Third Place: Visualizing Federalist Party’s “Eternal Divergence” for American Catholics

Historical bonds are those bonds that were once valid obligations of American entities but are now worthless as securities, are quickly becoming a favorite tool of scam artists [and for our purposes, Madisonian Federalists]. Here are several things that you should know about them:

Although all sorts of historical bonds are collected and traded, historical railroad bonds comprise most of the bonds used to perpetrate fraud. Historical railroad bonds commonly used by scam artists include those issued by the Chicago, Saginaw, and Canada Railroad Co., the East Alabama and Cincinnati Railroad Co., the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad Co., the Galveston, Houston & Henderson Railroad Co. and the Richmond, and York River Railroad Co. These railroad bonds are but a few of the 12,000 to 15,000 varieties of historical railroad bonds that are known to exist. Non-railroad historical bonds commonly used by scam artists include bonds issued by the Noonday Mining Co.

  • Confidence Artist [Con Artist]: “Historical bonds are payable in gold.”
  • US Treasury Department [US Treasury]: “Historical bonds are not payable in gold.”

Historical bonds are not valid obligations. Even if they were valid obligations, they would not be payable in gold because gold clauses in bonds issued before 1977 are unenforceable in U.S. courts. Adams v. Burlington Northern R.R. Co., 80 F.3d 1377, 1380 (9th Cir. 1996)(26K TXT file, uploaded 9/28/98); 31 U.S.C. § 5118(d)(2) (2.5K TXT file, uploaded 09/28/1998).

  • Con Artist: “Historical bonds are backed by the Treasury Department.”
  • US Treasury: “Historical bonds are not and have never been backed by us.”

While historical bonds often have the words “United States of America” printed on them, these references were merely to identify the bonds as issued by entities located in the United States. Nowhere on historical bonds are there any statements that the bonds are issued or backed by us or any other part of the United States Government. Only in limited and well-known circumstances have we guaranteed obligations issued by private parties, for example, the bonds issued by the Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980s.

  • Con Artist: “The Treasury Department has established a federal sinking fund to retire historical bonds.”
  • US Treasury: “There is no federal sinking fund to retire historical bonds.”

As these historical bonds were neither issued nor backed by us or any other part of the United States Government, it would be patently absurd to suggest that we would establish a sinking fund to retire these historical bonds.

  • Con Artist: “Historical bonds can be used in high-yield investment ‘trading program’ sanctioned by any, some, or all the following entities: the International Chamber of Commerce (‘ICC’), the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve Board, a Federal Reserve Bank, and the Treasury Department.”
  • US Treasury: “There are no such ‘trading programs,’ and none of these entities ever sanctions or regulates such private investment activity. For example, the IMF has issued a warning about financial schemes misusing its name.”
  • Con Artist: “Funds in, or some proceeds from, these high-yield trading programs go to humanitarian purposes or infrastructure development projects that are approved by the United Nations, the World Bank, or the Treasury Department.”
  • US Treasury: “There are no such ‘trading programs’ or ‘high-yield investment programs.’”
“The scam artist’s use of humanitarian or infrastructure development theme is a trick to (1) Make the investor want to believe that the trading programs are real and (2) Make the investor believe that they could be helping a Third World [Ideology] by forking over their Geld [in exchange for Gold-as-Kapital].
  • Con Artist: Historical bond trading programs yield high rates of return through the buying and selling of ‘debenture’ or ‘medium term notes’ supposedly issued by ‘prime’ or ‘top’ European or ‘World’ banks.
  • US Treasury: Officials of leading European banks, including Barclays Bank, have denied any participation in such programs and there is no evidence that the market for such instruments exists as described by scam artists.
“Scam artists are selling historical bonds to unsophisticated investors at inflated prices far exceeding their fair value as collectibles. They often use third-party valuations, which state that the bonds are worth millions or billions of dollars each. These valuations or authentications, which are often referred to as ‘hypothecated’ or ‘hypothetical,’ are bogus. A typical valuation will falsely overstate the value of these bonds by assuming erroneously that, despite the unenforceability of the gold clauses contained in the bonds, and the defunct and bankrupt status of most of the bonds’ issuers, some person or entity is obligated to redeem the bonds in gold bullion. See SEC v. Gerald A. Dobbins et al., No. 98-229 (findings on order to show cause re: preliminary injunction; valuations of historical bonds held to be ‘misstatements’).

