Magnum Opus: “That Special Period”

In a recent comment on another Blog, I stated that I had encountered “That Special Period between Childhood and Adulthood (or Capitalism and Socialism). I am of course referring to that particular moment in my personal life in “Third Place: The Socialist Conception of Citizenship (Pt. II of II).” One ought to understand that how I attained my Weltgefühl and Weltanschauung are the result of that pivotal moment:

If one has not already figured it out yet, secondary school is meant to offer everyone an opportunity to reevaluate their life up to this point. When someone takes their Interpersonal Compact with the Union, they are essentially entering their first moments as a teenager and later ending their moments as a teenager. This is the sort of test that nobody in America does until during their university years, which goes to show just how devalued the secondary educational level truly is when compared to the primary and tertiary levels. It accounts for why Carl Jung expressed concerns about an extended adolescence by insisting that the Ego of every Individual begins during their young adult years, typically between the ages of 14 and 15. That should have been the time when an American youth becomes a US Citizen because children are still too young to decide who they want to be when they grow up. Thus, the concept of the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) was created by me in response to why I felt whole generations of young people were being deprived of their inward freedoms and inward securities as upstanding adults.

The SSE is also my answer to why so many young people rallied around the Counterculture because educational systems in the Empire of Liberty have become increasingly Totalitarian–a word that must always be reserved for special occasions–in the decades since the 1960s. Not just on university campuses, but also on high school campuses. An Interpersonal Compact with the Union is how everyone enters the rite of passage into adulthood by becoming part of our Unified Federalist Student Economy (UFSE), providing their chance to reevaluate life up until that point before proceeding to specific EGOs (Extracurricular Guild Organizations) as part of their education. After they take their second Interpersonal Compact with the Union, they now have a choice to decide whether they shall continue into university, the workforces or the armed forces.        

Personally, my Interpersonal Compact with the Union began with me being asked why my parochial school has a “US Dollar/School Lunch Ticket Exchange Rate,” in addition to the fact that our US History textbook included an odd question that vaguely alluded to why the Soviet Union had made multiple trade agreements with the German Reich and tried joining the Axis Powers prior to Operation Barbarossa. Yes, the rest of my childhood was about as Socialistic as my secondary school years. I have no idea why the school was rationing US Dollars and issuing Lunch Tickets as if we were living in an Eastern Bloc country. For those who are curious, I still have the US History textbook and a copy of the Exchange Rates. My father never stopped asking me why the school refused to convert $12.00 of Lunch Tickets back to US Dollars ten years ago.    

Watch the first video from 47:30-1:07:50. One will know the true meaning of “Workfare Socialism” as the Neoliberal analogue to “Welfare Capitalism.” If New York City became part of the “Third World” in the 1990s, then I can now argue that the rest of these United States has always been part of the “Third World.” Beware of those among us who wish to expropriate the American Essence in support of the “Third Way,” the “Third Camp,” or both. Neither Third Camp nor Third Way.

Alex is rightfully correct, but not from my current vantage point. To understand why I agree to disagree and disagree to agree with him, you must understand the significance of these increasingly cryptic comments since the previous ARPLAN Post ( All of my ARPLAN Comments this year have been building up to this point and I sincerely thank you for helping me refine these past 10 years of research. Keep up the High-Quality Arbeit. Let’s just say my experiences on 13 November were as enchanting as chasing after the “Philosopher’s Stone of Financial Engineering” ( For the “Evolution (or Hersey) of Socialism” is like that Special Period between Childhood and Adulthood (or Capitalism and Socialism), hence my constant fixations on “Arbeit = Arbot”:

-Where there is “Allegiance,” there is the Citizenship.
-Where there is “Work,” there is the Worker.
-Where there is “Ownership,” there is the Property.
-Where there is “Robot,” there is the Technology.
-And where there is “Orphan,” there is the Inheritance.

All five have compelled me to arrive at two additional statements to Fifth Comment of “The Programme of the NSDAP”:

-Where there is “Allegiance,” “Work,” “Ownership,” “Robot” and “Orphan,” we get to “Travel” and into the “Trade”: Arbeit-For-Geld and Geld-For-Arbeit.
-Where there is the “Ennoblement of Humanity,” there is the “Final Settlement” (aka Full and Final Settlement) between two Parties over control of the Centralized Federal Government as the “Clearing House in the Class Action Litigation” between “Plaintiffs” and “Defendants.”

Is this The Work-Standard Visualized?
“Only a God Can Save Us”

I have begun to rearrange the Third Way, Third Camp and Three Worlds as the Scutum Fidei of the Athanasian Creed for the Third World because all three on a metaphysical and subliminal level resemble the Masquerade Ball of the Germanic Carnival. For reasons that I have yet to figure out, there is a small, tight-knit and eloquent circle within the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) Community who remain historically self-aware enough to know what I am talking about, from ARPLAN Post “The Röhm Scandal” ( to this one. Sorry Bogumil, I cannot give you or the Readers of our Blogs any specifics because, unlike the average LGBTQ’s “Coming Out of the Walk-In Closet,” their Coming Out is at the “Cold War-era Bunker below the well-hidden Trapdoor of a Walk-In Pantry.” It’s invitation-only: to get in, just find the correct answer to the Internet meme “Are Traps Gay?”

