Third Place: “Total Educational Effort” (Pt. IV of V)

Solidarity Preference: The Freedom-Security Dialectic

“Neither Violence nor Power of the Purse fashion the Universe / Ethical Action, Spiritual Force may reshape the World’s Course”

-Hjalmar Schacht, Confessions of the Old Wizard, ca. 1956

Class Struggle: Youth Cultural Wars

Vietnam War Student Protest (1968)
Climate Change Student Strike (2019)

“It is good for a student to be [reinterpreting Life in a Hamiltonian Federalist, Prussian, or Bolshevist way]. Getting and spending [in the OECD-Type Student Economy], the typical American college student lays waste [to their Will-to-Power]. [Arbeit] and [Kapital] don’t mix, and university days ought to be days of contemplation [for them in the Socialist Student Economy].”

Russell Kirk, Confessions of a Bohemian Tory, ca. 1963

Vietnam War Student Protest (1968)
Climate Change Student Strike (2019)

“The basic reason for this tremendous acceleration of world development is that new hundreds of millions of people have been drawn into it. The old bourgeois and imperialist Europe, which was accustomed to look upon itself as the center of the universe, rotted and burst like a putrid ulcer in the [First World War]. No matter how the [Socialists] and all the enlightened [Nationalists], who are capable of admiring (or even studying) Spengler, may lament [Western Civilization], [‘The Decline of the West’] is but an episode in the history of the downfall of the world bourgeoisie, over-satiated by imperialist rapine and the oppression of the majority of the world’s population.”

-Vladimir Lenin, “Tenth Anniversary of Pravda,” ca. May 2, 1922

Vietnam War Student Protest (1968)
Climate Change Student Strike (2019)

“The image of [Cultural] War as [Financial] Combat merges into the more extended image of a gigantic work process. In addition to the armies that meet on the battlefields, originate the armies of commerce and transport, foodstuffs, the manufacture of armaments – the army of work in general. In the final phase, which was already hinted at toward the end of the last [Cultural Revolution], there is no longer any movement whatsoever – be it that of the homeworker at her sewing machine – without at least indirect use for the battlefield. In this unlimited marshalling of potential energies, which transforms the warring industrial countries into volcanic forges, we perhaps find the most striking sign of the dawn of the Age of [Arbeit].”

-Ernst Jünger, “Total Mobilization,” ca. 1930

Class Struggle: Youth Cultural Revolutions

“The centuries-old feeling of [Cultural] Solidarity in [England and Prussia had] brought forth a magnificent conformity of physical and mental attitudes, in the one case a race of successful businessmen, in the other a race of workers. One important symbol of this process, albeit an external one, is the English taste in men’s clothing. England has produced civilian dress in the purest sense: the uniform of the private individual. Their fashion holds unopposed sway in all of Western Europe. England has clothed the world in its uniform, the symbol of free trade, private fortune-making, and ‘cant’ [of the OECD-Type Student Economy].”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919
Northern California (1960s)
American teenage couple in the Great Depression (1930s)
British Secondary Schoolers (1960s)
The Liberalization of Young Japanese Minds

“The counterpart of this English style is the Prussian uniform. It is an emblem of public service, not of private existence. Rather than symbolizing the success gained by diligent activity it stands for that activity itself. ‘I am the First Servant of my State,’ said the Prussian King [Read: Friedrich der Große] whose father had made the wearing of uniforms a customary practice among the nobility. How many have fully understood the significance of the phrase ‘the king’s mantle?’”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919
East Germany (1950s)
A Germanic Teenage Couple at the Carnival (1930s)
Chinese Secondary Schoolers (1960s)
The Liberalization of Young Soviet Minds

Solidarity Preference: Homeland, Homeroom, Homework!

“Our Catholic youth can be saved only by Catholic schools.”

-Bishop St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia

“Cheerfulness prepares a glorious mind for all the noblest acts.”