Scam artists using such valuations may also make the false assertion that while perhaps not payable today in Gold or in [even Kapital for that matter], the bonds are used in high-yield trading programs in the United States, Offshore and in Europe. As stated above, there are no such trading programs. In several cases, the third parties issuing the valuations appear to be working in conjunction with the scam artists. All these false assertions have been used to defraud investors into paying as much as $150,000 for historical bonds that regularly trade for $25.

Mary Perkins Ryan’s Class Struggle for American Catholic Education!

Many of our Cassandras were ignored because they weren’t considered personally compelling by decision makers. There was something ‘wrong’ with them, and this subjective judgment biased decision makers against looking more closely at the Cassandras’ evidence. The analysts at the SEC made a biased snap judgment about Harry Markopolos. Based on the fervor of Markopolos’s argument, his paranoid demeanor, and the fact that he worked for a Madoff competitor, he was immediately assessed by SEC personnel as self-interested, slightly unhinged, and ultimately not trustworthy. They ignored his well-evidenced complaint, in part because of a subjective personal bias that blinded them to the objective, data-driven proof that Bernie Madoff had stolen billions of dollars. Respect for authority is another heuristic. Trust in hierarchy can interfere with accurate decision making and become a bias. In the Bernie Madoff example, it prevented the junior employees at the SEC from thoroughly investigating a highly respected denizen of the business community.

Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Blonde Bestie”

These cognitive biases are so much a part of who we are that many of the most successful hedge-fund managers realize that such mental filters can cost them hundreds of millions of dollars in trading errors. Many of them study cognitive biases to identify such flaws in their own behavior, hiring psychologists to assess them, as well as their trades, for decisions influenced by biases that occlude rational, factual analysis. MI5, the UK equivalent of the FBI, has followed a similar practice. During periods of intense stress that increase cognitive overload, such as terrorist attacks and hostage crises, MI5 assigns a psychologist to the command team to warn of incipient bias-based decision-making errors.”

-Richard Alan Clarke and R. P. Eddy, Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes, ca. 2017

Remember the Hamiltonian Jungfrau from Part II of “The Secret Deployments?” He is the one who had also helped me neutralize three things preventing Pan-Germanic Socialism from being properly articulated, let alone rationalized within Alexander Hamilton’s America: “Anti-Catholicism,” “Antisemitism,” and “Anti-Slavism.” Like American Jews and Americans of any other religious faith, American Catholics need to be reassured that the Catholic faith will be accommodated within the UFSE through the Total Educational Effort of Mary Perkins Ryan.

American Polish Catholics, American Czech Catholics and American Jews need to be reassured because they ought to realize:

As part of his Personal Discretion Autopsy, he performs an excision of three Solidarity Traps called “Anti-Catholicism,” “Antisemitism,” and “Anti-Slavism.” He must excise these three Solidarity Traps, otherwise failure to do so attracts suspicion and possible retaliation from Roman Catholic, Jewish, and Eastern European youths, which will no doubt be a death sentence for the Jungfrau. With the Solidarity Traps removed, the Jungfrau excises the Solidarity Preferences of Pan-Germanism from both Young Carl and Young Rudolf, inserting the “Solidarity Preferences and Solidarity Traps of Jewish National Socialism” to complete the Figure of Pan-Germanic Socialism.

Beware that neutralization of Rudolf Jung’s Solidarity Preferences and Solidarity Traps as a Pan-Germanic Socialist can only be done with the DHFL! Only then can I finally begin to recognize him as having originated from the same German People’s Community in Czechia as St. Johann Neumann. His Excellency was well-known in US History for having condemned these Jeffersonian Secret Societies among German-American Protestants who later joined their American counterparts’ Anti-Catholicism and Anti-Germanism.

