Third Place: The Secret Deployments of Our 1%! (Pt. III of V)

Being-Towards-Death: Vietnam Syndrome

“For the Anarch, things are not so simple, especially when he has a background in history. If he remains free of being ruled, whether by sovereigns or by society, this does not mean that he refuses to serve in any way. In general, he serves no worse than anyone else, and sometimes even better, if he likes the game. He only holds back from the pledge, the sacrifice, the ultimate devotion.”

-Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil, ca. 1977

One of the oddities about the “United States Department of Defense,” formerly known as the Department of War, is the constant wardrobe changes of the US military throughout World War II, from 1939 to 1990. The trend never ended after World War II, as evidenced by the constant appearances and disappearances of various US military uniforms. I have lost count of exactly how many uniforms that Jeffersonian presidencies have introduced and phased out throughout the late 20th century and into the New 20th Century, the early 21st century. It is only in the 2020s that there has been a renewed interest by DOD to consider readopting the former US military officer’s regalia widely propagated in photographs of well-known generals from World War II.    

In the true Federal government, the one that exists beyond Good and Evil, the US Armed Forces of the Federalist American Union embody the aesthetics of Heroic Realism. It is possible to expect similar weapons, equipment, vehicles and other machinery to be existing for those familiar to them, assuming they are serving or have served in the US Armed Force. What separates the Federalist Party (“Department of War”) from the Democratic-Republican Party (“Department of Defense”) are the Socialist Conceptions of Freedom and Equality in relation to the United States Constitution.

The Inequality of the Socialisms can also be discerned from the Conclusion of The Work-Standard, wherein the Federalist Party’s “Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism” will never be the same as the Democratic-Republican Party’s “Madisonian Federalist Socialism” because of the Eternal Divergence within the Federalist Party. A Marxist-Lutheran cannot tell the difference; a Nietzschean-Leninist will.

  • The Hamiltonian Federalist favors the Preamble.
  • The Madisonian Federalist favors the Bill of Rights.

The clothes do in fact define the Federalist Party’s Figure of the Frontline Soldier (FS) and the likewise for the Democratic-Republican Party’s “Figure of the Ground Infantryman” (GI). The “Ground Infantryman” suffers from an Inauthentic Dasein to call his own, a discernible characteristic that is the absolute opposite of the Frontline Soldier, as evidenced by the GI’s constant wardrobe changes, the pettiness of certain medals and awards for mere participation, and the cases of fraudulent impersonation of the GI by others for Kapital. In the US History, the distinctions between the Frontline Soldier and the Ground Infantryman occurred between the 1940s and 1960s, with the 1950s being their real Point of Contention within everyday civilian life. Consider this following photo of these two Jeffersonian GIs of the 1940s-1960s:

Going by the aesthetics, I can infer that the Jeffersonian GI on the left, wielding an M1 Carbine, is from 1943-1945. The other Jeffersonian GI, his M16A1 slung over his right shoulder, is from 1965-1967. That Jeffersonian GI on the right later became an increasingly rare sight in Vietnam War-era photographs and films between January 31, 1968 and April 30, 1975. Later Vietnam War-era photographs and films depict American male youths (around 17-25 years of age) embodying aspects of the Counterculture like longer hairstyles and facial hair, reversing the previous trend of the “cleanshaven GI” from the early 20th century. The exact timing of these photos and films coincided neatly with the Counterculture Student Protests and the Death of Bretton Woods. Even more significant is the OECD-Type Student Economy turning the national educational systems of the Western Bloc countries and these United States into Totalitarian dictatorships in response to the 1960s Counterculture. The US Armed Forces and the Western Bloc countries eventually became all-volunteer forces compensating their lack of manpower with expensive, impractical weapons, equipment, vehicles, and aircraft.

My Explicit Intent in mentioning these stark differences is to help the Reader familiarize themselves with the “Vietnam Syndrome” as a metaphysical roadblock against the Total Educational Effort. The concept of military conscription and work-conscription as it is advocated within The Work-Standard cannot be achieved the Federalist Party and the Socialist world order without first combating “Vietnam Syndrome.”

Truly, “Vietnam Syndrome” marks the Point of Contention between the Hamiltonian Figure of the Frontline Soldier and the “Jeffersonian Figure of the Ground Infantryman.” The former is more acclimated to the State of Total Mobilization, whereas the latter is from the State of Natural Rights. What separates the opposing Figures is the Socialist Student Economy and the OECD-Type Student Economy and how well their Student Government prepared the Student Body for the Draft. A good way to comprehend this is to imagine them as Catholic Schoolboys fresh out of high school and receiving the Draft Card. Their Catholic high school sweethearts, like them, attend two different all-girl Catholic high schools.

