Third Place: Interpersonal Compact (Pt. II of II)

“Friedrich Nietzsche’s Blonde Bestie”
Be Attentive and Mindful of Your Surrounding in any Socialist nation.
Real “Safe Spaces” are supposed to have Signs like this one.
The Best Secrets are always Out of Sight, Out of Mind and in Plain Sight.

“Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) is only granted to Individuals who have a need-to-know, have been granted a Top Secret clearance by Personnel Security (PerSec), and are approved by the Department of Commerce’s Intelligence Community granting agency, and only upon completion of a separate Nondisclosure Agreement, the IC Form 4414.

Information that has been determined to be SCI may only be stored and used in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). SCIFs have specific construction requirements, and their subsequent accreditation is separate from those for Controlled Areas and is coordinated by the Department’s Special Security Officer (SSO).

-US Department of Commerce Description on SCI

Blonde Bestie: Your Interpersonal Compact and Your Personnel Record

Your Interpersonal Compact (IC) is a legal document that ought to be distinguished from Your Personnel Record (PR). Your PR will always be easily accessible to Your Self, Your Totality, Your State. Offline, the whole Socialist Nation absolutely knows nothing; Online, however, the whole Socialist Nation knows everything because all information on the National Intranet (and by extension the International Internet) is accessible to whoever is allowed access. That could be a cyberbully, a stalker, an intelligence service, or a foreign government (and let’s not forget about foreign Student Governments)

Below is a categorical list on how to sort the people to grant access to your PR. At “Secret” everyone knows; at “Sensitive Compartmented Information,” nobody knows:

On the National Intranet, your Personnel Record is accessible to everyone who You have grown to trust Offline as Comrades. Foreigners visiting the National Intranet from the International Internet have no access to your Personnel Record, even if they are working and studying in Your SSE. However, when the State awards you with high-profile medals, awards, promotions and prizes, do You understand that the Totality is going to know You as an Individual?

Your IC, however, is a different matter and not just because it is handwritten and stored in special storage facilities unconnected to the National Intranet and International Internet. Whether the rest of humanity knows every word and sentence in that IC depends entirely on You as an Individual. Whatever you had written on any IC will always be treated as ‘Above Top Secret’ or SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information). If your IC is related to your actual Extracurricular Guild Occupation, You are entitled to an ESAP (Extracurricular Student Activities Program); Your IC is Compartmentalized behind black ink and bureaucratic red tape.

Whoever reads your IC is whoever you trust the most. Your Socialist Student Economy (SSE), Totality and State are under Constitutional Intents and Constitutional Obligations that prevent them from accessing Your IC without your Consent. If you are involved in criminal activities, they must receive official court order from a Judge, who will issue them a Search Warrant and then, the most intimate of details will never be shared unless You are literally tried for Sedition. Do you understand why the IC must never treated as a joke or laughing matter?

Furthermore, I must share with You two important details regarding the IC. I will then end this Blog post on why you must resist the temptation for all manner of abuses of power. Nobody, not even me, has Command Responsibility over all actions You commit outside of professional life.

Blonde Bestie: “The Law on Your Side

“To the modern politician and planner, men are the flies of a summer, oblivious of their past, reckless of their future.”

Russell Kirk, Ancestral Shadows:
An Anthology of Ghostly Tales, ca. 2004

“We should support whatever our enemies oppose and oppose whatever our enemies support.”

-Chairman Mao, The Little Red Book, ca. 1964

The more Hamiltonian Federalist, the more Prussian or the more Bolshevist Your school life with the student body becomes, the more well-off Your nation will be. Your secondary school experiences are proportionate to whether you actually learned anything meaningful with your life. Before you complete your secondary school education, every student in the SSE will retake their Interpersonal Compact to determine whether anything was learned or not . Even if you are evading the Draft at the University, the State is still going to mail Your Draft Card under the mandatory Three-Year Conscription Policy with three or four different ways of serving it legally (and not go to prison):

  • With the Vocational Civil Services of the Workforces
  • With the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen of the Armed Forces
  • With the Youth Cooperatives of the Military-Industrial Complex
  • With Your Student Government’s SSE

Your Socialist Student Economy is imbued with that Spirit of Cooperative Competition, that sort of Competition compelling everyone to realize untapped potential and nurture latent talents. It can be as fun and entertaining as, well, having cameo appearances on television, movies, and video games as ways of living out your personal life.