To recap everything discussed, here is what the Jungfrau started as:
Typus of Young Alexander + Typus of Young Patrick → Figure of Hamiltonianism
Young Alexander ⇌ Typus of Alexander Hamilton
Young Patrick ⇌ Typus of Patrick Henry

What the Jungfrau encountered at Barry Goldwater’s Goldwasser Department Store:
Typus of Young Carl + Typus of Young Rudolf → Figure of Pan-Germanic Socialism
Young Carl ⇌ Typus of Carl Gustav Jung
Young Rudolf ⇌ Typus of Rudolf Jung

Evaluating the Jungfrau’s handiwork with the DHFL, here is what he has to show for:
Typus of Young Carl (NZ) + Typus of Young Rudolf (JS) → “Jewish National Socialism”
NZ + JS ← “Jewish National Socialism”
NZ = Nietzschean Zionism
JS = Jewish Socialism

If the Jungfrau succeeds in removing those three Solidarity Traps, this is what he resembles to people like Barry Goldwater: Hannah Arendt.

This is of course a refinement of those older techniques that I had recovered from Arendt’s “Missing Treasures” concept from The Human Condition and On Revolution, where older, traditional values are always at risk of being lost and forgotten in the State of Total Mobilization.
“It’s Heinz Guderian Time!”

In the Federalist American Union, the Federalist Party must be aware that American Catholic Education cannot be allowed to create its own SSE within the UFSE (Unified Federalist Student Economy). When brought into the State of Total Mobilization through Mary Perkins Ryan’s Total Educational Effort, American Catholic Education’s post-1945 contradictions will cause American Catholic Education to shatter, broken up into two opposing halves of Catholic America. The best way to comprehend this is to image two large, opposing all-girl Catholic high schools sparking a Class Struggle to redefine the Authentic Dasein of American Catholic Education.

For these considerations, the Jungfrau from Part II of “The Secret Deployments” has been replaced by a Jungfrau who is in actuality a Henryist Anti-Federalist. Before proceeding to Part III, the Henryist Anti-Federalist will need to be replaced by the Hamiltonian Federalist Jungfrau from Part II as a Class Struggle between two opposing Mistress-Types of Catholic Schoolgirls that the Student Government of UFSE should be referring to as the “Neumann Knights and Newman Vikings.”

Neumann Knights + Newman Vikings Class Struggle of Bishop Neumann and Cardinal Newman!

Bishop Neumann ⇌ Typus of Bishop St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann, CSsR of Bohemia
Cardinal Newman ⇌ Typus of Cardinal St. John Henry Newman, CO of West Midlands

Note: This Statue of Bishop Neumann is to be found in Czechia, not America!
Note: This Statue of Cardinal Newman is in England, not America!

“Thus we find two great economic principles opposed to each other in the modern world. The [Newman] Viking has become a [Madisonian Federalist]; the [Neumann] Knight is now an [Hamiltonian Federalist]. There can be no Reconciliation. Each of these principles is proclaimed by a German people, [American Catholics] par excellence. Neither can accept a restriction of its [Will-to-Power], and neither can be satisfied until the [Catholic Church] has succumbed to its particular Idea. This being the case, [the Class Struggle] will be waged until one side [controls American Catholic Education]. Is [the UFSE] to be [led by Bishop Neumann or Cardinal Newman]? Are the [Schoolgirls supposed] to be [Secular] billionaires or [Catholic] administrators? Shall the population of [Catholic America], so long as [the UFSE pulls itself] together, be subjected to Cartels and Trusts, or to [Roman Catholics] such as those envisioned in the closing pages of von Goethe’s Faust, Part II? Truly, the destiny of the [American Catholic Education] is at stake.”

-Oswald Spengler, Prussianism and Socialism, ca. 1919
The following are passages from Rudolf Jung’s Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.), all of which are relevant to the First Place, the Second Place and the Third Place. Note that Jung’s Cognitive Biases emerge at the Third Place, as do evidence of Madisonian Federalists. Not all Madisonian Federalists are of the same political-economic ideology and may in fact be alleged “enemies.” When facing Hamiltonianism, the Madisonian Federalists will no doubt align themselves with the Democratic-Republican Party against the Federalist Party.

Neumann contra Newman: On the Arbeit and Geld of Catholic Housewives

“Women were counted as self-employed and as workers in many different professions. In the main they were involved in the weaving and tailoring trades, in baking, in furriery, in decorative metalwork, in the bar trade, in shopkeeping, and in letting rooms. As workers one encountered them partly in the workshop, and partly in Heimarbeit [Read: ‘Homework’]. They had to learn their trade just as the men did. Women’s work had also arisen out of the old manorial system, where they had been active in their own fields under their own master craftswomen.

