Update (2 January 2022)

A while back, I mentioned how there were logistical supply issues at my Pharmacy due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. This was back in “Update (17 October 2021)”:

“What seemed like a simple filling of prescription medication for this month turned out to a chore. Five hours was spent waiting and only finding out that my pharmacist had simply run out of all kinds of medication, my prescription being one of them. It turns out my prescription medication (which I shall not name under Federal Law) was being manufactured outside the US by a foreign pharmaceutical firm that recently acquired the Federal contract to manufacture my medication, outbidding another foreign pharmaceutical firm that I was okay with getting the Federal contract for the past ten years (it really has been ten years). I cannot blame them: the Pandemic itself has made a complete mockery of Economic Socialization as I was told to ‘either return on Tuesday or have my doctor send the prescription to another pharmacy.’ Even so, the shortages in this Jeffersonian Market Economy are real, I have experienced it for the second time (the first time being my refrigerator last month), and they never cease to amaze me. That is why it was taking me so long just to update The Fourth Estate.”      

This Pandemic, as I had stated around the same timeframe, is going to become normalized as a “Coronavirus Endemic” like a sort of Détente. There were shortages related to my medication, as I pointed out that they are not manufactured in the US, the quality of the prescript which I have been receiving from the Pharmacy leaving so much to be desired. That is not the only problem I have consistently encountered there. Subpar customer service and delays in the prescription refills continue to be recurring norm, which is significant as this was before the Pandemic.

The consequences of tolerating such inferior quality are defined by the growing unproductivity of my own efforts on this Blog as of late. I have not been able to work as efficiently or as reliably last month, which bothers me. A persisting mental fog and forgetfulness deters me from properly articulating my research. My thoughts seem to be all over the place because it almost feels like my skull is full of helium.

It is now taking longer for me to compose my sentences and figure out what I am actually thinking at the moment. I also no longer feel energetic and ambitious, which is dearth on my own creativity. Another problem, which never occurred to me until last year, are entire paragraphs missing too many words, the same words repeated, incorrect ordering of sentence structure, and a few that read like complete gibberish.

While this may be troublesome for work on the editing The Work-Standard, I must admit that The Third Place had suffered greatly from this ongoing issue, and it is only going to be more of the same for the third Treatise. It is a disgrace because I am more accustomed to getting far more done in years past, whenever I compare them to what I was able to do in years past.  Since we are talking about my health, I have decided that I should look for a different Pharmacy with better customer service, a more understanding pharmacist who knows the meaning of “quality control.” My plan is to ensure that this matter is dealt with before the end of this month at the earliest and the end of February at the latest.

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