“Coronavirus Endemic”: How COVID-19 Revealed Demographic Decline

Continuing where I had left off with  “‘Coronavirus Endemic’: The Coming Détente with COVID-19 in 2022,” there is another topic of interest worthy of mention here. When the Coronavirus Pandemic began nearly two years ago, the Liberal Capitalists revealed their Malthusian, Economic Darwinist tendencies for the first time in centuries. One example includes the propaganda meme among social scientists about the Coronavirus Pandemic somehow causing a “sudden increase in childbirths,” only to expect a further decline in childbirths. Apparently, the notion is that because people would be spending more time at home, they would also have more time to contemplate having children. It is a distorted perception of Reality which I intend to record for The Fourth Estate because such conclusions have their point of origin in three philosophical ideas:

  • Positivism, the flawed belief held by people like Richard von Mises (the brother of Ludwig von Mises) that natural sciences like Biology, Chemistry and Physics ought to be reapplied to manipulate the social relations and traditional values of Cultures and Civilizations;
  • Malthusianism, the belief that there are neither Cultures nor Civilizations but a “Human Society” engaging in a “Survival of the Likeliest,” which is also related to the “Survival of the Fittest” espoused by a similar Weltanschauung, Economic Darwinism;
  • And speaking of which, Economic Darwinism (otherwise known as “Scientific Racism”), the belief that this “Human Society” exists in a “Spontaneous Order of Natural Selection,” as if there is nothing more to human existence except crass Materialism and petty Idealism, as an old holdover of the Rene Descartes’ Mind-Body Problem from the Enlightenment.

One finds such rhetoric espoused by Liberal Capitalist propagandists about “Demographic Decline,” offering the usual suggestions of “Automation” and “Immigration,” both of which I had documented in the previous Blog post. So far, I have yet to find even one social scientist who realizes that the “Demographic Decline” arose as a consequence of the Death of Bretton Woods in the 1970s. Its implications are in actuality technological and financial with all kinds of socio-cultural, political-economic, and military-industrial implications. The crux behind the Liberal Capitalist interpretations of “Demographic Decline,” including those foolish enough to believe and eventually parrot their propaganda, is always technological and always financial. Even though the phenomenon began in the Western world during the 1970s, further amplified by the Death of Bretton Woods and Globalization, its ramifications on the rest of humanity have become increasingly apparent ever since. Since Automation generates a greater Quantity of Kapital, everyday people have become “redundant,” as if human lives are expendable as abstract numbers on a financial ledger or the replaceable parts of an assembly line.

Such thinking is as much Economic Darwinist as it is Malthusian and Positivist because of the specific manner in which the logic is formulated at a metaphysical level. Let it be known that Positivism deems Metaphysics, an important field in Philosophy, as being worthless. It is also evident in the language and specific terms chosen by the Liberal Capitalists to frame their evidence, allowing to insert “dog whistles” for other Liberal Capitalists to find. Decades of news articles and op-ed pieces, research papers and journal articles, documentaries and commentaries can be summarized in that manner. Thanks to the Third World Ideologies Diagram and the DHFL (Dead-Hand Feedback Loop) from The Third Place, I am now able to triangulate the Markers and the “Screens.” Below is a simulation of those aforementioned media, regardless of time and source:

“Childbirths in Country X has been stagnating since 19XX. Country X has a Birthrate of ___ and/or a Fertility Rate of ___ per 1,000 women.

Unless Country X returns to the ‘Replacement Rate of 2.01’, Country X may experience a rising Dependency Ratio which would overburden the national economy.”

One of the strange oddities about how Liberal Capitalists frame demographic data for ideological motives involves them shifting from Passive Voice to Active Voice, followed by the usage of Modal Verbs. The two above statements are a common example of this methodology.

In English and other European languages, the Active Voice is usually a Noun (or Country X for our purposes) as the “Subject” acting upon a given “Verb.” Passive Voice, meanwhile, involves the same Subject being the recipient of that Verb.

  • Passive Voice: “Country X has been stagnating since 19XX.”
  • Active Voice: “Country X has a Birthrate of ___ and/or a Fertility Rate of ___ per 1,000 women.”

This shift from Passive Voice to Active Voice is a common, yet deliberate choice of sentence composition, demonstrating a Cause and Effect relationship befitting of Positivism. The Liberal Capitalist propagandists are claiming that Country X voluntarily chose to stagnate after 19XX, its alleged consequence being “lowered birthrates” and “lowered fertility rates.” By omitting the actuality of Country X being involuntarily coerced into stagnation (like the Germans in the 1970s, the Chinese in the 1980s, the Russians and Japanese in the 1990s), the reader or viewer is left with skewed perceptions of Reality. It becomes justifiable to accuse the Totality of Country X of committing national mass suicide, which is only possible if the reader or viewer willingly surrenders to the Malthusianism and Economic Darwinism of Liberal Capitalist propagandists.  

The usage of Modal Verbs is where the propaganda becomes downright insidious, when scrutinized with the DHFL. The word choices for invoking the “Replacement Rate” and the “Dependency Ratio” are very unusual in English and other European languages. The language implies a permission, a request, an invitation to allow this Demographic Decline to continue, which was the historical conclusion by the Liberal Capitalists. They had concluded this long ago, during the latter half of World War II (Read: Cold War) and in the 1970s no less, that the economic and military strength of any nation is no longer dependent on the size and composition of the workforces and the armed forces. This flawed belief was supported in the 1980s by West Germany’s growing economic clout over the European Union and China’s growing economic clout over these United States, followed by Japan’s Lost Decades and Post-Soviet Russia’s Secular Stagnation in the 1990s. It is worthy of mention that birthrates in Europe, Japan, Russia and these United States were also declining within that same timeframe as the 1970s-1990s. Western social scientists insinuated that “Economic Growth” (Read: Social-Democracy’s Welfare Capitalism and Workfare Socialism) and “Demographic Decline” (Read: Debt-Slavery and Kapital-Slavery) should be celebrated because “people are now Commodities.”  