The girlfriend of the Figure of the Frontline Soldier is the Neumann Knight, a Catholic Schoolgirl from “St. Johann Nepomuk Neumann Catholic High School for Girls.”
The girlfriend of the Figure of the Ground Infantryman is the Newman Viking, a Catholic Schoolgirl from “St. John Henry Newman Catholic High School for Girls.”  

What separates two Catholic Schoolgirls, besides their boyfriends and these two European Roman Catholic Saints, is the Eternal Divergence between Hamiltonian Federalism and Madisonian Federalism that emerged in the dense rainforests, rice paddies, and overcrowded cities of Vietnam, another Roman Catholic nation-state split between North and South, in 1965.

The Neumann Knight is a Hamiltonian Federalist driven by the “superficial profundity” of Challenge and Duty. The Figure of the Frontline Soldier, in his letters to the Neumann Knight, described the glories and vainglories of the Vietnam War. Whether he supports or opposes the conflict is irrelevant; “his alleged opposition to the Vietnam Waris in actuality his genuine support for the Vietnam War.”

“‘A man must be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it.’”

The Figure of the Frontline Soldier carries one of the few remaining Browning Automatic Rifles in service. In one letter, he wrote about that time he shot an PAVN youth about the same age as him. The PAVN youth’s satchel contained a black and white photograph of his girlfriend from Hanoi, his blood obscuring her face. During that rare moment in time, he realized that he had killed his own They-Self. This PAVN youth had been stalking them in these United States as the Figure of the Federalist Youth. He reminded the Neumann Knight of the final words of His Excellency: “‘A man must be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it.’”

The Newman Viking is a Madisonian Federalist driven by the “profound superficiality” of Fortune and Success. The Figure of the Frontline Soldier, in his letters to the Neumann Knight, described the glories and vainglories of the Vietnam War. Whether he supports or opposes the conflict is irrelevant; his alleged support for the Vietnam Waris in actuality “his genuine opposition to the Vietnam War.

“‘There is such a thing as legitimate warfare: war has its laws; there are things which may fairly be done, and things which may not be done.’”

The Figure of the Ground Infantryman carries one of the few M16A1s then entering service. In one letter, he wrote about that time he shot an PAVN youth about the same age as him. The PAVN youth’s satchel contained a black and white photograph of his girlfriend from Hanoi, his blood obscuring her face. During that rare moment in time, he realized that he had killed his own Mine-Self. This PAVN youth had been stalking them in these United States as the Figure of the Ground Infantryman. He reminded the Newman Viking of the final words of His Excellency: “‘There is such a thing as legitimate warfare: war has its laws; there are things which may fairly be done, and things which may not be done.’”

What the Figure of the Neumann Knight and the Figure of the Newman Viking are being told by their boyfriends is the Nature of War that reinforce their opposing visions of American Catholic Education. It is often assumed that in war, one ends up killing a part of themselves. The great question confronting any armed forces within the State of Total Mobilization is which part of the Self should die, the Mine-Self or the They-Self.

The Figure of the Frontline Soldier knows why he is on the right side of US History as a Soldier of Fortune for the Federalist Party, the Federalist American Union, the true Federal Government which exists between Good and Evil. He never wanted to become a Jeffersonian Ground Infantryman for the Democratic-Republican Party because he too shared the same sentiments as the PAVN youth that he had killed, who incidentally saw everyday life in North Vietnam in a Hamiltonian Federalist, Prussian or Bolshevist manner.

He was always at war with himself and nobody else because the conflict itself helped him to realize that “War begets Economy and Economy begets War” because War is Politics. He personally loathes the Slave Morality of the South Vietnamese Bourgeoisie, the Consumerism of the emerging South Vietnamese black market and Producerism of senseless body counts and the unguided bombs dropped on the enemy.

The Figure of the Ground Infantryman knows why he is on the wrong side of US History as a Soldier of Fortune for the Democratic-Republican Party, the Empire of Liberty, the false Federal Government which exists between Good and Evil. He wanted to become a Jeffersonian Ground Infantryman for the Democratic-Republican Party because he had resented the PAVN youth that he had killed,who incidentally saw everyday life in North Vietnam in a Hamiltonian Federalist, Prussian or Bolshevist manner.