-Mother St. Elizabeth Ann seton, SC of New York

Let’s begin by imagining there is the Student Government of an SSE, somewhere in the Socialist world order, which happens to own a two-story house in the Suburbia of their Socialist nation. The Student Government had purchased the land and the house as part of a lucrative Four-Year Work-Plan from the Kontore, the Service Fee having been reimbursed by their Council State. There is a long, straight street in front of a well-trimmed lawn, an empty driveway and loads of other amenities to restart the Nixon-Khrushchev Kitchen Debates. Both the land and the house are waiting for its potential homeowners, a student couple interested in assuming command of its Four-Year Work-Plan and their futures afterward. If the Work-Standard is great around the Socialist nation-state, it should also be great about around the Socialist household: the etymology of “Economics” means the “Art of Managing a Household.”

Nothing in the upcoming Part V should be seen as being too unusual or out of the ordinary for anyone who had mastered the Aphorisms of The Work-Standard in its current conception. To understand why, we need to figure out how Gender Roles, the Nuclear Family, the Third Position and the LGBTQ community can be impacted by this Four-Year Plan concerning a two-story suburban house and all of its surroundings. Every preceding Third Place Post prior to this one has been building up to Part V as a follow up to The Work-Standard, Part IV laying the foundations of some bold Conservative Socialist policies.

We know that “The Affluent Society” had emerged in the American Way of Life and among the Western Bloc countries of the LIEO (Liberal International Economic Order)–Western Civilization–was a senseless “Pursuit of Temporary Happiness” through the Bretton Woods System. After all the Death of Bretton Woods, the “Future Shock” of Neoliberalism was slowly midwifed into existence by the 1970s, later presiding over the “New Versailles Treaty” (2+4 Agreement) at the legal end of World War II on September 12, 1990. But the financial nihilism created by the Death of Bretton Woods was never resolved. The Keynesians’ “Washington Consensus” and “Bretton Woods II,” the Monetarists’ “UBI” and “MMT,” and the Austrian School’s “Bimetallism” and “Cryptocurrencies” will only provide more of the same Kapital and Schuld, dragging humanity further into the abyss of financial nihilism.

“All great discoveries and inventions spring from the delight of strong men in victory. They are expressions of personality and not of the Utilitarian thinking of the masses [under Neoliberalism], who are merely spectators of the event, but must take its consequences whatever they may be.”

Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life, ca 1931

Disorder in the World Order emanates from Disorder in the Nation. Disorder in the Nation stems from the Disorder in the Economy, which can be traced all the way back to the Disorder in the Household. A Litigation splits apart the close-knit social bonds between the Individual and their Family and Comrades, creating the conditions for what Marx and Engels had rightfully condemned as the “Alienation of the Arbeiter.” With all the divorce settlements, broken families and withering communities among the so-called ‘developed countries’ of Western Civilization, any concurring Gender Disorders and Identity Disorders by the Individual can be manifested into Reality as “SJW Typus” and the “Alt-Right Typus.” I can name the examples I had encountered in the ten years which I had spent articulating The Work-Standard since my freshman year at Catholic high school in 2011. Occupy Wall Street, Mitt Romney contra Newt Gingrich, Gamergate, Brexit, Economic Nationalists and Democratic Socialists, 2017 UC Berkley Student Riots, Unite the Right, Parkland Shooting and Climate Change Strikes, Coronavirus Pandemic and the Great Shortage of Everything. Oh, and the Biden presidency is a Jeffersonian Synthesis of Trump and Obama Presidencies because the Democratic-Republican Party appears to be running out of ideas.

This brings us back to the Four-Year Plan, the two-story suburban house, and what I am currently thinking at the moment. Okay, the vacant suburban house in question has a Household on the other side of the street. Inside, there is a married Couple as the Breadwinner and the Homemaker as well as their Son and Daughter. The Children are known to invite their Cousins and Comrades (Kameraden), Classmates and Colleagues (Kollegen), Upperclassmen and Lowerclassmen (Genossen) to the Household for various occasions in the Winter and Summer. These Children and their peers may attend different high schools and universities in their Socialist nation, but they are all nonetheless members of the same SSE and Student Government. Normally, the Breadwinner commutes to their workspace and the Students are at the SSE on weekdays as part of the 40-hour Work-Week. But what about the Homemaker? What are they doing?

