Thus Spoke Lenin: Being “Neither Leftist, Nor Rightist, Nor Centrist”

Contemporary US Politics in a nutshell under Jeffersonianism: Approach the American people from within their subconsciousness, appealing to their inward senses of freedom and security (or lack thereof in the case of Jeffersonianism).

To render Liberal Capitalism obsolete through the Socialist Fintech of the Work-Standard, every Socialist nation-state under the Socialist world order must at all costs avoid infringing on the inward freedoms and inward securities of the Individual. This can and will be done by focusing on the outward freedoms and outward securities. There is in fact a limit to how many Legal Rights that can be granted to any Individual before it eventually invites waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, demagoguery and eventually tyranny. It became apparent to me while discerning over the question of financing political parties in a Socialist nation-state as part of a Socialist world order.

Take our average Liberal Capitalist, for example: they can be a “Conservative Liberal,” “Liberal Socialist,” “Social Liberal,” “Liberal Democrat,” “Market Liberal,” “Classical Liberal,” “National Liberal,” “State Liberal,” “Religious Liberal,” “Green Liberal” or a “Liberal Monarchist/Anarchist” and they still be identified as Liberal Capitalists under the Work-Standard.  Like a glass mirror, the effectiveness of the Work-Standard is designed to serve as a reflection of the Individual’s performance and their overall well-being. The most committed Liberal Capitalist is consistently incapable of comprehending the Work-Standard. Why is that?

  • My Work-Standard advocates for the State of Total Mobilization and its Legal Duties to accompany Legal Rights.
  • Their “Schuld Standard” advocates for the “State of Natural Law” and its dubious claims of “Inalienable Rights” to accompany Legal Rights.

Suppose that the average Liberal Capitalist were to tell us that the State is not allowed to interfere with the domain of the Self–what the Work-Standard refers to as the “Individual.” The State will only be allowed to interfere with the Self if they have the Self’s Consent. Where there is Consent, the State is allowed to interfere. Sounds pretty straightforward for Liberal Capitalism, right? No, not exactly because there is something else that we are not being told.

The ideological language addresses the “State” as if it is, somehow, another Individual. Examples include the “Nanny State” or the “Nightwatchman State.” It is very peculiar for them to speak as if the “State” and the “Self” are two Individuals who coexist together in the same spatial and temporal boundaries of the same “Civil Society” that is also being perceived as two Individuals.

Why do I get the impression that the Totality, literally everyone who constitutes themselves as citizens of the nation-state, is missing? When did it become permissible for a Liberal Capitalist, acting as an Individual, to interfere with the freedoms and securities of the Totality? Who are we missing if Liberal Capitalist ideological language deems the “State” and “Self” as Individuals in what is, metaphysically speaking, a Stateless Society claiming to be ‘Civilized’ through “Inalienable Rights from the State of Natural Law?”

  1. We have a False Totality as the “Civil Society” (Socialism).
  2. The Church is out of action (Ultramontanism).
  3. We have a False State that behaves as the “Individual” (Statism).
  4. The People is out of action (Nationalism).
  5. The Estates are all out of action (Traditionalism).
  6. The Family is out of action (Conservatism).
  7. We have a False Self forbidden from being identified (Authoritarianism and Anarchism).   
  8. And we have a False Nature as the “State of Natural Law” (Environmentalism).  

In essence, the State of Natural Law is restraining the Inward Freedoms and Inward Securities of the True Self. The State of Natural Law forces them to project their newfound Inward Unfreedoms and Inward Insecurities onto the Totality and the State. Doing so eliminates the Totality and the State by reducing both as two variations of the same Self.

Does it really make a difference under the Work-Standard’s Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping equation? It does because the standard equation should be:

State = Totality + Self

Instead, what do we have? A single Self struggling to distinguish between the True Self and the False Self:     

Self = False Self + True Self

Which can be rewritten under Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping as:

Owned-Self = They-Self + Mine-Self

Persona = Shadow + Ego

Owned-Self – Mine-Self = They-Self

Persona – Ego = Shadow

Unowned-Self = They-Self

What else is wrong with “Unowned-Self = They-Self” in relation to the preceding invocations of the Freedom-Security Dialectic? Another normal phenomenon under all Liberal Capitalist regimes is Burnout (Read: Death-by-Overwork), a real threat to self-preservation in the workspaces of the Market/Mixed Economy, thanks to Fordism-Taylorism. The Work-Standard’s Quality of Arbeit, Quality of Geld, Mechanization Rate, Solidarity Rate and Attrition/Inaction Rate are all evidence to justify another related concept called the Transvaluation of All Arbeit.