He was never at peace with himself on the battlefield because it was never apparent to him that “War begets Economy and Economy begets War” because War is Politics. He tolerates the petty-bourgeois Consumerism of the emerging South Vietnamese black market as a Coping Mechanism for the Producerism of senseless body counts and unguided bombs dropped on the enemy.

These are the two types of sentiments that I can imagine the Draft being phased out in favor of an all-volunteer armed forces, which was basically what the US Armed Forces would later become after 1975. Contrary to the consensus shared among historians specializing in the Cold War, Vietnam War and US History in general, the “Vietnam Syndrome” could not have occurred in the 1970s. It occurred much earlier in the 1950s, and whatever was happening in the 1950s is the emergence of an “Affluent Society” that prevented America from winning neither the Korean War nor the Vietnam War. The Korean War, the “Forgotten War” between the official timeline of World War II and the Vietnam War, never ended, otherwise the North Koreans would never have been pursing nuclear weapons development. Korea would have been a more peaceful region.

Origins of Vietnam Syndrome: “the 1950s” or “the 1970s?”

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced National Socialist or the convinced National Communist, but [those with Inauthentic Dasein and everyday] people for whom the distinction between Fact and Fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between True and False (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist. [In] an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true. [M]ass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow. The totalitarian mass leaders based their propaganda on the correct psychological assumption that, under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in cynicism; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.”

-Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism, ca. 1951

Looking over the academic literature on the past four-centuries of American Catholic Education’s history, the regulation uniform in Catholic America did not appear until the turn of the 20th century, and only for females (male uniforms came much later). Despite the limited practice of regulation uniforms before 1945, American Catholic Education was never fully onboard with school uniforms until post-1945, which coincided neatly with the rise of a “Youth Culture.” This is significant because Youth Cultures did in fact exist prior to 1945, the pre-1945 Boy Scouts and pre-1945 Girl Scouts of America being well-known examples of this phenomenon. Entire books have been written to suggest to the American Collective Consciousness (and not the American Collective Unconsciousness) that Youth Cultures somehow began in the 1950s-1970s, the Reign of Bretton Woods, which lasted from 1944 to 1973.

As Christopher Simpson maintained throughout Science of Coercion, the wartime experiences that the peacetime advertisers had gained in combat against the German Reich, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan could be reapplied on the American Way of Life as a Dual-Purpose Technology. With “American youths” as the Target and “Marxism-Lutheranism” as the Pretext, the “Cold War” had presented the convenient Tragedy for laying Círculo Dorado (Metaphysical Landmines) for somebody like myself to later find nearly a century later.  

In the State of Total Mobilization, the Liberal Capitalists’ “greatest Quantity of Kapital for the greatest Quantity of Schuld” and their concept of a “Commodity” make zero distinctions between Consumerism and Producerism within military life as in civilian life. When commercial advertisers achieved “brand loyalty” of a Jeffersonian GI wartime, they gain the Jeffersonian Consumer in peacetime. This is even worse among female youths, who were especially targeted by the Jeffersonians in the 1940s, intensifying the propaganda campaign in the 1950s before eventually running out ideas by the 1960s, and allowing the Counterculture to become coopted and commoditized by the 1970s.

A Jeffersonian Totalitarianism did in fact emerge in the American Way of Life during the 1950s, with the Explicit Intent of asserting absolute control over the American Way of Life at the classrooms and on the university campuses. It is not like the Trotskyist Totalitarianism, where only the Tragedy is obvious, or the Hitlerist Totalitarianism, where the only Target is obvious. In Jeffersonian Totalitarianism, only the Pretext is more obvious. After all, the 1950s was also the same decade that introduced concepts like the “McCarthy Era,” “Public School Prayer” and “Federal Funding of American Catholic Education,” “Flight from the Cities” and “Suburbia,” and the overall reinforcement of Jeffersonian ideology by means of the Freedom-Security Dialectic. After all, as that one Conspiracy Theory saw things, if there are “Hitlerists hiding behind every Bush [Read: George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush],” there ought to be “Trotskyists underneath every Roosevelt [Read: Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt]?”   