The State of Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein is capable of allowing the Husband and Wife to alternate between the Gender Roles of Homemaker and Breadwinner over the course of an entire 40-Hour Work-Week. Sure, The Work-Standard does have its functions and applications in the Vocational Civil Service Economy, Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System, State Commissariats and Kontore, Council State and SSE, National Intranet and International Internet. But Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER), Life-Energization Reciprocal Electrification (LERE), Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP), and Richard Alan Clarke’s Cassandra Coefficient can be repurposed as Household Appliances by Revolutionary Homemakers like Mary Perkins Ryan. The Work-Standard is quite handy around the Household, given its potential implications and possibilities in “Types of Economic Organization,” “Economic Governance Types and Economic Planning Models,” “Taxation and the Work-Standard,” “The State and the Socialist Concept of Property,” “Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein,” “The Transvaluation of All Arbeit,” Role of NSFIs in “Work-Standard Economic Planning,” “Introduction to the Art of Technology,” “Technology and the War Effort,” and “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget.” Not to mention “Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits.”

Rare Photograph of Mary Perkins Ryan

“Now, there are two different attitudes towards learning from others. One is the dogmatic attitude of transplanting everything, whether or not it is suited to our conditions. This is no good. The [best practical] attitude is to use our heads and learn those things that suit our conditions, that is, to absorb whatever experience is [Relevant] to us. That is the attitude we should adopt.”

-Mao Zedong, Little Red Book (Chapter 33), ca. 1964

Whoever is the Homemaker, whether that is the Housewife or the Househusband, is capable of turning the Household into a Museum or a Workshop. There are certain Professions within the Socialist nation where The Work-Standard is obviously impractical as a Household Appliance. The Housewife or Househusband will find all kinds of ways to build a Workshop or a Museum inside their Household.

Conversely, the Household is obviously not the best place for a would-be student couple to be building a Mining Facility, Nuclear Power Plant and Electrical Substation, Dam, Windmill, Water and Waste Treatment Plant, Zero-Carbon Synthetic Fuel Refinery, Synthetic Rubber Plant, Steel Foundry, Slaughterhouse, Wheat Granary, or the LERE Refinery that requires as much electrical power as a Las Vegas Casino. The same is true for the Slaughterhouse, Barbershop, Vehicle and Aircraft Factories, Shipyard, Airport, Hospital, Bank, Youth Hostel, Police Station, TV and Radio Station, Military Motor Pool and Government Office Building. The designated Breadwinner is the one with a Vocation that cannot be done inside their own Household. That leaves us with the Homemaker as the invisible obvious.

The Househusband may be an office clerk with a well-furnished shed in the backyard that also serves as his office. The backyard itself might also have a tree or two growing delicious fruits, a nearby pond that he could fish for food, a wildlife preserve for hunting wild game, and probably grows cotton, tobacco, cannabis, tea leaves and flower gardens next to thriving beehives. He might have a personal studio or study on the second floor if he happens to be an artist, novelist, philosopher, poet, writer, editor, journalist, musician, animator or Internet personality. Since the family vehicles are not always on the driveway and the weekdays are as quiet as a funeral procession, the garage can be converted into a Workshop for Cottage Industry-related Profession or a Museum containing caches of valuable treasures as his personal lockup.

He may even be contributing Military Arbeit and Military Geld at the local Parent-Teacher Cooperative, PDE (Public-Directed Enterprise) because, unlike the OECD-Type Student Economy, his Children and Comrades are always welcomed to join their SSE’s Afterschool Paramilitary Sporting Groups. If the garage is Museum, it is because paramilitary matériel is being stored for:

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle Pentathlon (Tanks and MAFVs)
  • Aviation Pentathlon
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Boating
  • Boxing
  • Competitive Shooting
  • Cross Biking
  • Cross Country
  • Fencing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Handball
  • Horseback Riding
  • Marathon Running
  • Martial Arts
  • Naval Pentathlon
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