Let’s suppose that the State asked the Self to hang their birth certificate on a wall somewhere and then hang themselves next to it through asphyxiation, severing the circulation of blood through their carotid artery and depriving themselves of oxygen. True, Liberal Capitalists will instinctively assume that the Self is going to disobey the State by not killing themselves. But what happens if the Self demands the State to let them have a “Legal Right to Die” based on the Implicit Intent (as opposed to an Explicit Intent) where they will fake their death and “be reborn” under an assumed name as part of “a Conspiracy to commit Insurance Fraud?” If anybody was curious on why a Socialist world order renders Insurance obsolete, there is my justification.

In Liberal Capitalist regimes, there are some people who demand higher pay and more time off or they will go on strike. Some begin searching for new employment opportunities elsewhere in the Labor Market or even join the criminal underworld within the framework of the State of Natural Law. There are some who will go postal by bombing and torching the workspace, shooting or stabbing random people, and then commit suicide that way. Others will literally commit suicide without killing anyone else in the process or fake their deaths and collect on the Insurance to restart their lives under different identities, addresses, and employment.

Some refuse to work, the rest refusing to grow up. Some are suffering from depression, anxiety, and demotivation. Some develop addictions to whatever will prevent them from challenging the State of Natural Law. Some would rather develop a “Nostalgia toward the Past,” an “Uncertainty toward the Present,” an “Anxiety toward the Future” or a combination of all three. They may try to become socially withdrawn by theological pastimes like conspiracy theories, alternate history, subcultures and pop culture trends, celebrity cults, religious cults or else a Cult of Personality.

The rest are going to be politically active, becoming increasingly blunt and brazen in their politics as they desperately search for anything that will challenge the State of Natural Law embodied as Liberal Capitalism. And yet, in the end, they are still straightjacketed because they are Debt-Slaves beholden to the Liberal Capitalists by not overcoming Rene Descartes’ Mind-Body Problem. They are Debt-Slaves who will side with one member of the Totality against the Totality itself because they are Inwardly Unfree and Inwardly Insecure as Individuals. And when the Totality is not being defined by the true Essence of its nation-state, Totalitarianism emerges.

  1. A “Conservative Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to restore all of its past flaws, its own inward unfreedoms and inward insecurities, on top of the current ones.    
  2. A “Nationalist Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to search for convenient scapegoats that they perceive to be causing inward unfreedoms and inward insecurities.
  3. A “Socialist Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to embrace the pleasure that comes from inflicting pain on one half of itself and embracing the pain that comes from inflicting pleasure on the other half of itself.
  4. A “Traditionalist Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to divorce themselves from Reality by dwelling in a fictitious representation of the past to avoid confronting the State of Natural Law.
  5. An “Environmentalist Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to sacrifice themselves for the State of Natural Law by destroying both themselves and Nature itself.   
  6. An “Ultramontane Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality become too withdrawn in their own spiritual affairs by preventing them from being capable of action.
  7. A “Statist Debt-Slave” advocates for the Totality to promote and condone localism, regionalism, sectarianism, racialism, chauvinism, factionalism, and favoritism.

Of the nine ideologies in Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism, the only ones that are capable of avoiding the same fate are Authoritarianism and Anarchism. If the Authoritarian and the Anarch are disciplined and modest in their exercises of authority, where the other seven cannot be counted on and they have been able to keep to themselves, both will need to work together in order to overcome the State of Natural Law.

Every Authoritarian and Anarch must know themselves and the limits of their power. The Totality will never allow those two to abuse their power and double-time if the Totality is already Inwardly Unfree and Inwardly Insecure.  

The Authoritarian and Anarch need to be able to demonstrate modesty in the exercise of their conduct, demonstrate empathy and compassion, are capable of leadership, critical and creative thinking skills, and the required social skills to disappear from the Left-Right Political Spectrum. It is curtains down for those two if the Liberal Capitalists are able to find them.

What the Left-Right Political Spectrum is designed to resemble in practice: a numerical counter to gauge an Individual’s adherence to Liberal Capitalist ideology. Positive Integers indicate that somebody is committed to the ideology, Negative Integers denoting that they are against the ideology.
Where the Left-Right Political Spectrum becomes unreliable, a Political Compass is employed. The X-Axis runs, from Left to Right, “Collectivism” and “Individualism.” And the Y-Axis runs, from Top to Bottom, “Authoritarianism” and “Libertarianism.” Liberal Capitalists have claimed that they are able to find all ideologies on “Quadrant I,” “Quadrant II,” “Quadrant III” and “Quadrant IV.”    
What the Political Compass is designed to resemble in practice. This is a Cartesian Coordinate System. Each coordinate on the Graph has an X-Value and a Y-Value. The Origin (0,0) is dead center.

