Update (8 November 2021)

So far, there are three parts in the latest Third Place post that have yet to be completed. These posts, like the previous two I had completed last week, pertain to the concept of the SSE. Since I was never able to figure out how to proceed with Parts III, IV and V of “Total Educational Effort,” I felt compelled to describe them in greater detail here.

In Parts I and II, I pointed out that the national educational systems of Western nations are specifically designed to introduce Liberal Capitalist ideology to their student bodies. It became apparent to me that the 1960s Counterculture, the presence of Fordism-Taylorism in the school curricula, and the widespread subversive influences of Pop Culture and its Subcultures are all interrelated. With the obvious exceptions of Technology and the Death of Bretton Woods, very little has changed in the decades since the 1960s. The realization of the SSE by the national educational system of the Socialist nation must take this matter into consideration, thereby setting the stage for Parts III, IV, and V.

Part III pertains to the issue of student housing and the number of ways the SSE can resolve it. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss about why student housing within the national educational system also serves as a convenient analogue to the broader issue of housing for the rest of the Totality. Another variation of the issue related to housing for the Totality and the SSE involves the concurring issues of urban sprawl and overpopulation. There needs to be a balance between how much land should be reserved for Nature and how much land should be reserved for the Totality (and by extension, the SSE).

Continuing Part III’s discussion into Part IV, we will delve into a concurring topic that has not been explored as much in the SMP Compendium. I am of course referring to the “MATV” (Miniature Automated Tractor Vehicle) and the “C-Wing” (Civilian Aerodyne Wing) and tackling the dual issue of urban sprawl and overpopulation. My goal here is to tie everything discussed in Parts I, II and III in Part IV itself by describing the multitude of ways where entire areas can be “redeveloped” by the SSE for the Totality to better accommodate the Work-Standard. This has to be done before demonstrating how everything discussed so far is coming together for Part V.

Finishing where Part IV had left off, I spend the entirety discussing about the Shopping Mall into a place where the SSE will facilitate its EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Occupations). The Shopping Mall is the “Third Place.” The great challenge which continues to confront me is how best to revisit the original Socialistic Intent of its founder.

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