Third Place: “Traps Aren’t Gay!”

Most people in the Western world tend to look down on their experiences back at secondary school, believing that their university experiences are far better. Personally, my best experiences were in Catholic high school, where The Work-Standard and the Socialist Student Economy (SSE) were developed in response to ponderings begun back at the Parochial School. My secondary school education was a practical, hands-on political-economic Catholic education. I may have graduated as an average student with honors, but experience has taught me that one’s Graduation is not the same as the Discernment of one’s Vocation in Life. Thus, I continued to retrofit, refine, reflect all of my lessons learned due to their implications in the University and in later political-economic-social life. That is why I am proud of how The Work-Standard and SSE turned out in the end.

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ,
“Patroness of the Schoolgirl and the Jungfrau”

“Education must be concerned not only with studies, but also with whatever may be required for the right ordering of life and requirements of cultivated society.”

“Courage and confidence! I cannot repeat this war-cry too often. We should make it our support in our life of conflict.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ,
“Patroness of the Courageous, the Driven, the Selfless”

“Profit by the little trials that come to you, for through them, we make real progress.”

“Preach by the example of your lives rather than by words. Example is the very best sermon.”

-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

Engineering of Consent: “Social Democracy = Fascism”

“If one starts with the anatomical difference, which even a patriarchal Viennese novelist was able to see was destiny, then one begins to understand why men and women don’t get on very well within marriage, or indeed in any exclusive sort of long-range sexual relationship. He is designed to make as many babies as possible with as many different women as he can get his hands on, while she is designed to take time off from her busy schedule as astronaut or role model to lay an egg and bring up the result. Male and female are on different sexual tracks, and that cannot be changed by the Book or any book. Since all our natural instincts are carefully perverted from birth, it is no wonder that we tend to be, if not all of us serial killers, killers of our own true nature.”

-Gore Vidal, United States: Essays 1952-1992, ca. 1993

There is no such thing as Free Trade Agreements under the Work-Standard because there is no such thing as a Free Lunch under Socialism! That is my rhetorical rebuttal against Reformists favoring Social-Democracy. My Implicit Intent on this peculiar conclusion was articulated on neither Socialistic nor Conservative grounds. When the Socialist and Conservative interpretations of why “Social Democracy = Fascism” proved unsatisfactory for me, I had articulated my arguments against Social Democracy with Social Democracy itself vis-à-vis the Dark Art of Weltanschauungskrieg and found out that Social Democracy is a Hypersexualized Fascism.

Consider the “Social Safety Net” for instance. When the Social Democrat talks about a “Social Safety Net,” what they are essentially advocating is Welfare Capitalism and Workfare Socialism being the two halves of Social Democracy. My financial engineering studies reminded me that the Social Safety Net is designed to ensnare and to entrap people from pursuing true Socialism. Whereas straight up Neoliberalism will turn them into Debt-Slaves, Social Democracy instead turns them into Kapital-Slaves. The Total Mobilization of Production for Profit/Utility is the primordial point of origin for Kapital-Slavery and Debt-Slavery. For Kapital-Slavery is Producerism, whereas Debt-Slavery is Consumerism. What are Producerism and Consumerism?

  • Producerism: Everyone creates Kapital out of Schuld by Borrowing, Taxing, Earning.
  • Consumerism: Everyone creates Schuld out of Kapital by Lending, Spending, Saving.

A Social-Democrat has Kapital Taxes, Kapital Redistribution, Consumer Spending, Government Spending, the Quantities of Kapital and Schuld in Existence, the Interest Rate and the Free Trade.

Social Democracy = Welfare Capitalism + Workfare Socialism

When the Social-Democrat engages in their Hypersexualized Fascism: “Which would you prefer: To give Pain and receive Pleasure [Welfare Capitalism] or to give Pleasure and receive Pain [Workfare Socialism]?”

  • Welfare Capitalism: Are you sexually aroused by Pleasure when the State inflicts Pain on the Totality?
  • Workfare Socialism: Are you sexually aroused by Pain when the State inflicts Pleasure on the Totality?

