Third Place: Interpersonal Compact (Pt. I of II)

The Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg (Worldview Warfare) has seen an entire array of different terms and names to describe the practice by all kinds of people. “Public Relations,” “Hearts and Minds,” “International Relations,” “Marriage Counseling,” “Shock Therapy,” “Mass Marketing,” “Mass Communications,” “Mass Psychology,” “Political Campaigning,” “Social Engineering,” “Internet Memes,” “Propaganda,” and “Engineering of Consent” are descriptive of the same Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg.

One may ask themselves why I have no intentions of being too directly open about the Work-Standard or Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism. I should remind everyone that neither the Work-Standard nor Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism can operate without its critical components, moving mechanical parts, and key structural points. For me to remove them, even to appeal to those who would otherwise be repulsed by either or both, is to commit self-sabotage.

Fortunately, I can avoid this by revisiting the methodology which I had chosen for myself when I had created this Interpersonal Compact for myself to read and reread until I was able to recite everything by heart. The following is the culmination of the past ten years of experiences. I do believe that the information contained herein has the potential to be very helpful for high school and university students.

Begin by familiarizing Yourself with Your Body, Your Mind, Your Soul, Your Psyche and Your Consciousness.

  1. Your Body is the most obvious because it is that reflection which you see in front of any mirror that you could find while reading this.
  2. Your Mind governs the sense-perception that informs you of your surroundings. Those include your Eyesight, Hearing, Touch, Scent, and Taste. It governs your ability to communicate oral and written instructions to others.
  3. Your Soul governs your Weltgefühl (World-Feeling) which identifies Yourself with a specific Totality (Nation, Government, Party, SSE, Church, State, Community and Estate/Class, Family and Role Model). It determines your political-economic affiliations with specific Cultures, Traditions, Religions, Ideologies, Philosophies, Personalities, Schools of Thought, Cultural Norms, Social Customs, Historical Heritage, Ancestral Legacy, and any other identifiable characteristics that are external to You as an Individual.
  4. Your Psyche governs your Weltanschauung (Worldview) which informs you of your Upbringing, Values, Attitudes, Outlooks, Stances and Positions on every conceivable topic and discussion known (and even unknown) to humanity. It informs you of your Points of Agreement and Points of Contentions in all social interactions and the Class Struggle beyond the Persona distinguishing You from the Author of The Fourth Estate and the rest of humanity.
  5. Your Persona is whatever Personality that You had chosen to present or convey to everyone you encounter in our shared Reality. Behind that Persona is Your Self-Consciousness and Your Self-Subconsciousness.
  6. Your Self-Consciousness is your comprehension of Who You are as an Individual; Why you are motivated to continue living and have not already Fragged anyone or Yourself, otherwise you would never have made it this far in Life; the Spatial Where and Temporal When behind Situational Awareness; the Owned-Self/Unowned-Self and the Individuation required for realizing latent talents and unmastered abilities in relation to the Freedom-Security Dialectic, Cassandra Coefficient, Third World Ideologies Diagram, and Transvaluation Of All Arbeit (TOAA). Whatever hypotheses and theories, a priori and a posteriori positions, philosophies and personalities, alter egos, vocations and lifestyle choices that you make will be reflected by your own Self-Consciousness.    
  7. And Your Self-Subconsciousness is split between Your Shadow and They-Self and Your Ego and Mine-Self. Your Shadow and They-Self are the False Self that you do not wish to accept as an Individual. Your Ego and Mine-Self are the True Self that you have already chosen to accept as an Individual, what binds you to this Reality in which the Author of The Fourth Estate is communicating to Yourself through this document.

If You are still reading this and are curious as to which half of Yourself that the rest of humanity and I are always expecting You to be asserting complete C2 (Command and Control) over the rest of Yourself, it must always be Your Ego and Mine-Self. Your Shadow and They-Self are constantly trying to hijack You, allowing your worst tendencies to define Your Persona. In our State of Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein, when the Totality issues You this Interpersonal Compact, everyone is counting on You to exert Self-Control over those inner-demons.