You may even make some online friends or offline friends from other SSEs. Your Soviet playmate may invite you out to a Soviet Maid Cafeteria (if you are a real man) or a Soviet Butler Cafeteria (if you are a real woman). They may even speak on behalf of your own SSE at the next Kremlin State Palace Meeting with the SSESU (Socialist Student Economy of the Soviet Union), allowing your SSE and the SSESU to negotiate a Real Trade Agreement (RTA).

Under the terms of that RTA, Your SSE would sell them household appliances, sports cars, precision tools, chewing gum and chewing tobacco at the Soviet student body’s Beriozka Shops (a Soviet Luxury Chain) in Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad. In exchange, the Soviet student body (the Pioneers and Komsomol) may sell some usual delicacies like caviar, chocolate, and ice cream at your SSE’s Specialty Shops and Department Stores at one of its Shopping Citadels.

  • The Soviet SSE may consider selling ‘Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West Fragrance Perfume’, which was apparently a luxury among Soviet teenage girls and college girls on this side of the 20th century. Any rereleases ought to include portrait of Spengler’s silhouette and a label on the back that reads:

“Man makes history; woman is history. The reproduction of the species is feminine: it runs steadily and quietly through all species, animal or human, through all short-lived cultures. It is primary, unchanging, everlasting, maternal, plantlike, and cultureless. If we look back we find that it is synonymous with Life itself.”

-Oswald Spengler, Aphorisms, ca. 1967
  • Some busts of Vladimir Lenin and paintings depicting Nietzsche, Lenin, Spengler and Arthur Moeller van den Bruck engaging in an intellectually wholesome and family-friendly conversation about the Faustian ‘World Riddle = World Revolution’.

“The World Revolution, however, will not be that which [Karl] Marx [had] envisaged; it will rather be [the one that which Friedrich] Nietzsche foresaw.”

-Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Das Dritte Reich, ca. 1923
  • Or they could just help Your Student Government find ways to serve the Draft with an array of nifty ‘Red Army Toys’.
  • Soviet Spetsnaz-grade MAFVs, Nagant revolvers with detachable silencers, PKM heavy machine guns, PPSh41s sporting drum magazines, and different variations of the Kalashnikov.
  • Invitations to WSO-affiliated youth competitions involving Soviet BTRs, BMPs, Mi-24 gunships and Tupolev Tu-160s.
  • Smartphone-capable MP-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun with Built-In Computer and Video Camera.
  • And those propaganda posters featuring pretty boys and pinup girls!
What can be more romantic than this?

Blonde Bestie’s: “Cancel Culture is Giuliani Time!”

“[Professor] Frank [had once] recalled my idle remark some years ago: ‘Never pass up the opportunity to have sex or appear on television.’ Advice I would never give today in the Age of AIDS and its television equivalent Fox News.”

-Gore Vidal, Point to Point Navigation, ca. 2006

Alternatively, it can also be as fun and entertaining as playing Chess–or better yet, shooting billiards at a Soviet pool hall with those Eastern Bloc Comrades that you met on the Internet. They may be able to return the favor later. It always pays to be on the side of the law because crime does not pay; if you cannot do the time, do not do the crime and if you have nothing to fear from Your Student Government, you have nothing to hide from Your Student Government.

Of course, I am not talking about the usual Western Bloc billiards that would bore an Ego like John Edgar Hoover and its Alter Ego, Mary Edgar Hoover. I’m talking about the Soviet kind. It’s a really sad sight if the Student Intelligence Corps discovers why you enjoy ‘playing-with-yourself’ as your Alter Ego or why you are fapping over FBI XXX-Files without a search warrant from a federal judge, some undercover playmates, and vans full of heavily-armed SWAT members from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) Unit.

Also, it’s an even sadder tale for the Student Government to also learn that you were ‘getting freaky’ on the side with Josef Goebbels and never bothering to bring back a Pee-Pee TapeI mean, when Goebbels lies to his wife and kids about ‘getting-it-on’ or having a Golden Shower with Prussian prostitutes, it is only customary for said Prussian prostitutes to secretly make X-rated flicks on the side and then sell them off to Blonde Bestie’s FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), FSB Director Vladimir Putin (KGB/FSB), or even Reinhard Heydrich (SS-RSHA/Gestapo).