And if that is not enough, he could be directly involved in the affairs of the Parent-Teacher Cooperative by letting his Children and Comrades join their SSE’s Motorized, Mechanized, Aviation Commands. That will no doubt turn garage into a Motor Pool, Hangar and Machine Shop for motorcycles, sports cars, lowriders, luxury sedans and armored cars. The Children and Comrades may even be working with MATVs (Miniature Automated Tractor Vehicles), MARVs (Miniature Automated Repair Vehicles), C-Wings (Civilian Aerodyne Wings), MAFVs (Miniaturized Armored Fighting Vehicles), and A-Wings (Aerodyne Wing). Being a Househusband under Socialism for real men in touch with their emotions; a Househusband under Neoliberalism, however, will always be questioning their own masculinity.

Just like Western Househusbands under Neoliberalism, most Western Housewives under Neoliberalism do not behave like real women. They are Desparate Housewives because they are constantly chasing after Temporary Happiness that comes with Producerism and Consumerism, Kapital and Schuld.

If the Homemaker happens to be the Wife, she must strive to always live her life in a Hamiltonian Federalist, Prussian, or Bolshevist manner under the Intents of Command and Obedience, otherwise she will never comprehend why every Obedience eventually creates its own Command. The failure to comprehend why every Obedience eventually creates its own Command is the Socialist equivalent to failure to comprehend why the Liberal Capitalists enjoy chanting “every Demand creates its own Supply” under the Incentives of Supply and Demand.

Assuming there would be an actual reality television show called Real Housewives of _____ Socialism, the student body, Parent-Teacher Cooperative and Student Government ought to looking for young women with these four distinct personality types:

Cultural Revolutionaries like Mary Perkins Ryan and St. Kateri Tekakwitha. They know how to pour new wine into new wine bottles. Innovative and resourceful, they can design new Household Appliances with The Work-Standard under the laser guidance of a time-honored tradition.

 National Interventionists like Ss. Katharine Drexel, SBS and Marianne Cope, TOSF. They are capable of demonstrating the necessary resolve and decisive action to comprehend Clarke’s Cassandra Coefficient, Lenin’s Democratic Centralism, Jung’s Psychology, Schmitt’s Continuity of Government (COG), and Spengler’s Socialism. Their leadership in the affairs of Student Government or Central Government in the Council Democracy  

Social Financiers like Ss. Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC and Theodora Guérin. They can plan for the SSE’s future based on its Actual Geld, Digital Geld, and Military Geld. With the right Household Appliances for the Prussian Art of Auftragstaktik and the School of Financial Combat, they are capable of acting as Economic Planners and Financial Bankers of Mission-Type Economic Planning (MTEP) and be Housewives at the same time.

Martial Industrialists like Ss. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ and Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ. These women know how to find the SSE’s unrealized potential and untapped opportunities in the Actual Arbeit, Digital Arbeit and Military Arbeit. Creative, resourceful and ingenious, they can be trusted to train and drill high school and college girls toward mastering the Figure of the Arbeiter and Figure of the Anarch, Guderian’s Schwerpunkt (Center of Mass), Jünger and Heidegger’s Political Organization Problem, the Art of Weltanschauungskrieg (Worldview Warfare), and the manufacturing of Household Appliances with The Work-Standard.

Such women do not necessarily have to be involved in religious life insofar as all of them just as capable of commanding large formations of well-bred, well-disciplined well-trained and well-equipped young women from the all-girl secondary schools and universities of the Socialist nation. They could just as easily be involved in the local Homeowner Cooperative, PDE to command Housewives and even Househusbands. The SSE is also counting on them to be proactive in the affairs of its Tournament in the physical realm, the digital realm or both. The same can be said for the Homeworker Details, POE (Public-Owned Enterprise) and the Homebuilder Commands, NSE (National-Socialized Enterprise) tasked with overseeing the Four-Year Plans such as that two-story suburban house or construction of Viktor David Grünbaum’s Third Place and its required Household Appliances. In the State of Total Mobilization, self-awareness of oneself, the Totality and the State is decisive.

