Update (17 October 2021)

I apologize for not being able to update this Blog sooner. What seemed like a simple filling of prescription medication for this month turned out to a chore. Five hours was spent waiting and only finding out that my pharmacist had simply run out of all kinds of medication, my prescription being one of them. It turns out my prescription medication (which I shall not name under Federal Law) was being manufactured outside the US by a foreign pharmaceutical firm that recently acquired the Federal contract to manufacture my medication, outbidding another foreign pharmaceutical firm that I was okay with getting the Federal contract for the past ten years (it really has been ten years). I cannot blame them: the Pandemic itself has made a complete mockery of Economic Socialization as I was told to “either return on Tuesday or have my doctor send the prescription to another pharmacy.” Even so, the shortages in this Jeffersonian Market Economy are real, I have experienced it for the second time (the first time being my refrigerator last month), and they never cease to amaze me. That is why it was taking me so long just to update The Fourth Estate.       

Moving onto the more pressing matters at the moment, I am glad that the SMP Compendium is complete and in need of proofreading. The difficult task of actually compiling what has amounted to ten years of research, begun as far back as my teenage years in 2011, had ended yesterday.

Since I need to take a well-deserved rest from the SMP Compendium and The Fourth Estate, I would like to spend what time I have left for today only to investigate the economic histories of Cuba, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. So far, I have two Economic History Case Studies that I would like to add to The Fourth Estate: one Blog post about Vietnam and Cuba in the 1960s and another about the UK in 1992 and Thailand in 1997. If the one on Weimar Germany is anything to go by, expect me to be reading and discussing about some important literature on those four countries.

As for Part II of that three-part Series on Friedrich Nietzsche and his relationship with Hamiltonianism, that depends on whether my prescription is going to be filled by my pharmacist on schedule.    

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