  1. Post-1945 American perceptions of the “teenage girl” has its origins in the wartime propaganda by “Jeffersonian Propagandists” with the Implicit Intent of imposing whatever values and dogmas that they had in mind for female youths.
  2. A good example involves the creation of products ranging from fashion magazines to beauty products specifically for “teenage girls,” creating a contradictory rift between being a real girl and being a real woman. Something similar also occurred among being “teenage boys,” resulting in a nearly identical rift between being a real boy and being a real man. To be a real man is to somehow “act like a Jeffersonian”; to be a real woman is to somehow “act like a Jeffersonian.” Ideologies have no gender!
  3. It works the same way with wartime camouflage: why bother creating your own camouflage from the local environment when camouflage patterns will do it for You? The peacetime camouflage patterns embodied by the Figure of the Crossdresser in the time-honored traditions of the Germanic Carnivals sanctioned by the German Reich and the Catholic Church, became demonized and forgotten by the American people.
  4. Beware of the Jeffersonian exploitation of the Seelische Geschlossenheit (Spiritual Unity), a negative byproduct of Production for Profit/Utility. In accordance with the Utilitarian values befitting of Neoliberalism, Jeffersonian Propagandists had created a conforming non-conformity, where the “teenage boys and teenage girls” were manipulated into chasing after the latest trends dictated by the Jeffersonian Propagandists. At the same time, teenage boys and teenage girls also lacked the required discipline and restraint to avoid abusing the powers of the State of Total Mobilization. “If something gives You pleasure, do it” and “if something gives You pain, don’t do it” are aphorisms derived from the Liberal Capitalist philosophy that is Utilitarianism. And as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have both demonstrated, the Seelische Geschlossenheit has deprived the American people of the necessary critical and creative thought to not commit racially-motivated homicides on anyone perceived to be “American Japanese,” “American Muslim,” or “Japanese Muslim.”
  5. Jeffersonian Propagandists have claimed that “Karl Marx is Alive,” contrary to this Author (who insists that “Marx is Dead, Marx remains Dead, and the Soviets killed him.” The McCarthyites were chasing after themselves, the Marxist-Lutheran of the Democratic-Republican Party, not the Nietzschean-Leninist of the Federalist Party. Justifying racial superiority on pseudo-religious grounds befitting of Marxism-Lutheranism, the Seelische Geschlossenheit has been readily exploited by Jeffersonian Propagandists to justify “Consumerism and Producerism,” “White Supremacy and Black Supremacy,” “Misogyny and Misandry,” “Urban Sprawl and Urban Decay,” the “Christian Right and Christian Left,” the “Alt-Right and the SJW,” and countless other examples.
  6. Jeffersonian Propagandists reversed the gender roles of the youths under the alleged pretext of “reintroducing traditional roles” [Read: eliminating traditional roles]. All female youth, regardless of whether their age is 34 or 14, does not belong anywhere in the Total Educational Effort; either she becomes a Kapital-Slave (whether “politician” or “prostitute,” all that matters is whether she will be submissive enough to do anything for Kapital, like Fragging her spouse and children to commit Insurance Fraud by cashing in on the Life Insurance) or she will be reduced to being a Debt-Slave in the kitchen.
  7. Jeffersonian Propagandists pinned the Liberalization of Young Minds on the Soviets, who were already combating the Liberalization of Young Minds among their own youth. It works the same way with Anti-Catholicism and Antisemitism. If your sister-in-law Fragged your brother, niece and nephew with a Remington 870 before proceeding to dump the bodies somewhere, blame the Catholic Church, blame the Jews, blame anyone except the Jeffersonian Propagandists who had condoned this Slave Morality for Kapital.

I can keep listing various examples that were alluded to throughout Mary Perkins Ryan’s Are Parochial Schools the Answer?, especially when she complained about the “Reactionary” sentiments among Catholic clergy, religious and laity in the 1940s-1960s. The implications presented by her became obvious after Vatican II, when Catholic America eventually became a racist stereotype for the so-called “White America” (which never existed to begin with). In Totalitarian fashion, Ryan warned that there would come a day in the 21st century where the difference between “being a Catholic” and “being a Protestant” will cease to exist altogether. Today, far too many American Catholic youths are “Catholics in Words, Protestants in Deeds.”  It was already the case when Ryan wrote We’re All in This Together, where she warned that the renaming of American Catholic Education as “Religious Education” will cause American Catholic youths to become confused by the Protestant youth’s “Christian Education.”

Description of the UFSE Uniform, the Milk Bar, and the Kibbutzim

“To live without suffering is to live without love; to live without love is to die.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ

“Do not look back to the past, nor forward to the future. Claim only the present, for it holds God’s will.”