If you enjoy Welfare Capitalism, you will writhe in orgasm as a Debt-Slave as the State inflicts on the Totality:

  1. High Taxation Rates: You lose Kapital and gain Schuld.
  2. Low Wealth Redistribution: You gain Kapital and lose Schuld.
  3. High Consumer Spending: You lose Kapital and gain Schuld.
  4. Low Government Spending: You gain Kapital and lose Schuld.
  5. High Interest Rates: You lose Kapital and lose Schuld through Currency Appreciation and Death-by-Inaction.
  6. Low Quantity of Kapital: You lose Schuld and lose Kapital.
  7. High Quantity of Schuld: You gain Kapital and gain Schuld.
  8. Low Trade Barriers: You gain Kapital and gain Schuld through High Economic Foreignization.

If you enjoy Workfare Socialism, you are writhing in orgasm as a Kapital-Slave as the State inflicts on the Totality:

  1. Low Taxation Rates: You gain Kapital and lose Schuld.
  2. High Wealth Redistribution: You lose Kapital and gain Schuld.
  3. Low Consumer Spending: You gain Kapital and lose Schuld.
  4. High Government Spending: You gain Schuld and lose Kapital.
  5. Low Interest Rates:  You gain Kapital and gain Schuld through Currency Depreciation and Death-by-Overwork.
  6. High Quantity of Kapital:  You gain Schuld and gain Kapital.
  7. Low Quantity of Schuld: You lose Schuld and lose Kapital.
  8. High Trade Barriers: You lose Kapital and lose Schuld through High Economic Foreignization.

“[Always beware that under Neoliberalism, we] are all Prostitutes [to the Social-Democrats] in a certain sense or another, ethically, if not sexually.”  

-Gore Vidal, From “Best of Enemies Official Trailer,” ca. 2015

Everyone who has read my writings on The Fourth Estate and remains unsure as to why I am against Welfare Capitalism and Workfare Socialism, there is my Implicit Intent. If one is still not convinced, please watch the 2005 documentary, Giuliani Time from 47:30-1:07:50. The documentary takes its name from the phrase “It’s Giuliani Time,” referring to an incident of Police Brutality where somebody in 1990s New York got sexually Sodomized with a broomstick.

Also, in Guiliani Time, there’s a woman who was subconsciously alluding to my Work-Standard and a man who was subconsciously alluding to the Hitlerists’ “Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Will Set You Free),” which is the Motto of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

The woman claimed that when Rudy Giuliani was the NYC Mayor in the 1990s, he had developed his economic policies of NYC from those of Newt Gingrich, who was the Speaker of the House during the Clinton Administration. She spoke at 55:30-56:30 about how in 1990s NYC there was:

  1. Low Quality of Arbeit (Antithesis of Work-Standard’s High Quality of Arbeit)
  2. High Quality of Geld (Antithesis of Work-Standard’s Low Quality of Geld)
  3. High Attrition Rate (High Currency Depreciation and thus High Prices)
  4. Meaningless Work (No Opportunities for Transvaluation of All Arbeit)
  5. No Mechanization Rate (Fractional-Reserve Banking System)
  6. 6,000,000-8,000,000 Debt-Slaves and Kapital-Slaves

The man who said “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free) appears at 59:10-59:30. Onscreen was “Jason Turner, Commissioner / Human Resources Administration.” Since when did New York City and Wall Street become Auschwitz? Let those two serve as my metaphysical references for:

Social Democracy = Welfare Capitalism + Workfare Socialism

“Modern technology easily becomes the servant of this or that want and need. In modern economy, a completely irrational consumption conforms to a totally rationalized production. A marvelously rational mechanism serves one or another demand, always with the same earnestness and precision, be it for a silk blouse or poison gas or anything whatsoever. Economic rationalism has accustomed itself to deal only with certain needs and to acknowledge only those it can ‘satisfy.’ In the modern metropolis, it has erected an edifice wherein everything runs strictly according to plan— everything is calculable. A devout Catholic, precisely following his own rationality, might well be horrified by this system of irresistible materiality.”