The Freedom-Security Dialectic and the Mind-Body Problem are two of the oldest philosophical problems that continue to frustrate and elude conventional understandings, even though both are central to understanding why the Enlightenment devolved into an ideology called “Liberal Capitalism” and why another ideology chose combat its current Post-1945 incarnation beyond mist-shrouded Fog of War. While there are people such as this Author who will continue to insist that the Second World War legally ended with the signing of this New Versailles Treaty in September 1990, the official consensus is still adamant about World War II ending on September 1945. In any case, if Your Shadow and They-Self had succeeded in commandeering Your Persona, that is also the moment You will be setting off the Freedom-Security Dialectic and the Mind-Body Problem. Your Totality and Your State are expecting You to familiarize Yourself with Yourself.

To summarize everything what I had described to You:

(Body + Mind) + (Soul + Psyche) + (Self-Consciousness + Self-Subconsciousness) = Your-Self

Self-Consciousness + Self-Subconsciousness = Owned-Self + Persona

Authentic Dasein for Self-Consciousness & Self-Subconsciousness

Owned-Self – They-Self = Mine-Self
Owned-Self = Mine-Self
Persona – Shadow = Ego
Persona = Ego

Inauthentic Dasein for Self-Consciousness & Self-Subconsciousness

Owned-Self – Mine-Self = They-Self
Unowned-Self = They-Self
Persona – Ego = Shadow
Persona = Shadow

Do you understand why Puberty is far more than just these emerging thoughts and emotions emanating from Your Mind and Your Body (in reference to the Mind-Body Problem)? Or why you may be going through some problems with your family and authority figures (in reference to the Freedom-Security Dialectic)?

The Totality–the They–wants You to do you everything you can at being Yourself, following the law, complying with the authorities and trying to conform with whatever or whoever is defining the Nation-State until the moment comes for You to control this Reality. When that moment arrives in the State of Total Mobilization, always know precisely the Where and When to Revolutionize Yourself, Revolutionize the Totality, Revolutionize the Nation-State, Revolutionize the World. That should always be Your First Rule to avoiding every conceivable form of death, imprisonment, injury, blackmail and legal troubles when engaging in any sort of political-economic discourse.

Every teenager and adult that You may encounter in Life has developed their Ego and Mine-Self over their course of their childhoods. The Egos and Mine-Selves of most people are fully-developed around the ages of 14 and 15. Note that there are exceptional outliers like those fast learners who had theirs developed about one or two years prior to most people. It is true that Westerners, particularly Americans, do not enjoy their secondary school years as much as their university years. This recurring problem in the Western world is related to Arbeit (Work) and Geld (Money), both which are of course where the Arbeitsstandard (Work-Standard) becomes relevant to You as an Individual.

The terms Arbeit and Geld are specifically chosen due to its etymological origins in relation to your SSE and whatever impressions will be made at this secondary school which you or your parents had chosen to attend for any and all Intents and Purposes.

The Old German and Middle German terms for Arbeit are “Arabeit,” “Erbeit,” “Erebeit.” 

Their Old English and Middle English equivalents are are “Earfoþe” and “Arveð,” which are also closely related to Arbeit.

The etymology of Arbeit across multiple Germanic languages has witnessed up to five different meanings over the past few millennia, some of which appeared to have been introduced to various non-Germanic cultures at various points in time. These five meanings are “Allegiance,” “Work,” “Ownership,” “Robot” and “Orphan.”

Where there is “Allegiance” and “Self-Allegiance,” Our Identities and Life-Energies and Your Personal Identity and Life-Energy.

Where there is “Work” and “Self-Work,” the Arbeit of Our Vocational Civil Service (VCS) Economy and Geld of Our Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System and Your Contributions of Arbeit and Generations of Geld to Both.

