Remarks on Democratic-Republican Party: “Are There Any Adults Left?”

“The menace of [Jeffersonianism in America] will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of [Jeffersonianism]. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the Individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous [and so old that] he cannot believe it [continues to exist]. The American Mind simply has not [yet] come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst [by the Democratic-Republican Party]. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse [the Neoliberalism] which [will] ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

-Mary Edgar Hoover, Interview with Elks Magazine,
ca. August 1956

I am investigating the key structural weaknesses in the Democratic-Republican Party at the moment. As my American readers of The Fourth Estate should already be aware, the Democratic-Republican Party is split into two parliamentarian parties constituted three Tendencies: Jeffersonians (Bipartisans), Madisonians (Democrats), and Monroeans (Republicans). What they probably do not realize is that the Democratic-Republicans are currently resorting to their old Welfare Capitalist and Workfare Socialist tricks again. I have already seen enough of these tricks to know what they are up to lately.

One of the biggest donors of Kapital to the Party’s coffers, Corporate America, is being targeted in an ongoing Weltanschauungskrieg by the Monroean Faction. It’s old method of theirs from the Reagan Revolution of the 1980s, as evidenced by the US-Japan Trade War which laid the groundwork for the infamous Plaza Accord that later caused the Lost Decades in Japan. What has changed since the 1980s, however, is the growing determination to actually alienate Corporate America. As I write this, the Monroean Faction is alienating Corporate America in order to frame themselves as being more Social-Democratic than the Madisonian Faction. Fortunately, with the Work-Standard, I am now able to argue that Social-Democracy is a Hypersexualized Fascism. It makes the original Italian one look less incompetent and far more rational by comparison. And if anyone still does not believe me: “Are Traps Gay?”

I should inform everyone, regardless of whether they are American or not, that even Corporate America is not monolithic as they would like the Federalist Party to believe. Not every “corporate boardroom member” and “shareholder” is a card-carrying member of either the Monroean Faction, the Madisonian Faction or even the Jeffersonian Bipartisan Faction. Certain elements of Corporate America can be ‘persuaded’ to align themselves with the Federalist Party. The ones that I know would be receptive to such proposals are those who would like for some peace and quiet in the Union. The greater the effectiveness of the Socialization of Young Minds, the greater the immunity against the Liberalization of Young Minds will become overall. Think about it: How many Socially-Minded Capitalists and Nationally-Minded Socialists are there in Corporate America? How many could be convinced to sever all ties with the Democratic-Republican Party in favor of the more respectable and honorable Federalist Party?

As of late, the US Dollar is still the World Reserve Currency despite the Death of Bretton Woods under Nixon. What maintains the US Dollar’s global hegemony is Debt Ceiling being constantly raised so many times and all attempts being made at trying to keep the US National Debt at or below the Debt Ceiling. If the US National Debt exceeds the Debt Ceiling and nobody inside the Democratic-Republican Party decides to actually raise it, we can expect the US Dollar’s global hegemony to collapse, full-blown chaos in the streets of America, and rapid deterioration in the US Standard of Living to something resembling that of most Latin American countries. And even if the Democratic-Republican Party continues to prevent that from happening, they are only delaying the inevitable. Usury also occurs in Negative Interest, explaining why the Federal Reserve continues to slice the Interest Rate like a salami cutter.

Never Forget: The Jeffersonians, Madisonians and Monroeans’ Failure of Imagination began as early as the Korean War. No Peace Treaty has ever been signed by the US to end that “forgotten war.” Barring the Japanese opposition toward Korean Reunification and the Chinese desire to bring the Korean Peninsula into its sphere of influence, why else would the North Koreans be striving to perfect their nuclear weapons capabilities?

Regardless of where the Union is heading, allow me to point out that the Adults are missing. The Democratic-Republican Party is finally running out of ideas and can only afford to reduce America into a lawless, disorderly high school. The current course of US History is indicative of a very slow, painful demise. The moment of decision between the Empire of Liberty and the Federalist American Union is fast approaching and can be expected to come before 2050 if the present post-9/11 trends continue.

Lastly, I thought I should mention that 40 Wall Street (“The Trump Building”) is being investigated. Is it just me or am I beginning to develop an ability to make accurate predictions?

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