Carl Schmitt, Roman Catholicism and Political Form, ca. 1923

Engineering of Consent: “Third Way, Third Camp, Third Position”

Only the Third Way, Third Camp and Third Position Triangulate because all three are the most receptive political-economic ideologies to “Neither Left nor Right.”
What the Third Way, Third Camp, and Third Position appear to me. Which one is the “Father,” which one is the “Son,” and which one is the “Spirit?”

“We need constant thinking from our youth and not just any thinking but a serious and thorough reworking of the great circumstances in the present World Economy and World Politics [supported by] hard data and historical evidence. We cannot solve [any political questions] if we do not know exactly how it relates immediately to the political combinations in England, Russia, and America, and [elsewhere beyond the] knowledge of practical relations. [Any] advancement [in World Economy and World Politics] depends on our foreign diplomatic methods, as is the case in the fields of [Socialist Financial Technology] and [Economic Socialization].”

-Oswald Spengler, Political Duties to German Youth, ca. 1924

Since New York City joined the Third World through Social-Democracy in the 1990s, I should also remind everyone that the rest of these United States are ipso facto included in this emerging “Third World.” Now, what do I mean by the Third World exactly?

The Third World refers to three specific political ideologies which overheard the beckoning calls of “Neither Left nor Right”: Third Way, Third Camp, Third Position. To identify the Third Position, we need to identify the Third Way and the Third Camp to figure out why this is relevant to two people I had cited in the Guiliani Time documentary. Anyone who chooses a Third World-related Ideology must choose either the Third Way, the Third Camp or else the Third Position. Choose one and the other two must be rejected outright because, to the Totalities of every nation-state within the Third World at the legal end of World War II, Harry Truman (Third Way), Leon Trotsky (Third Camp), and Adolf Hitler (Third Position) were already considered as metaphysical roadblocks in 1990. Personally, as a political scientist, the Third Way, the Third Camp and the Third Position are the only political-economic ideologies on Earth capable of claiming themselves as spiritual heirs to the historical Typus of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party.

Let’s start with the Third Way, which is the most accessible of the three due to its relationship with Neoliberalism. I know for a fact that the Third Way arose in the 1990s and there are some who have tried Triangulating a political-economic ideology that is “neither Left nor Right.” There are only two Americans from the Third Way who had tried to claim Hamiltonianism in recent American history: Michael Lind and Newt Gingrich.

Lind and Gingrich are both Madisonian Federalists who have tried to claim Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism for the Third Way. For Lind, there’s “A New Hamiltonianism”; for Gingrich, there’s “David Brooks Gives Newt Gingrich the Kiss of Death”.

Next, the Third Camp has increasingly become relevant in the 1990s in response to the fall of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc as well as the prevalence of Dengism in the People’s Republic of China. Some have tried to Triangulate a political-economic orientation beyond Left and Right, Center and Independent. There are only two people from I consider from the Third Camp who have tried to Hamiltonianism in recent American history: Richard Wolff and Christian Parenti.

For Wolff, there’s “Why We Need to Democratize Wealth—The U.S. Capitalist Model Breeds Selfishness and Resentment”; for Parenti, there’s “What We Still Get Wrong About Alexander Hamilton.”

This leaves the Third Position as the most ambiguous of the three. Personally, if I had to choose which Americans in US History who I consider to as exhibiting the characteristics of the Third Position, ought to be Gore Vidal and Richard Alan Clarke. Those two are no doubt in the Third Position because both men have never gotten along with the Democratic-Republican Party and neither man has been on good terms with the Jeffersonians ever since the 9/11 Attacks. Vidal knew that the Democratic-Republican Party survives as two Parliamentarian parties, whereas Clarke always wrote his post-9/11 memoirs and novels as if he was summoning the Federalist American Union–the Federal government existing Beyond Good and Evil–in the metaphysical sense.

“We cannot change our character, it is true, as easily as we change our clothes. It is the Arbeit of a lifetime. It is achieved with the grace of God and constant [Total Educational Effort].”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ

“So much Geld goes through our hands every day, it is such a pity if it goes to waste. Don’t let it. Live a life that, in the midst of material details, is quiet, rich, thoughtful and [meaningful].”

-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

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