Update (21 October 2021)

So far, I am working on Part III of “On Hamiltonian Federalism and Friedrich Nietzsche” and compiling the SMP Compendium into a .PDF file.

About a fifth of that Blog post has been completed. The other four-fifths have yet to be written.

Meanwhile, the SMP Compendium’s “The Work-Standard: By Way of Introduction” and “Key Terminology under the Work-Standard” Sections have already been compiled in a Word single document. The other four-fifths of the Compendium have yet to be assembled: “Description, Characteristics and Important Topics,” “Economic Model of the Work-Standard,” “Political Governance of the Work-Standard,” “State Fiscal and Monetary Policies,” “International Trading Policies,” “Work-Standard Applications of Technology,” “Economic Metrics and Formulas of the Work-Standard,” and “Conclusion: The Greater America Amendment.”

If I do not finish Part III of “On Hamiltonian Federalism and Friedrich Nietzsche” today or tomorrow, it is because I am revisiting my old University notes from Financial Engineering. I will try to compensate by updating the Blog to include a copy of The Financial Modelers’ Manifesto. I actually learned about this document when I was pursuing Financial Engineering, before switching majors to Political Science. Even though I have come a long way since I first read it because I no longer believe in the power of Kapital and Schuld over Life, The Financial Modelers’ Manifesto was what compelled me to write the entire SMP Compendium from a variety of Socialist and Nationalist perspectives. For unlike my Compendium, that Financial Engineering document took its cues from The Communist Manifesto.

All roads eventually lead to Wall Street. Financial Engineering is the discipline where students and professionals alike share the same power to redecorate and renovate entire nation-states. This is also the same one where everyone has neither the time nor the scruples to ask the real ethical questions over whether Western Civilization and the rest of humanity should be living in peace and prosperity or decadence and decline. If they did, the world would not be in the mess that it is in for the past fifty years.

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