“Only a God Can Save Us”

“Allein die göttliche Wahrheit macht frei. Die Ursache für den Widerstand gegen die Wahrheit” (The Truth Alone Will Set You Free. The Cause of Resisting the Truth).

“As long as Freedom has not bound itself definitively to its ultimate good which is God, there is the possibility of choosing between Good and Evil, and thus of growing in perfection or of failing and sinning. This Freedom characterizes properly human acts. It is the basis of praise or blame, merit or reproach.

The more one does what is good, the freer one becomes. There is no true Freedom except in the service of what is good and just. The choice to disobey and do evil is an abuse of Freedom and leads to ‘the slavery of sin.’”


“Neither Violence nor Power of the Purse fashion the Universe / Ethical Action, Spiritual Force may reshape the World’s Course”

Thanks to your efforts and after finishing my reading of Mary Perkins Ryan’s 1971 treatise, We’re All in This Together, I am now proud to announce to that I have just cracked the metaphysical secret on how to realize the Synthesis of Nationalism and Socialism as a Unity of Opposites for any nation-state on Earth.

It all began with me arguing that Vladimir Lenin was not a Marxist but the 20th century personification of Zarathustra from Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” Nothing will dissuade me from continuing to insist that because “International Socialism” had died early on in the Cold War and because Neoliberalism also rendered it obsolete through Globalization in the 1970s, “National Socialism” is now the geopolitical norm for all Socialist nations and all other Nations still trying to liberate themselves from Neoliberalism. Everyone is free to believe whatever they want, Bogumil, but these are the historical conditions which define the reality we are living in.

The 20th century never ended at the dawn of the 21st century. Humanity is still being forced by world history itself to relive the 20th century again and again because we had never properly understood the worldwide implications of choosing National Socialism over Liberal Capitalism. No nation-state is ever going to achieve its own National Communism without first realizing its own National Socialism, and that is an endeavor which in turn demands Socialist Patriotism to realize the Ennoblement of Mankind. Everything finally became apparent to me in my latest Blog post and discovering this fascinating book review from India.

Third Place: Student Cooperatives and the 600-Ship Navy (Pt. I of II): (https://fourthestatepolicy.com/2021/11/28/preview-of-third-place-student-cooperatives-and-the-600-ship-navy-pt-ii-of-ii-2/)

Kita Ikki and the Making of Modern Japan: A Vision of Empire: (https://www.japansociety.org.uk/review?review=65)

“The metaphysics behind the ‘Prussian Socialism’ described by Oswald Spengler in “Prussianism and Socialism” and the ‘Prussian Socialism’ described by Arthur Moeller van den Bruck in “Das Dritte Reich” may seem similar on paper, but they are both diametrically different if applied in actual practice

The same case also applies for German Socialism, given the ‘Pan-Germanic Socialism’ of Rudolf Jung in Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.) and the “National Bolshevism” of Karl Otto Paetel in National Bolshevik Manifesto.

A Hegelian Synthesis of those four reveals an ethical dilemma posed by the distinctly Japanese, yet thoroughly Germanic premise, of “Kokutairon Oyobi Junsui Shakaishugi” (The National Polity and Pure Socialism) from 1906. As I had learned from Kita Ikki and reapplied his experiences to Spengler, van den Bruck, Jung and Paetel, there is an Ethical Way to Combine Nationalism and Socialism and an Unethical Way to Combine Nationalism and Socialism. The real challenge, the ethical dilemma, is knowing the difference between Patriotism and Chauvinism.

Just as the Socialists must learn how to distinguish between Nationalism and Internationalism, the Nationalists must learn how to distinguish between Patriotism and Chauvinism. There is in fact a fundamental difference between a Patriotic Nationalism and Patriotic Internationalism on the one hand and a “Chauvinist Internationalism” and “Chauvinist Nationalism” on the other.

Knowing these subtle differences should always be the first rule for anyone convinced of the feasibility of a Synthesis between Nationalism and Socialism. This particular ethical dilemma, associated with the concept of Socialist Patriotism, deserves the fitting title of the Inequality of the Socialisms: no world order will ever be realized by a trigger-happy student body with short fuses and fully-automatic weapons, invading other countries just to impose their own interpretation of Socialism on the youths of other nations. Any student, parent, schoolteacher or youth leader condoning or tolerating such behavior should be condemned as a national disgrace.”

God bless the well-bred, well-disciplined, well-trained and daring youths who all know how to properly synthesize Nationalism, Socialism, and Democracy of any nation-state into the greatest and sincerest forms of Socialist Patriotism ever devised. Woe to the Nationalist youth who failed to grasp the finer distinctions between Patriotism and Chauvinism. Woe to the Socialist youth who failed to grasp the finer distinctions between Nationalism and Internationalism. They must know the Truth because only the Truth will set us free from Neoliberalism.


“Jesus then said to those Jews who believed in him, ‘If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.‘”

They answered him, “We are descendants of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How can you say, ‘You will become free’?

Jesus answered them, “Amen, amen, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin. A slave does not remain in a household forever, but a son always remains. So if a son frees you, then you will truly be free. I know that you are descendants of Abraham. But you are trying to kill me, because my word has no room among you. I tell you what I have seen in the Father’s presence; then do what you have heard from the Father.”

-John 8:31-32, New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE)

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