The Anarch and the Authoritarian should be aware of the real weaknesses shared by both the Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Political Compass.” While the Left-Right Spectrum is a mathematical Integer of Positive Values and Negative Values, the Political Compass is a Graph with four Quadrants that can be repurposed for doing Algebra and Calculus on what is essentially a Cartesian Coordinate System. Thus, the Political Compass has “Positive Political Values” and “Negative Political Values,” their interpretations derived from whoever relies on it.

This means nobody really knows where perceived abuses of power truly begin or end insofar as the Political Compass was never intended by its creator to include “separate categories, but regions on a continuum.” “Collectivism and Individualism” can then be repurposed as Insecurity and Security, “Authoritarianism and Libertarianism” as Unfreedom and Freedom. We can therefore repurpose the Graph as the “Inward Freedom-Security Coordinate System.”

Note: Nobody is on Quadrant II and few are on Quadrants III and IV.
  • For Quadrant I (+; +): Freedom and Security are Liberal Capitalists and Conservatives. We will find them and whom the Work-Standard identified as “Socially-minded Capitalists.”
  • For Quadrant II (−; +): Unfreedom and Security are Traditionalists and Environmentalists. Liberal Capitalists have plenty of diversions and scapegoats for them.
  • For Quadrant III (−; −): Unfreedom and Insecurity are the Nationalists and Socialists. Liberal Capitalists resent those two the most, especially if those two are working together.
  • For Quadrant IV (+; −): Freedom and Insecurity are Ultramontanes and Statists. The Liberal Capitalists have plenty of diversions and scapegoats for them as well.
What “Being Neither Leftist, Nor Rightist, Nor Centrist” resembles in Mathematics: a Quadrant Circle encompassing a Political Compass as the Inward Freedom-Security Coordinate System.

For Anarchs and Authoritarians, they must work together to get the Nationalists and Socialists, Traditionalists and Environmentalists, Conservatives and Socially-minded Capitalists, and Ultramontanes and Statists to form the United Front. They are the only ones from the nine ideologies in Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism that is capable of starting anywhere on the Inward Freedom-Security Coordinate System. Wherever they decide to begin, they will show up on the Coordinate System and be detected by the Liberal Capitalists, so I recommend them starting at Quadrant I and avoiding Quadrant III.

With the Conservatives from Quadrant I, they can go to Quadrant II or Quadrant IV, culturally counterclockwise or culturally clockwise. Personally, I am going clockwise to Quadrant IV, the Anarchs and Authoritarians quickly disappearing from the Coordinate System. Reappearing at Quadrant IV, the Ultramontanes and Statists join them and disappear again.  Everyone repeated at Quadrant III, where they, the Nationalists and Socialists disappear once again to reappear at Quadrant II. Once the Anarchs and Authoritarians got the Traditionalists and Environmentalists to join, the Liberal Capitalists will expect everyone to go culturally counterclockwise, as if they are expecting Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism to be as reactionary as the “1960s Counterculture” and the “1980s Reagan Revolution.”      

Choosing to return back to Quadrant I, I headed to Quadrant IV and ended at Quadrant III as the Federalist Party. Whoever remains at Quadrants I is with the Democratic-Republican Party. Everyone else at Quadrants II and IV is either neutral or else they are with another Socialism.

“Being Neither Leftist, Nor Rightist, Nor Centrist” in actual practice. This is a diagram of a 20th century Radio Room Clock found on older civilian merchant vessels and military warships, developed in response to the chaos in the sinking of the Titanic. From the circumference are three hands denoting Seconds, Minutes and Hours. Some Clocks can even be modified to denote the Day and the Week to account for Time Zones. Historically, Radio Operators spend each day devoting four minute intervals of “Radio Silence” at 500 kHz (if the Minute Hand is on the Red Wedges) and at 2182 kHz (if the Minute Hand is on the Green Wedges). They are trained to respond immediately in the event of a “Mayday Distress Signal” once their ship is out at sea. In political-economic life, “Neither Left nor Right” is the Mayday Distress Signal.

Which brings us back to Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism.

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