With that kind of Kompromat, nobody in 1933 is going to trust anything coming of Goebbels’ Deepthroat, especially when he said:

[Adolf Hitler] has announced to the whole world, through the mouth of [Germany], […] that [he] has no aggressive intentions whatever, that [he] does not wish to provoke anyone nor to stir up unrest. It wishes to pursue its work in peace and in a spirit of deep moral conviction, in order to make sure of its daily bread. It stands unarmed before the world, and has no other means of proving the genuineness of its intentions but its industry and assiduity. It is firmly convinced that the world cannot regard its claims with indifference. […] The world is still suspicious; with the exception of a few men who have had the courage to look the facts in the face, the world has no understanding what[so]ever, or at best a very poor one [.]”

-Josef Goebbels, ‘The New Germany
Desires Work and Peace’, ca. 1933

Blonde Bestie: Professional Life and Personal Life

Our Reality must always be distinguished from Your Self-Consciousness and Your Self-Subconsciousness. There are no “Safe Spaces,” just as there are also “Restricted Areas” that you are not supposed to be entering or making notes. Everyone in secondary school learns how to juggle between Household and School, Workspace and Government, Homeland and World Order as a crucial life-skill in this State of Total Mobilization. Whatever You had learned in the SSE must become capable of being reapplied in the Nation-State and WSO.

Every IC is designed specifically for the anxiety-ridden angst and growing pains of being an adolescent, that Special Period between Childhood and Adolescence, ensuring that nobody in undergoes extreme existential dread of the Midlife Crisis by the time they reach their forties and fifties. The Who-You-Are and Why-You-Are, Where-You-Are and When-You-Were-Born, How-You-Became-Who-You-Are, and What-You-Intend-to-Do are left at your discretion. For those ethically and morally sound LGBTQs, the parentless, social outcasts, alienated, misfits and runaway youths struggling to “Come Out of their Walk-In Closet,” You should realize that the ethically and morally sound Figures of the Vogelfrei (Free-Bird) and the Jungfrau (Jungian Maiden) are always in a far worse predicament. Unlike All of You, those are always going to struggle to “Come Out of their Cold War-era Bunker below the Walk-In-Pantry on the Eternal Wall Street.” Personally, I just call them the Blonde Bestie of Wall Street.

Symbolically speaking, Self-Fulfillment and Self-Reliance–these two Values of the American Totality–are but the Twin Towers which constitute the higher Reality at One World Trade. Unlike the rest of us, they always remembered that We are never too old to learn the New, the Old and the New-Old. It’s true that everyone grows out of the SSE between the ages of 28 and 35, but those are Term Limits for Student Government Youth Leaders (like Officials, Bureaucrats and Functionaries) within the national educational system. As long as the Totality and the State continue to exist, the SSE and Student Government will continue to exist as well, waiting to oversee your school life at the University. For everything learned at the University is in actuality a more advanced refinement of techniques learned from Your EGO and Alter-EGO.

The significance is related to the etymology behind the Arbeit (Work) and Geld (Money) that Your EGO and Alter-EGO had created with the Arbeitsstandard (Work-Standard).  

The Old German and Middle German terms for Arbeit are “Arabeit,” “Erbeit,” “Erebeit.” 

Their Old English and Middle English equivalents are are “Earfoþe” and “Arveð,” which are also closely related to Arbeit.

The etymology of Arbeit across multiple Germanic languages has witnessed up to five different meanings over the past few millennia, some of which appeared to have been introduced to various non-Germanic cultures at various points in time. These five meanings are “Allegiance,” “Work,” “Ownership,” “Robot” and “Orphan.”

Where there is “Allegiance” and “Self-Allegiance,” Our Identities and Life-Energies and Your Personal Identity and Life-Energy.

Where there is “Work” and “Self-Work,” the Arbeit of Our Vocational Civil Service (VCS) Economy and Geld of Our Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System and Your Contributions of Arbeit and Generations of Geld to Both.

Where there is “Ownership” and “Self-Ownership,” there is Our Productive and Personal Properties and Your Productive and Personal Properties.

Where there is “Robot” and “Self-Robot,” there is Our Professions and Technologies and Your Vocation and Patents.

Where there is “Orphan,” there is Our State Budget and National Citizenship and Your Paygrade and EGO (Extracurricular Guild Occupation).

Where “Allegiance,” “Work,” “Ownership,” “Robot” and “Orphan” constitute as one Whole far greater than the sum of their parts, there is the “Trade” and the “Travel.”  