Before I conclude Part IV and move on to Part V, I should definitely point out that the Explicit and Implicit Intents of Command and Obedience are capable of swinging both ways and works in other ways besides heterosexual, cisgender people. That Husband and Wife, not to mention their Children and Comrades, are obviously not the best people to be answering three of Life’s Messages about these United States, the German Reich and the Catholic Church.

Mistress of Germanic Carnival: How J. Edgar Hoover became M. Edgar Hoover

“[Here], we will learn about some predictions of disaster that [are] better suited [for] serious discussions in important [government offices and ‘Novels Full of Realities’]. [N]ot only can we be [oblivious to events due to] their ubiquity or obviousness, we can also be blind to critical information because of how [Cognitive Bias causes us to] focus in other directions. [The State of Total Mobilization] requires [sound governance from anyone alternating between the Figure of Arbeiter and the Figure of the Anarch] and [it requires] technical understanding which may not be common [knowledge for all audiences]. Some [may] reject [certain] available responses [if] those paths do not conform to their Ideology, for example [the opposing interpretations of Socialism in other countries]. [I]t takes personal courage [t]o detect and evaluate a warning [before heeding a Cassandra].”

-Richard Alan Clarke and R. P. Eddy, Warnings:
Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes, ca. 2017

“[In other words,] [w]rite what you know will always be excellent advice for those who ought not to write at all. Write what you think, what you imagine, what you suspect!”

-Gore Vidal, The Essential Gore Vidal, ca. 1999

If one knows how to employ Jacque Derrida’s Deconstruction, they should know how to evade Censorship with Aesopian Language in the Art of Weltanschauungskrieg. Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Lenin, Heidegger, Jünger, and the Postmodernists have been very helpful in order to dodge the Puritans by evading their Cancel Culture over the past ten years. I will only use both to find points of agreement and points of disagreement from the standpoint of Jungian Psychology because Aesopian Language can be time-consuming. Regardless, Aesopian Language is to creative thinking skills, what Deconstruction is to critical thinking skills. It’s quite simple, easy to deploy when mastered, and the practitioner like, say, John Edgar Hoover could turn Poetry, Literature, Concepts, Ideas, Speeches, Newspaper, Magazine, Academic Journal Articles, and Documentaries into Household Appliances with The Work-Standard as “Mary Edgar Hoover.”

Mary Edgar Hoover is capable of taking two very similar Concepts or Entities, then deciding over which of them should be the Screen and the Marker. The Screen covers the Marker by distracting or diverting the Censor’s attention away from the Implicit Intent, the Author expecting the Reader to know the Implicit Intent by deciphering the encrypted message with a One-Time Pad (OTP).

To demonstrate how this works, I will take “LGBTQ” and “Third Position” to serve as the examples, including how they can be repurposed as camouflage for the other and vice versa, then employ Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping to show the components before proceeding to decipher them for the Reader and I. Read carefully because the well-crafted demonstration of Aesopian Language is designed to confuse, bewilder and distract most casual readers. Pay attention to any vague language, circumstantial statements, or misleading names, labels and terms:

“If these boys are so fond of these Anime Traps from the Anime adaptation of Communism, the Highest Stage of Nationalism, should we accuse them of being ‘Gay?’”

“If their girlfriends happen enjoy these Third Positionists from another Anime, Fully-Automatic Gay Communist Assault Pioneers, should we accuse them of being ‘Fascist?’”

Without the One-Time Pad, even I cannot tell what I had just written: it is barely intelligible, portions of it are pure gibberish, even designed to manipulate and exploit the Cognitive Biases of whoever was reading the chart and the captions included in the undated photograph.

Since I had written the One-Time Pad for both statements, allow me to decipher the real Messages:

Author’s Intent: “Transgenders are not the same as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Queers! If Anime Traps ARE Gay, then the Third Position IS Fascist.

Message: Is Vladimir Lenin’s Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism a Fascist Treatise?”

Answer: NO! Imperialism, The Highest Stage of Capitalism is a Communist Treatise.

