Conclusions on Currency Depreciation and Shortages  

In these United States, it has become mundane over the past several months to learn that the Jeffersonian Market Economy is suffering from “Supply Chain Disruptions” and now “Inflation.” The latter is not at all surprising, given the fact that I am relying on the Work-Standard to study the infrastructural weaknesses of the Liberal Capitalists’ “Debt-Standard.” When not working on The Third Place over the last several weeks, I was gathering the latest economic and financial data for 2021, looking for any discernible correlations between them with the Work-Standard. I also compiled additional economic and financial data dating as far back as the Great Recession and the years since 2008, with a specific interest in 2011.

2011, it should be recalled, was the same year that I started my investigations that eventually culminated in the realization of the Work-Standard. There is every genuine reason for me to suspect that the US Standard of Living was steadily declining over the past ten years, the Coronavirus Pandemic itself undoing the so-called “recovery” that defined the 2010s. This deterioration in the Standard of Living is now more discernible across multiple fields, all of which are observable through the Work-Standard itself:

  1. There are falling “Birthrates,” falling “Life Expectancy,” lowered quality of life among widows and divorcees, falling Financial Firepower and Economic Firepower (q.v. “Japanification” and “Supply Chain Disruptions”).
  2. Diminished likelihoods of anyone building strong families and tight-knit communities like in The Third Place, not to mention sustaining them across long-term periods of Zeit.  Rising “Homelessness,” “Addictions,” “Food Insecurity,” “Rents and Mortgages,” “Healthcare and Education Costs,” and “Business Closures.”
  3. Decades of neglected infrastructure have made the electrical power grid vulnerable to cyberattacks like a well-placed Logic Bomb, in addition to widespread power outages. In an America so dependent on electrical power like this one, I would not be surprised if it becomes an increasingly common issue in the coming years.
  4. Military life is no longer a guarantee to avoiding this. There are military families known to be struggling to live within their own means of production, which is a bad sign in itself. The same is also true for the civil services, given the Parliamentarian tug-of-war over Sovereign Default or creating more Schuld (and by extension, creating more Kapital).   

These recent reports about rising “Inflation” and “Prices” in 2021 are to be expected from the Liberal Capitalist conception of Currency Depreciation. The Quantity of Kapital has skyrocketed in the opening months of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, allowing the Quantity of Schuld to follow suit. I did in fact warned several people in 2020 to prepare for what was to come in 2021 and I was ignored because most people lack a proper Conceptions of a Financial Regime, a National Economy, and the Political Statecraft required to govern.

With so much Kapital in existence, it was only a matter of Zeit before the Prices of various everyday goods and services in these United States would also skyrocket as a consequence. The effects are now on full display for everyday Americans.  

All of these considerations may seem like “bad news” to average people, but they ought to be reinterpreted as good news for the Work-Standard. There is an increasingly receptive audience who are capable of considering the Work-Standard as an alternative to the Debt-Standard. Neither Welfare Capitalism nor Workfare Socialism will set America and the rest of humanity free from Neoliberalism. The future is not as “uncertain” as the Liberal Capitalist propagandists make it out to be nor should anyone fall for their “risk-averse” nonsense.

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