Where there is the Trade, there are Arbeit-For-Geld and Geld-For-Arbeit. Discern Your EGO and be ready to commit Half of Your Life-Energy to both Totality and State at your SSE as part of your overall education and school life. The Central Bank will register your Contributions of Arbeit and Generations of Geld under the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) Process, depositing them to the Life-Energy Reserve.

Arbeit-For-GeldContribute Arbeit for the Life-Energy Reserve and the State sends you Geld.

Geld-For-ArbeitGenerate Geld for the Life-Energy Reserve and the State sends you Arbeit.

The significance of “Travel” concerning Arbeit is closely tied to the Movements of Goods, Services, Arbeit and Geld, Personnel and Information across international borders. As I had once written on another Blog:

What surprised me the most is not at all the fact that the English word “Orphan” has its origins in Arbeit. Rather, it has more to do with why the English language had a different meaning behind “Orphan.” It did not always mean ‘a child without parents,’ which is essentially what comes to mind as English speakers when we are asked by someone else to describe an Orphan. Instead, Old English speakers once used the term as “Ierfa,” which we now use today to denote an “Heir.”

The primordial point of origin for the German word ‘Arbeit’ and the English words ‘Orphan’ and ‘Heir’ is Proto-Germanic verb ‘Arbijaną’ or ‘Arbāną’ (‘to be orphaned’), which in turn is related to the Proto-Germanic noun ‘Arbaidiz’ (‘hardship’). Are you and the readers of our Blogs beginning to realize where I going with this wordplay, Bogumil? I ask because I am literally dumbfounded by its implications.

These European nation-states were once Germanic tribes that had fought the Roman Empire. Prior to their encounters with the Romans, these Germanic tribes were deeply concerned about the self-development and well-being of children and young adults. It is possible that there was once a social system where the youths of every Germanic tribe, upon reaching a certain age, became members of the tribe through a sort of rite of passage into adulthood. While this social behavior continued long after the downfall of the Roman Empire, it eventually faded into inexistence as the Germanic tribes became the European nation-states of our 21st century Reality. Could a Socialist Europe someday be able to revisit this ancient social system? I am convinced that Europe will only be able to revisit it under Socialism because Neoliberalism will prevent all Europeans from reviving it.

Therefore, allow me to share with you and the readers of our Blogs the basic procedures: The path to true Citizenship in the Western world will always be defined by the trials and tribulations–the ‘hardship’–of being a young adult. Only in our teens and twenties can we finally begin to entertain any and all notions of becoming a ‘Worker,’ owning ‘Property,’ harnessing ‘Technology,’ and receiving our ‘Inheritance.’ This is also the same point in our personal lives where we could ‘Travel’ in the sense that we could attend school abroad, work in another nation-state, or even emigrate to the US, Latin America, Russia, Japan and so on.

In fact, ‘Travel’ literally means Arbeit among the European Romance languages! Think about it: the French ‘Travail,’ the Spanish ‘Trabajo,’ the Portuguese ‘Trabalho,’ and the Italian ‘Travaglio.’ As an American Catholic, I sincerely do not mind if Europeans and everyone else outside of the Western world are interested in emigrating to these United States as immigrants. All I ask is that they emigrate legally by emulating St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia.

Blonde Bestie: The Federalist Party and the Perpetual Union

It’s true that young people from the so-called “Millennials” and “Generation Z” in the US and throughout Thomas Jefferson’s Empire of Liberty have been rallying around Socialism and Capitalism since the Great Recession. Cultural Globalization–“Cultural Imperialism”–has compelled most of humanity to become more like the Jeffersonians, Madisonians and Monroeans of the Democratic-Republican Party.  They express their sentiments on social media and in their resentments toward the other two generations who espoused similar sentiments, Baby Boomers and Generation X.

The more Jeffersonian, the more Madisonian Federalist or the more Monroean Democratic-Republican You become in the OECD-Type Student Economies of the LIEO (Liberal International Economic Order), more worse off you will be as Debt-Slave and/or Kapital-Slaves. Those who become Debt-Slaves gravitate around Socialism, those becoming Kapital-Slaves around Capitalism; if you’re familiar with Debt-Slaves and Kapital-Slaves, then you’ve never seen me before, let alone why Socialism has always been a Way of Life, a Natural Instinct for me.