Even the scientific professions were by no means closed to women in those days. Above all they could be found in medicine. The Salerno College was home to a number of renowned female doctors in the 11th and 12th centuries, and 15 could be found in Frankfurt am Main between 1389-1497.

Only with the decline of the guilds did resistance against female employment emerge, suppressing it completely by the 18th century.

One thing should not be left unmentioned: personal hygiene. It is highly indicative of a peoples’ cultural level. The bathroom now played a major role in medieval life. The old Germanics had always loved bathing – both cold and warm. Among the seven perfections of knightly education, mention of it is made as follows: ‘The second which a perfect knight must love: he must know how to swim and dive, how to turn from his belly to his back.’

Journeymen received their own Badgeld [Read: ‘Bathing Money’] what is today typically known as a ‘Tip.’ The earlier closing times on Saturdays and before public holidays like the Blue Monday reserved time for bathing. Bathhouses for schoolchildren were heated on Thursdays. In the 14th century, Basel had 15 bathhouses, Vienna 29, etc. The poor generally had open-air pools at their disposal, for which numerous endowments were established. If one considers that, when the German Reich in 1905 was marching along at the peak of ‘culture and civilization,’ there were 1,092 towns of over 3,000 inhabitants without any public space for a warm bath, then one gets the right idea about these dark and backward Middle Ages!

Bathing only began to decline in the 16th century. The primary cause was that forests had been wrested from local communities, causing timber prices to rise immeasurably. In this way the bathroom became a luxury which only the rich could afford to indulge themselves in. Adding to this was the fear of that venereal disease which was devastating Europe for the first time following America’s discovery, and which the Germans called ‘French,’ the French ‘Italian,’ the Poles ‘German,’ the Russians ‘Polish,’ and which the Turks named the ‘Christian disease.’”

-Rudolf Jung, Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.), ca. 1921-1922

Neumann contra Newman: On the Gold Standard and Bretton Woods

“Metal currency is an old institution. It mediated the exchange of goods as far back as Babylon, Athens, Rome, Carthage, etc. It is virtually the only State institution which has survived unaltered over untold centuries. As old as it is, its true nature has not yet been deeply illuminated. What the Babylonians said about it is still being ruminated over by the supposedly infinitely wiser peoples of the 20th century: ‘Toward gold throng all, to gold cling all, yes all!’

Germanic legend professed that [Gold-as-Kapital] is laden with a curse; murder and violent acts of all kind are bound to it; streams of blood have flowed on its account across every age, from antiquity to the present day, and yet – we have not illuminated its nature any more deeply than did our ancestors, and today we are still as wise as we ever were.

[There are] [t]wo things [which] are interlinked with [the Gold Standard] in such a way that they virtually constitute its essence [as the Bretton Woods System]: the belief in its ‘Intrinsic Value’ and the ‘Interest’ that it extorts.”

In these early periods there was still an almost entirely natural economy; borrowers back then were poor people, so lending was thus held to be an expression of [Roman Catholic] charity. The Crusades brought about a complete transformation in circumstances and also in outlook. Trade developed, and alongside the natural economy the monetary-economy appeared. With it arose bonds for the purposes of production. Merchants borrowed money in order to be able to trade. Here even the Catholic Church did not preclude the charging of interest, since it was actually a case of profit-sharing rather than risk-free lending. Medieval trade yielded huge profits. One should not forget, however, the dangers under which it developed.

The merchant not only put his fortune, merchandise, and vehicle – whether ship or wagon – on the line, but also his life. He was threatened by wind and weather, by footpads, highwaymen, and pirates. Whoever did business in those days had to be of hardier stock, and had to make up his will before every journey. Added to this was the tremendous loss of time brought about by transportation along miserable roads or by cockleshells at sea, not to mention the modest quantity of goods which could be transported in a single trip. Large profits were justifiable here. A distinction was also made between risk-free lending against fixed interest, which was branded as usury, and loans for profit-sharing, which spoke for a higher stage of maturity of folk-economic knowledge. The participation of two partners in a business was usually arranged in such a way that one advanced ⅔ of the necessary money, while the other put forward ⅓ and invested his labor into the enterprise. They divided the profits equally.”