Where there is “Ownership” and “Self-Ownership,” there is Our Productive and Personal Properties and Your Productive and Personal Properties.

Where there is “Robot” and “Self-Robot,” there is Our Professions and Technologies and Your Vocation and Patents.

Where there is “Orphan,” there is Our State Budget and National Citizenship and Your Paygrade and EGO (Extracurricular Guild Occupation).

Where “Allegiance,” “Work,” “Ownership,” “Robot” and “Orphan” constitute as one Whole far greater than the sum of their parts, there is the “Trade” and the “Travel.”  

Where there is the Trade, there are Arbeit-For-Geld and Geld-For-Arbeit. Discern Your EGO and be ready to commit Half of Your Life-Energy to both Totality and State at your SSE as part of your overall education and school life. The Central Bank will register your Contributions of Arbeit and Generations of Geld under the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) Process, depositing them to the Life-Energy Reserve.

Arbeit-For-Geld: Contribute Arbeit for the Life-Energy Reserve and the State sends you Geld.

Geld-For-Arbeit: Generate Geld for the Life-Energy Reserve and the State sends you Arbeit.

And if you can comprehend “Travel,” you should also be able to comprehend what is being conveyed here. Be aware of your surroundings and do pay attention to these signs because you may encounter these at specific EGOs among different SSEs. Do expect signs similar this one to be found on the premises of Central Banks.

This concludes the First Half of the Interpersonal Compact. While You are preparing and studying for Your Interpersonal Compact before joining the Teaching Community of the SSE, devote part of your spare time each day learning the following by heart until it is internalized:

  1. Know yourself, know your comrades, know your classmates, and know the people around you, and know those within your professional and personal life. Practice alternating between your professional and personal lives with your classmates.
  2. Be constantly on the alert and self-aware of surroundings in all professional and personal settings. If you are interested in a foreigner, be yourself as an Individual and even learn their language. Familiarize yourself with their Weltanschauung and Weltgefühl without losing sight of your own.
  3. Be mindful of your personal conduct in this world of sophisticated information-gathering technologies and national intranets connected to the international internet. Be aware that all manners of digital information can and will be archived, stored, observed, eavesdropped, monitored, analyzed, wiretapped, and fabricated by anyone and everyone, from stalkers and cyberbullies to intelligence services and foreign governments.
  4. If you cannot afford to discuss anything online, discuss it somewhere offline and unknown to Totality and State. Do not turn your online presence into a ready-made personnel file for most historians, archivists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, propagandists, journalists, editors, vigilantes, psychiatrists, confidence artists, police, judges and everyone trained in the Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg.
  5. Be able to learn new things and learn how to discern the best opportune moment among countless different opportunities within your waking moments. Learn how to manage and keep track of time, plan all major decisions beforehand, discern their potential consequences, and develop the necessary self-discipline and confidence for the discernment and mastery of your Vocation.
  6. Learn how to work obscurely and silently with unremitting courageous skepticism and ever-increasing determination and resolve. Learn how to creatively overcome any task both big and small, including World Politics and World Economy at the World State Organization (WSO).
  7. Evaluate all future developments correctly with Hindsight and all past developments carefully with Foresight. Develop a habit of knowing when to separate Your Self from Your Cognitive Biases.
  8. Reevaluate all past developments again with Foresight and all future developments with Hindsight. Develop a habit of revisiting any and all topics, locations, persons, ideas, concepts, Weltanschauung and Weltgefühl (World-Feeling) that were previously missed at any point in time.
  9. Nobody is perfect. Learn how to meticulously investigate everyone’s past failures and accomplishments, including those whose political-economic you do not necessarily agree with. Learn how to discern between important information and trivial information.
  10. If you are ever in doubt about the bearings on your current political-economic positions, consult the Third World Ideologies Diagram. And if you are convinced that the Political Organization Problem is going to cause a major disaster that could possibly kill or maim untold numbers of people, consult the Cassandra Coefficient.

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