Update (31 October 2021)

I felt compelled to write another Blog post about Part I and Part II of “Beyond the Korean Mousetrap” as well as in Part I and Part II of “Socialist conception of Citizenship.” It was because the upcoming Blog posts for this week requires me to do a bit of historical research.

Thus Spoke Lenin: On Mousetraps and Compacts

Only under the Freedom-Security Dialectic will the Liberal Capitalists be able to impose inward unfreedom and inward insecurity on an Individual’s subconsciousness, the Left-Right Political Spectrum a reflection of those same subliminal unfreedoms and insecurities. The next logical conclusion is for the Liberal Capitalists to destroy the rest of the Totality in a self-destructive pursuit of Kapital through technological means. Every Liberal Capitalist is going to deny what I am describing here because their ideology prevents them from actually thinking critically and creatively thanks to their concept of “Natural Rights” never accounting for Unnatural Rights. What is going to happen to the rest of the Totality, especially after the Death of Bretton Woods?

Liberal Capitalist Technology relies on Liberal Capitalist ideology as its Artform. With Fordism-Taylorism, any widespread application in a nation-state will eventually destroy the Totality in one way or another. It was forewarned in Ernst Jünger’s Der Arbeiter, later forewarned again in Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock and once again in Richard Alan Clarke’s Warnings.

A Liberal Capitalist will have the Totality to Frag itself by claiming their Technology will grant them the greatest Quantity of Kapital for the least Quantity of Schuld. It often resembles a Ponzi Scheme with legal impunity under Parliamentary Democracy because the exact opposite always happens: the Totality ends up with the least Quantity of Kapital for the most Quantity of Schuld. I know, as a former Financial Engineering student, that Credit and Debit Cards, Subprime Mortgages, MMT, Monetarism, Financial Markets, Derivatives, CDOs (Collateralized Debt Obligations) and Cryptocurrencies are all notable examples. Other examples include Personalized Advertising, Social Media, Data Mining, Driverless Vehicles, and the World Wide Web itself. But all of these applications cannot the only ones with Liberal Capitalist origins.

For a Technology to be marked as “Liberal Capitalist,” its Technical Patent and applications will always be designed by its engineers to be incompatible with the greatest Quality of Arbeit for the least Quality of Geld. Anything under the rule of law that is compatible with or, at the very least, capable of being repurposed will not Frag the Totality under the Work-Standard. The Transvaluation of All Arbeit was designed specifically to address potential problems such as this.

For these United States, there is evidence to suspect that Jeffersonian concepts like “Institutional Racism” and “Culture War,” “Great Replacement Theory” and “Critical Race Theory” are all related to the Death of Bretton Woods, specifically when its concurring technological developments needed to overcome the Mind-Body Problem of Rene Descartes. I mentioned this in the context of “The Socialist Conception of Citizenship (Pt. I of II)” by citing the events of Charlottesville on August 11-12, 2017 and Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021:

How am I supposed to convince the Hitlerists, Trotskyists, Jeffersonians and Madisonians that this US Citizen named ‘Alexander Hamilton’ was a Jew, a Nationalist, and a Socialist according to US History itself? Is it possible for me to tell a sitting Federal judge and jury at a US Federal Court, under the condition that I could be penalized for committing Perjury, that this same Hamilton was a ‘Jewish National Socialist’ whose likeness is literally being printed on every $10 USD Banknote by the US Federal Reserve? Or why I feel unashamed to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about why Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism is a far more appropriate name than calling it “Jewish National Socialism?” Or why I have evidence to tell everyone in America that there were “multiple National Socialisms” in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the 20th centuryOr why I have evidence to accuse Thomas Jefferson of having built a Cult of Personality around himself within the US educational system?

“The public school system in the United States is very liberal in theory; but in reality it is most intolerant towards Catholics. It cannot be doubted that the young mind is influenced by the irreligious dispositions of the teacher. Even the textbooks selected for use are injurious to Catholic children. They are merely heretical extracts from a falsified Bible, and histories which contain the most malicious perversion of truth, the grossest lies against the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church[.] These circumstances combine for the spiritual ruin of Catholic children.”

-St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR

What would I tell this US Federal Court? I would tell them that “a human being becoming an American” cannot be guaranteed by something as vague as Jus Sanguinis [Blood and Wealth] and Jus Soli [Blood and Soil]? That the historical record is adamant about why President Bush 43 referred to America after 9/11 as a “Homeland” (and not Fatherland or Motherland), as if to unconsciously reference Hamilton’s childhood as an orphan under the Freedom-Security Dialectic? That the “Birthers” who accused President Obama of not being a US Citizen had also demonstrated an apparent inability to think past the Freedom-Security Dialectic, given the fact that Hamilton was never born on US soil? Or why economic and financial concepts like “Institutional Racism” and “Culture War,” “Critical Race Theory” and “Great Replacement Theory,” if one looks beyond Jeffersonian ideological language, are all related to the same Freedom-Security Dialectic?  

I am still convinced that those four concepts are financial and economic anxieties driven by Liberal Capitalist Technology. The Mind-Body Problem of Rene Descartes is the dead giveaway:

  • “Critical Race Theory” and “Culture War” are related to the Mind or “Idealism.” Liberal Capitalist Technology deems human consciousness as “Dead Weight” at the Labor Market for “being redundant” to Kapital and Schuld.  
  • “Great Replacement Theory” and “Institutional Racism” are related to the Body or “Materialism.”  Liberal Capitalist Technology deems human existence as ‘Dead Weight’ at the Labor Market for ‘being obsolete’ to Kapital and Schuld.   

Since Liberal Capitalist ideology is incapable of comprehending these technological realities and because “race” depends on specific psychic and psychological conditions which should never be mistaken for “Technology,” what is happening to the American people? The term Fragging is a perfect analogy term to describe what Liberal Capitalist Technology has done to them since the Death of Bretton Woods.

  1. Families dissolve into domestic violence after Fragging themselves (Conservatism).
  2. Estates/Classes go postal on each other after Fragging themselves (Socialism).
  3. People’s Communities butcher each other after Fragging themselves (Traditionalism).
  4. Municipalities desecrate their standing of living after Fragging themselves, State governments bicker and backstab each other by Fragging themselves as well (Statism).
  5. The Church devolves into a geriatrics ward after Fragging themselves (Ultramontanism).
  6. Federal government grows stagnant and weak after Totality Fragging itself (Nationalism).
  7. Youths may become depressed and start Fragging themselves into the afterlife, the Environmentalists joining them due to frustration over Climate Change (Environmentalism).
  8. And since “Nature” cannot exhibit human consciousness, the Liberal Capitalists remain.

This is an important observation because Liberal Capitalism is known for claiming to advocate for the Self-Sovereignty of the Individual. But there are two other ideologies which also claim to advocate for the Self-Sovereignty of the Individual, Anarchism and Authoritarianism. Authoritarians and Anarchs generally do not Frag each other, nor will they get anywhere in Life by Fragging the Totality. An Anarch will be overthrown by the Totality as an “Anarchist” and an Authoritarian will be overthrown by the Totality as a “Monarchist” because they must be compelled into learning the proper etiquette, modesty and humility while exercising authority. Only then can they be counted on to repeal and replace Liberal Capitalist Technology because those two will never allow anyone to infringe on their inward freedoms and securities.

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