-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

I had been pondering over the Regulation Uniform worn by the Student Body of the UFSE (Unified Federalist Student Economy) for months now. The Explicit Intent is to design a Regulation Uniform that can be easily distinguished from those worn by youths in the British Empire, German Reich, Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, and Imperial Japan. Clearly, it should reflect the values and outlooks of Hamiltonian Federalism, while at the same time ensuring that American Catholic youths are easily accommodated in Mary Perkins Ryan’s Total Educational Effort.

The UFSE Regulation Uniform serves to remind the Student Body and Student Government of the American Essence because the regulation uniform continues to be worn into adulthood.

Double-breasted or single-breasted Jackets with black buttons, front pockets, shoulder boards with red piping, and Sam Browne belts. In winter months, an overcoat may be worn over (or perhaps instead of) the Jacket. Worn beneath the jacket are both males and females us a white long-sleeve blouse shirt with a red or brown necktie. For males, the trousers include suspenders; for females, the skirt cannot be too short because it is a V-neck dress.

The color of the Jacket, Overcoat, Trousers and Dress is a light blueish-gray designed to invoke the American Patriots from the American Revolutionary War. That includes the matching garrison caps, Kepi caps, peaked officer’s caps with Federalist Cockade, Prussian fur caps (not a Russian Ushanka!) with Federalist Cockade, and tri-corner caps.

Polished black and brown Knee-length jackboots and ankle-length boots, penny loafers and saddle shoes, spats and wingtips.

Students are distinguished by their Ranks, Medals, Ribbons, EGO Badge, Socio-Political Patches denoting City and State on the upper-sleeve of the Jacket. A school or university alma mater is embroidered on the Cuff Band.

Males are to be cleanshaven and various short haircuts. Females are to have their hair styled into braids, pigtails, ponytails, buns and other haircuts, nail polish is to be applied in white, and dying one’s hair is such a boring chore.

All Student are to be issued their Student ID Card, a Dog Tag, and a Party Membership Card (if they have already joined the Federalist Party or one of the other political parties within its United Front at the Federal government).

The American youth’s Student ID combats the Madisonian Federalist bureaucracy with Henryist Anti-Federalism. It replaces the “Social Security Card,” “Driver’s License,” “W-2 Wage and Tax Statement,” “Health Insurance Card,” “Automobile Insurance Card,” “Voter’s Registration Card,” and US Armed Forces “Common Access Card” (once the Student Body is Drafted)  Students interested in Permits for accessing “Library of Congress,” “US Patent Office,” “Firearms,” “Paramilitary Sporting Goods,” “Radio and Television Broadcasting,” “Aircraft,” and “Ownership of the Means of Production” are also accommodated by the Student ID. The Student ID is replaced by the Vocational Civil Service Card upon entering the First Estate (religious life), Second Estate (military life), and the Third Estate (civilian life).

The Dog Tag is a single plate instead of two to minimize noise. To remove the Prussian Dog Tag, simply break it in half and leave the other half with the cadaver for further identification. And the Party Membership Card is required for entering restricted, off-limits areas like the Valedictorian Vanguard’s exclusive facilities at the Third Place itself.

Students failing to conform with the Command Culture will receive from the Valedictorian Vanguard (VV) a Federalist Party Envelope full of United States Notes:

“This United States Note is Legal Tender for all Works, both Personal and Federal, except for Federal Imports; all Works are Redeemable in the Amounts thereof as Payments on all Federal and Personal Debts to these United States.” He who accepts the Actual Geld must return the favor to the VV with Actual Arbeit.       

That’s the Regulation Uniform for most of the school year. Remember, the secondary school forms a demarcation line between primary school and university. Special variants should also exist:

For tropical terrain, a warm-weather variation of the uniform may be worn. What is practical in some US States may not necessarily be the same for the rest of the Union.

For urban terrain, depending on the EGO and Alter-EGO, the Alter-EGO affecting the overall appearance of the UFSE Regulation Uniform.

Wearing the UFSE Regulation at the Third Place is great for those looking to socialize with the Student Body at the Third Place. Compared to the children and the elderly, the wearer stands out until they visit the Shopping Citadel with others or planning to congregate with others. Even in America, not every single Shopping Citadel is going to be the same in terms of layout, not to mention what can be found inside. For instance, it is possible for a Neumann Knight to enter a Shopping Citadel in in New York City or New Jersey, stumbling across a Milk Bar or a Youth Restaurant and Youth Theater like in “Total Educational Effort (Pt. V of V).” It is also possible to encounter an ethnic variation of the Third Place such as a Jewish Kibbutzim.