Those who gravitate toward Workfare Socialism and/or Welfare Capitalism will always be vehemently condemned by Friedrich Nietzsche’s Vladimir Lenin as the Slave Morality of the Bourgeoisie by advocating for Primitiveness and Economism. Real Americans are Noble Americans bearing the Master Morality of the Proletariat and led by the Eternal Secretary of the Federalist Party, Alexander Hamilton. Unlike the Prussians and the Russians, Americans never had a Fatherland or a Motherland; we always had a Homeland. Our Homeland, Our Federalist Union, Our Federalist Party are what defines Purest All-American expression of Eternal Glory. I have yet to find another American Socialist, self-proclaimed or otherwise, who understands the true meaning of Socialist Patriotism in Lifelong Solidarity and Vocational Civil Service to the American Totality and the Federal Government–the metaphysical, spiritual Federal Government existing beyond Good and Evil, Democrats and Republicans, Madisonians and Monroeans, Trotskyists and Hitlerists.

For older Americans who cannot grasp why my “American Conservatism ≥ Pure Socialism,” they ought to remember what happened in the days, weeks and months after September 12, 2001. Consider these two Articles:

Just as the 2008 economic collapse and the national prominence of Bernie Sanders have begun to shift the Democratic Party’s stance toward Socialism, so [too] the long effects of the downturn and Trump’s election have caused a rethinking of Conservative commitment to Free markets. Time magazine profiled policy entrepreneurs attempting to give heft to a post-market-fundamentalist GOP. The Niskanen Center, a redoubt of the #NeverTrump movement, has backed away from libertarianism in favor of “moderation.” And the journal American Affairs is proving a fascinating avenue of contrarian right—and left—thought.

[T]he irony that self-described conservatives are belatedly discovering the disruptive power of free markets is not lost on critics of American conservatism. It is a widely noted paradox that many conservatives have committed themselves to one of the most transformative forces in human history. The earliest Self-Conscious proponents of Conservatism in America were not in fact as committed to free market orthodoxy as their successors. Conservative intellectuals in the 1950s and 1960s, including some associated with key movement organs like National Review, were ambivalent about a Conservatism based upon capitalism and advanced arguments that anticipated current debates. These Market-Skeptical Conservatives lost a series of political and philosophical battles that led to the absurdity of conserving the process of [what Werner Sombart called ‘Creative Destruction’]. Now their old arguments are appearing in new garb.

-Joshua Tait, “Will Conservatives Abandon the Free Market?”, ca. April 18, 2019

[Read: The Coronavirus Pandemic, like the Great Recession and 9/11 Attacks, revealed two American Patriotisms, ‘Consumerism’ and ‘Socialism’] “In an address to the [Union] on the evening of the 9/11 Attacks, [Jeffersonian] President George W. Bush reassured the [American Totality] that ‘our financial institutions remain strong’ and the [Jeffersonian Market] Economy was still ‘open for business.’ He would go on to tell people to ‘get down to Disney World in Florida’ to help shore up the country’s hurting airlines. ‘Take your families and enjoy Life the way we want it to be enjoyed,’ he said. Vice President Dick Cheney called for the public to ‘stick their thumb in the eye of the terrorists’ by not letting what had happened ‘in any way throw off their normal level of activity.’ Political leaders declared that the terrorists ‘hate our freedoms’ — of religion, of speech, and, apparently, of the ability to snap a picture with Minnie and Mickey and buy Stock in Exxon.

[T]his notion of Consumer Patriotism isn’t unique to 9/11. American Colonists boycotted British goods and were expected to buy American during the Revolutionary War; in the 1920s and ’30s, there was a push to buy American fashions. The US set itself apart from the Soviet Union, in part, through consumerism during the Cold War. In the midst of the financial crisis, Warren Buffett told investors, “Buy American. I Am.”

There’s an earnestness to this — in the face of crisis, [Americans] want to do their part, and if consuming is a way to do that, so be it. But there’s a Cynical interpretation, too: To be a Patriot is to wholeheartedly believe in American capitalism and the strength of the US economy, to pledge allegiance to the flag and the market. Consumer patriotism reduces civic participation to [Kapital and Schuld, Kapital-Slavery and Debt-Slavery].”

[I]n moments of national crisis, one of the most important dangers to the economy is that people will cut back on spending, pushing the country into a Recession and costing people their [livelihoods]. When the 9/11 Attacks happened, the [Jeffersonian Market] Economy indeed was in the midst of a mild and short-lived Recession.

