“Coronavirus Endemic”: The Coming Détente with COVID-19 in 2022

Nearly two years have passed since the opening weeks of the Coronavirus Pandemic. There is a steady trickle of rhetoric lately about how the Pandemic is now becoming an “Endemic.” The implications are profound because declaring the Pandemic as becoming an Endemic is akin to declaring a Détente with COVID-19. Whether it is called an “Endemic” or a “Détente,” one thing is certain: Life is not returning to normal anytime soon, the Coronavirus Pandemic a normalized affair in 2022 and perhaps even for the rest of the 2020s. Think of this as being no different than the normalization of Mass Surveillance since the 2000s and the normalization of the Deindustrialization since the 1970s. That is essentially what the term “Endemic” is supposed to mean as a form of Détente.

Every problem introduced by the Pandemic shall become the ‘new normal’. The distant crescendo of ambulance sirens ferrying the sick and dying in the late hours of the night. Routine “social distancing” measures create intense frictions among communities and within families. Long columns of automobiles queued to ‘borrow’ foodstuffs from these “Food Banks” engaging in their own form of predatory lending, as if they themselves are extensions of the Fractional-Reserve Banking System. Despite rising domestic production among Western countries, widespread shortages of everyday goods abound regardless. Widespread starvation and economic collapse in developing countries are forcing people to emigrate in search of Kapital in the Western world.

Dysfunctional fluctuations between school closures and online classes rendered as mundane as the student protests over inabilities to find food and shelter. The feeling that everyone graduating from secondary schools in the 2020s are in far worse condition, compared to those who had graduated in the 2010s. It is still unfathomable to encounter people deluding themselves into believing that the 2010s was a paradise, despite nobody truly recovering from the Great Recession after 2008. Their utopian sentimentalism toward the past is as hideous as the dystopian futurism among others. They all demonstrated failure to confront the present.

Periodic Recessions synchronized with the bursting of Economic Bubbles. Rampant Currency Depreciations push everyday people into the brink of desperation, the Cryptocurrencies still operate within the framework of Neoliberalism, the pharmaceutical firms repurposing their “Blockchain Technology” to know who was vaccinated and who was not. All the rhetoric about the Blockchain providing anonymity to the Triple-Entry Accounting is now disproven. Meanwhile, the Financial Markets and Labor Unions are competing for the greatest Quantity of Kapital, trying to outbid the other through investment speculations and labor strikes as a sort of Theological Pastime. Untold scores of unemployed, matched by the growing incompetence of employers to actually hire even a single soul for the most menial of tasks.

Lies and falsehoods peddled, causing some to grow increasingly divorced from economic realities. This “Labor Shortage” is clearly a propaganda ploy diverting attention away from the increasingly apparent demographic decline confronting America and the Western world. Immigration and Automation are touted to offset the demographic decline by some foolishly faulty logic about “immigrants being machines” and “machines being immigrants.” Anyone who believes that Immigration and Automation will resolve the demographic decline is hopelessly delusional. Immigrants are real people, not disposable cogs that can be thrown out for being deemed “useless.”

These contemporary conditions bear uncanny resemblances to those which had culminated in the birth of Pan-Germanic Socialism. Humanity languishes from the revenge of reality, still prejudiced into assuming that the Sectarian experiences of Pan-Germanic Socialism in the Old 20th Century will not be repeated in this New 20th Century. Even in this world where religion no longer captivates, where tradition no longer preserves the past and innovation no longer builds the future, humanity has yet to realize that the real religion of hate is Neoliberalism. These problems which plagued Pan-Germanic Socialism, Anti-Catholicism, Antisemitism and Anti-Slavism, are in reality social ills introduced by Neoliberalism. No Socialism, not even Pan-Germanic Socialism, condones the “Free Market” and its Spontaneous Order advocating an institutional racism proclaiming that people are soulless “consumers” and “producers.”

This religion of hate, Neoliberalism, is pure misanthropy (hatred of humanity), forged by real misogyny (hatred of women) and real misandry (hatred of men), treating men, women and children as mere “Commodities,” Debt-Slaves and Kapital-Slaves to be bought and sold on a Labor Market. It is Anti-Catholic because it deems the Catholic faith and the salvation of souls by the Catholic Church as anathema. It is Antisemitic because it promotes the Secularization of the Jews, by depriving the Jewish people of their true actual identity that is genuinely spiritual and traditional, which cannot be reduced to mere biological and genealogical functions. And it is Anti-Slavic by condemning the peoples of the former Soviet Union, its dissolution three decades ago, to three generations of socioeconomic stagnation, demographic decline, and untold despair and suffering. The adherents deserve eternal damnation for their ideology’s elevation of MammonKapital and Schuld–as higher than God Himself, which is blasphemous, unholy and outright demonic.

I repeat, the Coronavirus Pandemic will become normalized as an “Endemic” in 2022 and perhaps for the rest of the 2020s. At the rate things are going, anything is possible. Nobody in their right mind wants to live with all of these problems for the rest of the decade. Nobody enjoys watching their friends and family die or struggling to figure out where their next meal will come from and whether they will even have a roof over their heads. There will be a changeover in the present state of affairs eventually because nobody truly wanted the world to be in this mess for decades.

People genuinely want the world to change for the better, not for the worst. The “world of the future,” as I describe it, is different from the one at the moment. Timelessly primordial, that world existed before us, and it shall live on for the next few centuries. Building the future and preserving the past are one and the same. Once the new year begins, everything depends on whether everyone has the unremitting courage to provide new meanings, the ever-increasing determination to step forth and present them, and the will to claim the present to begin building a whole different world.

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