The Milk Bar, it should be recalled is a non-alcoholic bar and convenience store rolled into one for youths interested in getting political with fellow Comrades. This type of facility once existed in US History as the “Soda Shop” or the “Soda Fountain,” where it was also customary to find it also serves candy and ice cream. Milk Bars are not just exclusive to the Third Place. The Student Body will discover others at railway stations, airports and seaports and youth hostels. Jeffersonians Propagandists particularly hated this facility for reasons that had been discussed earlier, denying all young people their Legal Right to be real youths.

Inside most Milk Bars, all of the usual amenities, foodstuffs and beverages that one would normally find inside a 20th century Soda Shop will always be present here. What should be known about the Milk Bar is that the facility originally emerged as a way to promote Temperance exercise Command Responsibility among American youths of all faiths. Pearl Harbor, the Death of Bretton Woods, 9/11, Great Recession, and now Coronavirus Pandemic have demonstrated that only cool-headed, meticulous and calculated sobriety will prevail in the State of Total Mobilization. “The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance.”       

As stated earlier in Part II, I pointed out that Richard David Wolff’s “Market Socialism” will be rendered obsolete by The Work-Standard, Production for Eternal Glory, and the Third Place itself. The Student Government should consider is to design certain Shopping Citadels with the cultures, traditions, ancestral heritage and even the language of a given People’s Community. To visit a Germanic Shopping Citadel is to encounter the many “missing treasures” (to paraphrase Hannah Arendt) of the German-speaking world in the American Way of Life. Similar variations should also be considered for other People’s Communities, allowing the Student Body to develop political connections, practice speaking a foreign language, and perhaps find ways to broaden their Situational Self-Awareness of a particular People’s Community. The Federalist American Union is about as diverse as the German Reich itself, which should be cherished and considered as a benefit that must never be left to waste.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that in order for the UFSE to “Occupy Wall Street,” the Student Body also has to “Occupy Main Street?” One promising variation of the Shopping Citadel is one bearing the characteristics of the Kibbutzim, except its Implicit Intent involves “making the city bloom” by integrating the surrounding Suburbia into the Urban or the Rural. After all, if the Work-Standard applies for the Catholic Church as being one of three Monotheisms, it should apply for the other two, Judaism and Islam. This is a very rare window of opportunity to resurrect entire cities and towns, redraw municipal and state lines, and even compel the Federal government to recognize the border changes.

The Kibbutz is worthy of being applied at the Third Place. It is a suitable candidate for constructing the Shopping Citadel with the right Work-Tenures and Work-Plans issued by the US Treasury Department. Given its feasibility in the Holy Land, the potency of its overall effectiveness is capable of being enhanced significantly by the Work-Standard by American Jews. Jewish youths motivated by Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) should assist the rest of the Student Body in the national rejuvenation and revolutionization of the American Way of Life. The Intent is to assist address the problems of Urban Sprawl and Urban Decay throughout the Union while at the same time providing a delicate balance of power between the Federal and the Personal.

The Hawala is also viable for the Third Place, even though Reciprocal-Reserve Banking already forbids the charging of any Interest. Thus, instead of being replaced outright by Reciprocal-Reserve Banking, American Muslims should consider repurposing the Hawala for the Zakat, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. A great way to do just that involves volunteering at the Third Place as a “Community Service,” then donating a portion of one’s Quality of Arbeit and Quality of Geld as part of the Zakat. The Arbeit goes to the Life-Energy Reserve to be converted into Geld, where it is then ready to be wire-transferred toward wherever it is need with the Hawala.

Finally, there is even an opportunity for a Maoist application of the Third Place, described in “Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention.”

The Three Main Rules of Discipline are as follows:
(1) Obey orders in all your actions.
(2) Don’t take a single needle or piece of thread from the masses.
(3) Turn in everything captured.

The Eight Points for Attention are as follows:
(1) Speak politely.
(2) Pay fairly for what you buy.
(3) Return everything you borrow.
(4) Pay for anything you damage.
(5) Don’t hit or swear at people.
(6) Don’t damage crops.
(7) Don’t take liberties with women.
(8) Don’t treat captives inhumanely.

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