Update (12 December 2021)

I found a two-part article from 2011 on Seeking Alpha. It is entitled, “How is the US Quickly Becoming a Third World Country.” Here is Part I and here is Part II. For those curious, this author was writing in 2011 about the same problems which have only worsened for the US. The Coronavirus Pandemic, even as it becomes the “Coronavirus Endemic,” have exposed those problems for the first time since the Great Recession. Neither America nor the Western world has recovered fully from the effects of the Great Recession throughout the 2010s nor should anyone be deceived by statements to the contrary. Rather than view the term “Third World” negatively, we should be reinterpreting it within the context of The Third Place.

A few more articles caught my attention earlier today and yesterday. The first two are from a Thai publication, Bangkok Post:

Global Economy Rebounds, but for How Long?

Can Omicron spur a Great Depression?

A third article pertains to a return to the 1970s Energy Crises, specifically stating that the origins of the “Petrodollar” was the result of the Jeffersonian presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Biden returns U.S. to 1970s’ energy dependence

The term “Food Insecurity” is derived from the Freedom-Security Dialectic. If there is an “Insecurity” at affording food, there is also a “Freedom” to donate food. The concept of the “Food Bank” resembles a privatized commercial bank presiding over the “Lending and Borrowing of Food,” as if this is meant to serve as an extension of the Fractional-Reserve Banking System Has anyone ever stopped to notice that?

The Role of Food Banks in Addressing Food Insecurity

The fact that there are 160,000 US Armed Forces personnel are suffering from the same “Food Insecurity” is so outrageous, that I am surprised Unit Cohesion has not been Fragged by now. “160,000” is already the size of a single Army of four Corps of 40,000 personnel each.

The Pentagon vowed to help military families facing food insecurity. Some say the assistance isn’t coming fast enough.

Report shows many UNM students experience food insecurity

This reminds me of that relevant passage from Prussianism and Socialism:

But it would be a gross underestimation of the Viking instinct to think that [Jeffersonian] Kapital will retreat one step on the path toward absolute economic domination of the world. Unlimited personal freedom and the natural inequality of man, based on relative degrees of individual talent, are the fundamental articles of the [Jeffersonian] creed. Instead of Authoritarian Socialism, the [Jeffersonian] billionaire adheres to an impressive form of [“Liberal Socialism”], a welfare program on a grand scale which turns his own personal power into pleasure and morally vanquishes the recipient of welfare funds. The flashy techniques for distributing these millions are an effective cover-up for the methods used to obtain them in the first place.

“It is the same attitude as that of the old corsairs who, while banqueting in the castle just conquered, threw their table scraps to the prisoners: the voluntary surrender of property increases the value of what remains. The question whether or not such voluntary acts should become a Legal Duty is the chief point of contention among the economic parties of the future in England and America.

At the rate things are going in these United States, my fellow Americans, I am confident in arguing that “Food Banks” have become a Voluntary Act for Taxation purposes. The more Kapital one surrenders, the more Tax Credits that one can expect to receive from the Democratic-Republican Party.

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