Revolution in Financial Affairs (RFA)

In Prussia, there used to have been an old saying by the First Servant of its State:

“An Army, like a serpent, goes upon its belly.”

This phrase is invoked to state that the overall effectiveness of an entire armed forces depends on whether they will receive the necessary provisions from the State like food and water. It also alludes to the significance of the Socialist Conception of Freedom: Any Nation capable of affording its own armed forces should also be able to afford its own workforces.

Adherence to the Socialist Conception of Freedom is defined by the Nation’s ability to control the size and composition of the workforces and the Nation’s ability to control the size and composition of the armed forces. True peace and prosperity are always built and maintained by the Farmers and Workers, the Servicemen and Students, the Civil Servants and Administrators. Only in the Military-Industrial Complex does one encounter all six coexisting in a realm between Military Life and Civilian Life. America is no exception to this socioeconomic phenomenon.

The American Military-Industrial Complex is not only catering to the US Armed Forces and the whole gamut of Federal, State and Municipal Police Departments, Bureaus and Agencies. It also caters to any US Citizen interested in exercising their Constitutional Obligation to exercise their Legal Obligation to control the size and composition of their own arsenal. From competitive shooters and recreational hunters to historical reenactors and anime cosplayers, the Military-Industrial Complex is capable of fulfilling peacetime purposes. How well we understand the Socialist Conception of Liberty is proportionate to how well we know ourselves as Americans. We can only know ourselves by developing an intimate self-awareness of our own history shaped the Constitution as a Living Document. Let no one be misled into believing that this is a phenomenon that began under the Jeffersonians in the 20th century. Contrary to what is popularly known in contemporary times, our Military-Industrial Complex dates back to the late 18th century, when the American people decided that they will no longer be colonial subjects of the British Crown, declaring their Independence from the British Empire.

Today, the Democratic-Republican Party is still failing our Farmers, our Workers, our Servicemen, our Students, our Civil Servants and our Administrators. The usual Social-Democratic methods, unfurled since the Great Recession, had already demonstrated their redundancy and obsolescence long before the Coronavirus Pandemic emerged in early 2020.

It should be a national disgrace to learn that an entire army of 160,000 US military personnel cannot afford to put food on their family’s tables. The idea of letting the Democratic-Republican Party provide them with the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)–“Food Stamps”–is as ridiculous as depriving the Military-Industrial Complex of its own Means of Production.

The real Americans who created this so-called “Great Resignation” are from the older generations who have grown tired of the Meaningless Work but have yet to reach the age to receive their Social Security pensions. Annual retirements have doubled since the Pandemic began and it remains to be seen as to whether the younger generations will have what it takes to assume command.

Younger generations are still struggling to find Meaningful Work. The rest are either struggling to figure out how they are going to find a roof over their heads and in labor strikes such as this one within the academia of the Union or getting agitated on Social Media. All kinds of youths are now fed up by the mistreatment they had been suffering over the past decade.  

What the Coronavirus Pandemic has demonstrated to World History is that the American people, as a Totality, never made a full recovered after the Great Recession and whatever was recovered in the 2010s is forever lost in the Coronavirus Pandemic. These historical realities can be encountered everywhere within the American Way of Life, except nobody really knows what needs to be done in order to overcome these challenges. Everyone continues to forget that the Social-Democracy they are yearning for was built by Speculation and Usury, Kapital and Schuld.

A Revolution in Financial Affairs (RFA) has been unfolding for decades and The Work-Standard is currently the best model to bridge the metaphysical gaps between the Financial and the Economic, the Fiscal and the Monetary. No suitable alternative exists to acclimate an entire Nation, ensuring that it will tap into its own vast natural resources, rebuild its deindustrialized cities out of nothing, and realize any latent talents to their fullest potential. All of this can be done by any Nation, not just these United States. The question is whether there is any serious interest whatsoever in the Work-Standard by the right people in positions of power, and whether there are ways for me to run experiments, gather data and draw conclusions about its efficacy.

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