The [Liberal Capitalist], however, had become active not only within individuals, but also in entire races. The descendants of the Romans in particular, the Italians, were among its leading representatives. They took 66-125% interest for larger sums, and up to 270% for smaller ones; they were thus the true cut-throats. Various monetary terms, such as ‘Lombard’, 29 ‘discount’, and the like, are of Italian origin. All of the Catholic Church’s prohibitions on interest were fruitless; an easy profit was far too appealing. The daring merchant of yore was increasingly displaced by the usurer. One would not be mistaken in linking this phenomenon, which was particularly evident within Italy, with the suppression of the thinly-sown [Blonde Bestie]!”

Neumann contra Newman: On Madisonian Harbingers of Vietnam Syndrome

His Eminence
Francis Joseph Spellman
(“Cardinal Money-Bags,” Archbishop of New York)

“A second genus of bourgeoisie, [Madisonians like Cardinal Spellman], represent democracy [under] the rule of the moneybags. Consequently they have always been the most faithful shield-bearers for [Jeffersonian] in its craving for world domination, which is too cowardly to assert its demands openly and hence hides itself away behind all kinds of protective barriers. In our case it is “freedom” which is raised as the shield. The essence of this “freedom,” however, consists only of the freedom for [Jeffersonians] not to be insulted, while under the protection of its shield-bearers it reserves for itself the full freedom at any time to smear and belittle at its discretion anything which does not suit it, as well as the freedom to wear down and contaminate its host society both spiritually and physically. Economically the bourgeois-democrats are representatives of the Golden International, morally they are champions of the [Jeffersonian] spirit, and politically they are the standard-bearers of Englishness upon [US] soil.”

Earl Browder of the CPUSA’s Popular Front with Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Gus Hall of the CPUSA’s Unpopular Front with Ronald Reagan
Note: Reagan never left the Democratic-Republican Party

“The Social-Democrats – or, in order to cover every group, the [Marxist-Lutherans like Earl Browder and Gus Hall of the CPUSA] – although declaring themselves to be [Federalists] are [in actuality exploiting American Socialist Patriotism as Chauvinists like James Madison vis-à-vis ‘Bill of Rights Socialism’]. As grounds for this assertion they put forward the claim that all their thoughts and energies are directed towards the economic advancement of the broad masses of the population and towards the elimination of that which is hostile towards them, [Neoliberalism]. There might be something to be said for this assertion if they were truly serious about capitalism’s overthrow. But there can be no question of that, for the Marxist never, ever fights [effectively] against [Kapital], which is truly harmful and is concentrated primarily in [Jeffersonian] hands.”

-Rudolf Jung, Der nationale Sozialismus (2nd Ed.), ca. 1921-1922
“Let’s keep up our Quality of Arbeit, Ladies!”

“‘The cartel is a drug, the trust is an elixir.’”

-Hjalmar Schacht, Confessions of the Old Wizard, ca. 1956

“Perfect purity is possible if you turn your life into a line of poetry written with a splash of blood.”

-Yukio Mishima, Runaway Horses, ca. 1969
Note: The Signature belongs to the late Paul O’Neill, who was the Treasury Secretary of the Bush 43 Administration between 9/11 and the Iraq War.

There is a time in life of every American girl when the most important thing in the world is to be one of the crowd of the other girls and to act an speak and dress exactly as they do. This is the teen age.

Some 6,000,000 US teenage girls live in a world of their own – a lovely, gay, enthusiastic, funny and blissful society almost untouched by [the Total Educational Effort]. It is a world of sweaters and skirts and bobby sox and loafers, if hair worn long, of eye-glass rims painted red with nail polish, of high-school boys [who have not yet joined the Total Educational Effort]. It is a world still devoted to parents who are pals even if they use telephone too much. It is a world of Vergil’s Aeneid, second-year French and plane geometry, of class plays, field hockey, ‘moron’ jokes and put-on accent. It is a world of slumber parties and the [Virgin Mary Cosplay Parade], of peanut butter and popcorn and the endless collecting of menus and match covers and little stuffed animals.”

-Nina Leen, “Teen-Age Girls: They Live in a Wonderful World of Their Own,” From LIFE Magazine, ca. December 11, 1944

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