[Robert Reich or German Reich?] offered up the example of World War II, during which, by contrast, Americans were asked to demonstrate their patriotism by giving up some luxuries, not buying more. ‘People paid more taxes occasionally, they bought war bonds, they individually sacrificed and cut back on a whole variety of consumer goods that they otherwise might want or need. They participated in rationing,’ he said. ‘In other words, these national emergencies demanded that people respond to the common good.’

Instead, the [Jeffersonian] response to 9/11 mirrored America’s approach to the Cold War. As historian Elaine Tyler May wrote in Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era, Bush [43]’s call for a celebration of the way of American life mirrored Richard Nixon’s “kitchen debate” with Nikita Khrushchev in 1959, where the US leader and his Soviet counterpart engaged in a capitalism versus communism back-and-forth in a model kitchen at an exhibition.

Emily Stewart, “How 9/11 convinced Americans to Buy, Buy, Buy”, ca. September 9, 2021

In addition to 9/11 and the Dot-Com Bubble, my fellow Americans, 2001, my fellow Americans, was also the “Year of the Prussian” in the German-speaking world, and my deeply-personal realizations about these United States and the German Reich, including why Alexander Hamilton decided to advocate for the US Electoral College in Federalist Paper No. 68, including his insistence on why our Federalist Electoral College must always emulate the centuries-old Prussian opposition to Kapital within the German Electoral College (an overlooked historical fact in the US Legal Tradition and History of American Universities). Put another way, are these United States the “Prussia of the West” and the Soviet Union as the “Prussia of the East?” Was the “Cold War” really about “Capitalism” and “Socialism” or was it that and far more?

“‘It is extraordinary that Prussia has been forgotten and allowed to fall into disrepute. Prussian Modesty, State Service, [Fiscal] Discipline and [Spendthrift] – these are all Values on which a Community can be based. I am happy that [The Prussian Year Book: An Almanac, Preussen 2001] will remind us of these fruitful traditions in our history – the knowledge of which can be taken as a basis for the future of Europe.’”

-Tony Paterson, German Fears over Revival of Prussia, ca. December 31, 2000

That is not what I had experienced as a child growing up. Instead, I encountered:

“[W]hile Americans were not asked to sacrifice with their wallets after 9/11, some did sacrifice in other ways — namely, the hundreds of thousands of troops who were sent to Iraq and Afghanistan in the wars that were sprung from the attacks. But Americans, by and large, didn’t feel those sacrifices economically or as consumers, even though trillions of dollars were spent (trillions of dollars that could have gone to other programs, whether universal health care or free college or universal pre-K). One of the phenomena of the wars of the past 20 years is that many Americans didn’t feel them at all unless they were directly involved.

[For upstanding, law-abiding American youths such as myself,] there is a Pre-9/11 and a Post-9/11, and it is marked by the presence of [Eternal Glory]. [Unfortunately,] [t]here was a boom of US-themed goods as corporations realized they could channel the country’s desire to express patriotism [for Kapital]. Consumers were hungry for the American brand and for products that expressed the values they felt were under threat. Businesses were happy to embrace the trend. [What is wrong with this picture?]”

Emily Stewart, “How 9/11 convinced Americans to Buy, Buy, Buy”, ca. September 9, 2021

I am not like most American youths who gravitate around American Conservatism, Nationalism and Socialism, Environmentalism and Traditionalism, Ultramontanism and Statism, Anarchism and Authoritarianism. I have always been a student of history and a practitioner of political-economic discourse. That accounts for why I am what I am, no matter which ideology I have chosen to suit my social environment at the moment. It is a coping mechanism from my childhood, a way of to adapting and adjusting to living on both sides of the Atlantic. If one wants to psychoanalyze me, research everything there is to know about Ss. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia and Elizabeth Ann Seton, SC of New York and Mary Perkins Ryan of New England. I have always been a New Englander in the spiritual sense.

Looking back at my Catholic high school years with Foresight and my future with Hindsight, I am confident in my assertions that my Catholic Education had prepared me to navigate the political-economic divisions that separate whole nations in the 2020s. The 2020s is but a continuation of what happened earlier in the 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, and 1970s. Personal experience from my Catholic high school years had taught me that every form of political-economic discourse has a universal etiquette and table manners; follow them and one could go anywhere with their politics. My challenge today, as it has always been ten years ago, is how to convey and communicate the many truths and lessons, possibilities and realities that govern the Real World.

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