizenry, a healthy economy, and above all, the moral and spiritual health that can only come from the hearts of people and their minds, and that will only come as people are reassured from time to time, as we discuss our faults and as we correct our faults, reassured.

Keep them in balance. Don’t let the problem of the moment obscure the great things that are going on in this country and the goodness of this country. It is that that I would suggest to the editors and the other opinion makers here: that from time to time, maybe once a month, that message might come through.”

In the next three parts of the final SMP Compendium entry, we will discussing about the end of Welfare Capitalism in the United States, how to reform Democracy in America for Municipal, State and Federal governments, how the Socialist conception of Property will take form in the US, and so much more. We will simulate the effects of the Work-Standard in the American Way of Life. These United States have so much untapped potential and so many missed opportunities that I am just dumbfounded to learn how everything is literally being wasted. The Union deserves better and the Federal government is capable of doing far more than just a repeat of the New Deal called the “Green New Deal.”

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