Intent: “Third Positionists are Neither Leftists, Nor Rightists, Nor Centrists, Nor Independents! If the Third Position IS Fascist, then Anime Traps ARE Gay.

Message: Is Aaron Bastani’s Fully Automated Luxury Communism supposed to be a Gay Treatise?

Answer: YES! Fully Automated Luxury Communism is a Gay Treatise!

Seriously, one could manipulate the meanings and interpretations of whole languages to force all of their native speakers to their self-destruction. All it takes is some Deconstruction and Aesopian Language as part of the Weltanschauungskrieg. The term “Third Position” is related to the similar terms “Third Way” (Neoliberalism), the “Third Camp” (Trotskyism), and “Three Worlds Theory” (Maoism) because all four terms have their origins in the Cold War and continued to remain relevant in today’s geopolitical climate.

Maoism (or “Marxism-Leninism-Maoism”), the Socialism of Chairman Mao Zedong, is in fact an actual Third Positionist Ideology; its technical taxonomy in Political Science is “National Communism.” It is an old Cold War-era Propaganda line among some Trotskyists and Liberal Capitalists to accuse Marxism-Leninism-Maoism of being a Fascist Ideology. What does this rhetoric say about the Trotskyists and Liberal Capitalists? Are they the real Fascists?

Therefore, allow me to point out that Mary Edgar Hoover, unlike her Alter Ego–FBI Director John Edgar Hoover, had written wrote a prophetic message for us about the need for Freedom of Conscience and why it is always important to think critically and creatively:

“We cannot afford the luxury of waiting for [Jeffersonianism] to run its course like other [forms of Totalitarianism]. The weapons of [Jeffersonianism] are still formidable. They become even more effective when we lower our guard and when we become lax in strengthening our [Council] Democratic institutions, in perfecting the American Dream.

The call of the future must be a rekindled [by the call of the past – a return to the American Essence], based on our priceless heritage of freedom, justice, and the religious spirit. In our reawakening, we Americans can learn a great deal from the [historical struggle] against [British Colonialism, Trotskyism and Hitlerism].

It is sad but true that many young people [around the world] have been drawn into [Jeffersonian, Trotskyist and Hitlerist] clubs or study groups. Often they are highly intellectual but lonely students and fall under a sinister influence. We know this from the experiences of hundreds of [Madisonian Federalists in the US] and from acts of near-treason [that the FBI was] called upon to investigate.

American [Catholic] Education, of course, does not [breed Jeffersonians]; [American Public Education] does. [Neoliberalism], to survive, must depend upon a constant program of [deceit], because [the Empire of Liberty] needs educated people, even though it distorts the use to which their education is put. Thus, we need to show our young people, particularly those endowed with high intellects, that [the Federal government will always exist beyond the Good and Evil of Democrats and Republicans, Trotskyists and Hitlerists, Jeffersonians and Madisonians].

We, as a people, have not been sufficiently articulate and forceful in expressing [the Freedom of Conscience to remember] our traditions and [history]. In our homes and schools, we need to learn how to ‘let freedom ring’. In all the civilized world there is no story which compares with America’s effort to become free and to incorporate freedom in our institutions. This story, told factually and dramatically, needs to become the basis for our American unity and for our unity with all free peoples.

The [Democratic-Republican Party] stress Action [by defending Neoliberalism] now — not tomorrow, the next day, or never. To [Jeffersonians and Madisonians], the [Democratic-Republican] Party [wants] continual action, not just talk, waiting for annual elections, meetings, or affairs. [For the Federalist Party], Action must supplement good intentions in [restoring the America Essence with Hamiltonianism]. We need to [help] our youth [build the SSE]. To give them only a high standard of material advantages or a constant diet of recreation is not enough. Recreation must be made part of a life of responsibility, otherwise, it becomes merely a preface to boredom. Our young people, as well as adults, need to be working members of our [Union] and citizens [of] Duty [and Honor] at all times.”

Diversity in Conscience and Community, Unity in Discipline and Action.

-The Third Wave’s Unity of Opposites

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