The Replacement Rate is a Positivist metric for gauging birthrates and fertility rates. The Positivist logic begins from unethically absurd premises that, somewhere in Country X, there exists a town of 2,000 college students. There are 1,000 males and 1,000 females, all of whom must be in their twenties, which means nobody younger than twenty and nobody older than thirty. In order this town to ‘maintain its population rate’, according to the Positivist logic, these 1,000 females must give birth to an annual average of 30 children. With 10 or 20 children, the town’s population will eventually decrease; 40 or 50 children, the town’s population will eventually increase. Over the next ten years, 300 college girls will have “300 children”; it is also possible for them to agree on having a second child, bringing their final tally to “600 children.”

Note that the demographers verify these statements mathematically. For those who may be anxious about “Demographic Decline,” the relevant equations are the “Crude Birthrate Equation” and the “Total Fertility Rate Equation,” both of which are applicable to the aforementioned example involving the 1,000 college girls.

Given the fact that all 1,000 college girls are in their twenties, it is tenable to conclude that the Positivist logic assumes 300-600 childbirths over the next ten years is enough to ensure the town’s population will remain constant. It claims that the other 700 college girls, their existence to the Liberal Capitalists reduced to a statistical footnote, are statistical “outliers.” This “silent majority” are outliers to the Positivist logic because, when they decide to have children themselves, there will be “600-1,200 children” rather than the original estimate of “300-600 children.” Since Country X is not a developing country and not at war with other nation-states, it is even more illogical to assume that dozens or hundreds will probably be dead in the next ten years. Moreover, the Positivist logic fails to account for some of the college girls pursuing a Religious Vocation as Roman Catholic nuns, some deciding to not have children, some deciding to have a third child, and others getting Political (which is Carl Schmitt’s conclusion) because the Positivist logic is very misogynist and misandrist due to its intentional objectification of humanity as statistical numbers on financial ledgers. Does anyone not realize how idiotic this misanthropic (anti-human) logic truly is?

In typical Economic Darwinist fashion, the Liberal Capitalists will proceed to argue that the 2,000 college students should avoid overburdening their Dependency Ratio by preventing anyone older than 64 and younger than 15 to reside anywhere within the town. The Dependency Ratio, when scrutinized with the DHFL, is capable of being reinterpreted as providing the permission to claim anyone younger than 15 and anyone older than 64 as ‘Useless’ to the 2,000 college students and should be ‘Euthanized’ according to the Positivist logic. The ‘Useless’ includes everyone from elderly couples with decades of medical experience and technical training to pubescent child runaways who have nowhere else to go.

Are the Liberal Capitalists referring to the “demographics of Country X in the 21st century” or is this really a weird Cold War-era post-apocalyptic fanfiction crossover between Dr. Strangelove and Children of the Corn? After all, Hannah Arendt did write in Origins of Totalitarianism that complacency, apathy, and an apparent inability to distinguish Reality and Fiction are all common behavioral patterns associated with Totalitarianism.

While the Liberal Capitalists are obviously not going to bare it all and show the whole world their naked Totalitarianism, this continued rhetoric about the “Demographic Decline” has the potential to provide the sufficient justifications to implement their own version. Instead of outright advocacy for mass murder (and thus baring it all), the Liberal Capitalists hide their Intents behind their ideological language, camouflaging claims of racial and moral superiority over the Socialisms based in Neoliberalism’s Seelische Geschlossenheit (Spiritual Unity) of 1989-1991.

With the Dependency Ratio, it becomes tenable to argue:

  1. Privatize Healthcare and Education. Is it too much of a coincidence that healthcare and education to be among the highest expenses for America and the broader Western world? Is it also too much of a coincidence that America and the broader Western world, despite their allegedly superior healthcare and educational systems, that they are incapable of preventing the Coronavirus Pandemic from spreading to their own borders?  
  2. Promote Land Speculation and Property Speculation. Is it too much of a coincidence that young people can no longer afford a home to build their futures and start families? Is it also too much of a coincidence that there are these “Rents” and “Mortgages” which prevent anyone from actually owning their own home or apartment?
  3. Privatize the Military-Industrial Complex and Mass Surveillance, preventing the Totality of Country X from challenging the Liberal Capitalists politically and socially. Then encourage Consumer Spending and impose Taxation Rates, preventing young people from actually challenging the Liberal Capitalists.
  4. When it becomes apparent that young people are being slowly killed off, implement needless automate of the national economy and unethical social experiments that threaten to condemn Country X into the throes of Sovereign Default and Death-by-Overwork.   Then sign Free Trade Agreements to turn Immigrants into Commodities bought and sold as “Refugees” (Read: Debt-Slaves) and “Migrants” (Read: Kapital-Slaves), deporting them back to their developing countries once they become ‘Useless’ to the Liberal Capitalists.

Truly, the “demographic decline” of the Western world was and still is the handiwork of Liberal Capitalists, except they will never admit that their ideology, Neoliberalism, is a dystopian Utopia deserving of humanity’s universal contempt. It is only natural for the Liberal Capitalist to have “Technology,” “Boomers and Millennials,” and “Immigrants” to serve as convenient scapegoats, diverting all blame away from them and preventing anyone from properly challenging them.

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