Conservative Socialism: The Economism of “Mass Immigration”

My forays into the non-economic and non-financial implications related to the Work-Standard have brought me to an array of interesting topics worthy of mention here. We rely on specific Conceptions of Currency within our everyday lives, and yet we also remain oblivious to how they affect us within most non-economic and non-financial contexts. One important topic of interest pertains to the question related to Immigration, which is in itself related to the movement of people across international borders. Immigration was once an act that one did for political, religious, cultural, familial, ancestral or social motives. People emigrate from developing countries to the Western world in search of wealth, of the greatest Quantity of Kapital per se. The Implicit Intent adheres to a manner more reminiscent of the California Gold Rush.

Think of those people on the so-called “Political Right” who rail over and over against “Mass Immigration.” Why do they criticize against “Mass Immigration?” Are their motivations economic and financial or are they driven by non-economic and non-financial considerations? Most people would argue that their Intents are non-economic and non-financial. Everyone concludes that this ought to be the truth, when the Reality is far more complicated than people would like to assume.

When scrutinized from the perspective of Conservative Socialism, an entirely different paradigm emerges. “Mass Immigration” becomes a sort of metaphorical term to describe the wholesale exploitation of developing countries by the Western world for Kapital. The people emigrating to the Western world are dehumanized and turned into Commodities to be bought and sold as Debt-Slaves and Kapital-Slaves. The most reliable evidence to indicate that such events are occurring is to compare the Currencies of developing countries against the Currencies of Western countries. Take one Basket of Currencies comprised of various nations not considered part of the Western world, then compare them against another Basket of Currencies consisting of Western nations.

For those interested, I am including a link to an online Currency Calculator where everyone can compare the Value of their Currency against the US Dollar. Since most of the readership for The Fourth Estate are from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and various African nations, the immense gap between most Currencies and the US Dollar is ridiculous. I tend to keep a lot of foreign currencies, except there is no way for me to spend them on anything. My only option is to keep them around as “souvenirs.”        

Things get even worse with the pressuring of youths with technical expertise because only in that sense is it possible for us to reenvisage Mass Immigration as the polar opposite of a “Brain Drain.” Rather than a depopulation of the countryside for the cities, the Brain Drain is a depopulation of developing countries for the Western world. There is a Brain Drain occurring right now in the early 21st century. The vast majority of these countries affected by it are developing countries, whereas the least affected are in the Western world.

A statistical study, recorded between the years of 2007 and 2021, provides ample evidence supportive of this conclusion. With the obvious exception of the wealthier, petroleum-producing nations on the Arab Peninsula, the nations that are least affected by the Brain Drain are predominantly Western countries. These United States are ranked the 161st, with Australia being the lowest at 173rd.

Similarly, another chart demonstrates the extent of economic decline as a consequence of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Notice how the vast majority of these countries at the top are all developing countries. The US is also ranked the 161st.

Here, the critiques levied against “Mass Immigration” also receive their proper contexts, which are more so economic and financial as opposed to political and cultural. Any influx of people into the nation-state creates a “Reserve Army of Labor” in the form of people allegedly ‘competing’ for fewer and fewer employment opportunities. Since there can only be so many employers in existence, curtailing the rate of immigration to the targeted nation-state becomes inevitable in order to reduce the unemployment rate. That accounts for why the meme of “immigrants coming to steal everyone’s jobs” persists in the rhetoric against Mass Immigration from the “Political Right.”

Such behavior is indicative of “Economism,” a term coined by Lenin to criticize those who put excessive emphasis on economics and finance as the overriding factors of the nation-state. Where economics and finance take greater precedence over politics and culture, there is an apparent inability to connect economic and financial phenomena to political and cultural ones. Thus, it pains me to find out that so much of the “Political Right” frames its critiques of “Mass Immigration” from the standpoint of Economism. What is really taking place behind the demagogic appeals is a toleration, a deification of the Brain Drain in the developing world. The talents and expertise of young people are being unnaturally put to waste in the Western world.

There is no other way of looking at the problem confronting humanity. The Brain Drain of the developing countries and the Mass Immigration of the Western countries need to be understood as being one and the same. Anyone who genuinely seeks to eliminate the problem of the Mass Immigration must genuinely seek to eliminate the problem of the Brain Drain. This is an issue which cannot be solved at the national level by means of domestic policies aimed at changing immigration policies. Rather, we are looking at an international issue that requires the ratification of an international treaty to resolve these two problems at the same time.

However, the Liberal Capitalists have no Intent of dealing with both problems any time soon. They in fact have every “Incentive” to let the Western world and the developing countries suffer in the pursuit of the greatest Quantity of Kapital for the least Quantity of Schuld. We have already seen how far they are willing to go in this Coronavirus Pandemic, as evidenced by their lockdowns, their shortages, their dysfunctional logistics, their senseless rhetoric, and their obsessions with the financial markets.   

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