This LRCTI Communiqué is self-aware enough to know that Social-Democracy is the Quotient between the Product of Social-Fascism and Welfare-Capitalism and the Product of National-Fascism and Workfare-Socialism:

Social-Democracy = (Social-Fascism * Workfare Socialism) / (National-Fascism * Welfare Capitalism)

-How We Normally Perceive Social-Democracy

Social-Democracy = [(Social-Fascism * Welfare Capitalism) / (National-Fascism * Workfare-Socialism)

-What Social-Democracy Actually is

It makes sense for them to be politically born this way. Since they are technically Social Pariahs within the broader LGBTQ Community, I chose to refer to them as the “LRCTI (Leftist, Rightist, Centrist, Trans-Political, Independent) Communiqué.” The Trans-Political is arguably the most cunning and daring of them all as they identify with either the Third Way, the Third Camp or the Third Position. One Third Positionist even explained why “Maoism is a Chinese National Socialism,” which later became the University thesis to one of my Political Science research papers, “Truth Sets You Free,” in Reference to John 8:31-36 (   

Getting back to specifics and away from these vague, cryptic sentence composition structures, the political-economic advice they had given me pertains to the same topics described in my Blog’s “Third Place: ‘Total Educational Effort,” this ARPLAN Post and the previous ARPLAN Post, Bogumil. I recently hit the motherlode of “Dog Whistles”–Aesopian Language–that indicate to me that Social-Democracy ought to be condemned as “Fascism” (no relation to Gays identifying as Syndicalists) because its “Social Safety Net” is not designed to help those exploited by Neoliberalism but to allow the Keynesians, Monetarists and Austrian Schoolers to indulge themselves in a Financial Sadomasochism. As I had learned while growing up at the time of the Great Recession, the Fractional-Reserve Banking System swings both ways for Central Banks and Shadow Banks by imposing “Welfare Capitalism” and “Workfare Socialism.”

For Welfare Capitalism, we have a Screen and a Marker. Pay close attention as I demonstrate an example from my University years studying Financial Engineering:

Screen: “To Increase Kapital Taxes, Kapital Redistribution, Consumer Spending and Government Spending” || “To Decrease Kapital Taxes, Kapital Redistribution, Consumer Spending and Government Spending”

Marker: “To give Pain and receive Pleasure” || “To give Pleasure and receive Pain”

For Workfare Socialism, we also have a Screen and a Marker:

Screen: “To Raise the Quantities of Kapital and Schuld in Existence and Drop the Interest Rate and the Trade Barriers” || “To Drop the Quantities of Kapital and Schuld in Existence and Raise the Interest Rate and the Trade Barriers”

Marker: “To give Pleasure and receive Pain” || “To give Pain and receive Pleasure”

Anyone who is familiar with Liberal Capitalist ideology ought to know that the Keynesians, Monetarists and Austrian Schoolers of the Fraction-Reserve Banking System, Central Banks and Shadow Banks alike, were operating behind the official governmental functions of the Third Reich, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, and these United States between the 1930s and 1990s. They knew that the Americans, Germans, Italians, Soviets, Chinese and Japanese came very close to building a different world order than the one which currently defines our 21st century Reality. They couldn’t afford to let that happen.

While the Americans, Italians, Germans, Soviets, Chinese and Japanese were too preoccupied killing each other and killing themselves between 1929 and 1990, they were publishing untold numbers of books, magazines, academic journals, circular letters, shared notes and research papers, developed Technologies and articulated their intended functions and applications. They formed think tanks, held political rallies, convened on university campuses, held seminars for impressible student intellectuals and interns, funded, trained and ran political parties, touted propaganda on “Public Broadcasting,” did interviews for “film documentaries.” Not to mention those “naughty interviews” on the vanilla State media outlets of certain countries and the more sophisticated Keynesian Beauty Contests. To quote Chapter 12 of Keynes General Theory:

“It is not a case of choosing those [faces] which, to the best of one’s judgment, are really the prettiest, nor even those which average opinion genuinely thinks the prettiest. We have reached the third degree where we devote our intelligences to anticipating what average opinion expects the average opinion to be. And there are some, I believe, who practise the fourth, fifth and higher degrees.”

I am genuinely unsurprised that Neoliberalism’s “Workfare Socialism” is the other half of “Welfare Capitalism.” It reminds me of those teenage couples at the Pan-Germanic Socialist rendition of the Germanic Carnival ( If anyone wants to why I specifically describe Social Welfare or the Social Safety Net as “Welfare Capitalism” so that I can expose “Workfare Socialism,” here it is: (  

And for those who want to know anything about “Workfare Socialism” and why it is literally the other half of “Welfare Capitalism,” consider checking out The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics, The Battle of Bretton Woods, the Documentary “Giuliani Time,”andShadow Banking” (

“Best way to keep a secret – hide it in plain sight.”


The Shadow Bank defines the Social Order. Remember the Great Recession? Well, Shadow Banking is the Primordial Point of Origin for the Subprime Mortgage Crisis.
All Roads in my Research lead me back to the SSE and “the Traps of Wall Street.”
My life has come full circle, and now I am being forced to ask: “Are Traps Gay?”

If YES, why is the “Anime Trap” too Relevant in Part V of “Total Educational Effort?”

If NO, is the “Solidarity Trap” of a certain Solidarity Preference capable of turning a Neoliberal Market/Mixed Economy into Socialist Planned/Command Economy?

Arbeiter and Anarch are needed to unlock the “Trapdoor inside the Walk-in Pantry.” No clue WHERE it is, but I have a WHEN: the “Giuliani Time of the 1990s.”

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