Revision (8 November 2021)

I recently updated the website by removing three Categories. Those are “Introduction,” “War” and “Technology.” The “Introduction” was made redundant by the The Work-Standard Webpage, while “War” and “Technology” have both become their own Sections as part of the same SMP Compendium Webpage and The Work-Standard Webpage. I have also relocated the “Third Place” Subcategory of Blog posts to the Compendium Category because it is now becoming evident to me that the Subcategory is really an elaboration of topics and discussions begun by the SMP Compendium.

A few hours have been spent today trying to figure whether I should invest all of my efforts toward completing “Total Educational Effort” or consider completing another Blog post under the Politics Category.

There are two other important topics that I am still interested in exploring further. One series of posts under the Politics Category and another series of posts under the Philosophy Category. Both series of posts are interrelated because they share the same recurring topic.

The proposed Politics-related Posts pertain to a recent conclusion which has been on my mind for the past few weeks. It’s about the little-known historical facts about Zionism and the attempts made by certain Jews to redefine Zionism. The Intent is as simple as understanding why the Jews are being exploited by Neoliberalism and how this is in fact related to Hannah Arendt’s “Banality of Evil.”

And the proposed Philosophy-related Posts pertain to my readings of the English translations for Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Edition) and the National Bolshevik Manifesto. The more I read those two, the more I am beginning to become self-aware of the obscure historical facts that Zionism has the potential to become “Marxist-Leninist,” “Italian Fascist,” “National Socialist,” “National Bolshevik,” and even “Jewish Socialist” and yet most Gentiles are literally unaware. For this is essentially part of the same “Banality of Evil” promoted by Neoliberalism.

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