New Recession in 2022?

Western Store Shelf, ca. 2021
Soviet Store Shelf, ca. 1991

A noteworthy observation piqued my interest and I felt compelled to bring it to the attention of my readers. In essence, I had concluded a while back that the Coronavirus Pandemic is going to become an everyday occurrence for the rest of the 2020s, and we have to get used to its normalization as an Endemic. The question which continues to perplex me is whether the secondary effects of the Pandemic, like the economic difficulties and financial instabilities, will also become normalized. This comes at a time when people in late 2021 were claiming that the rising Inflation and the persistent unemployment constituted itself as signs of a return to the new-old Stagflation from the Death of Bretton Woods. A more recent postulation includes the possibility that there might be a new Recession in 2022 under the right set of circumstances.

Let it be known that there was in fact a Recession in March 2020. The effects of that Recession came as a consequence of COVID-19 becoming a worldwide phenomenon, continuing to linger in 2020 and last year in particular. One of the results of that Recession involved the massive injections of Kapital and Schuld into the Market/Mixed Economies of the Liberal International Economic Order (LIEO) by their own Central Banks. This in turn led to the rising Inflation and concerns over Currency Depreciation, in addition to the US National Debt surpassing the US GDP Rate. Then there were the shortages of practically anything and everything, some of which was not necessarily imported from abroad.

These issues from 2021 are going to continue in 2022, albeit in some other form or another. With the Omicron variant stoking the rabidly paranoid, I am convinced that people are continuing to overreact because we have lost sight of what is considered “normal” at this point. Everyone wants everything to return back to normal, hence the attempts at normalizing the Pandemic into an Endemic. Meanwhile, the reports about the possibility of a new Recession this year have yet to be fully realized. Until I have seen plausible evidence to the contrary, we are going to have to treat the economic and financial news with a proverbial grain of salt. It minus well be Democratic-Republican Party Propaganda at this point.

What sort of meaning shall we ascribe to the ongoing shortages, the fluctuating Price changes, and the apparent economic dysfunctions of the Market/Mixed Economy? Is there something which the Liberal Capitalists are not telling us through their “mainstream news outlets,” which are in actuality glorified propaganda bureaucracies?

An important phenomenon worthy of scrutiny concerns the number of nation-states undergoing “food insecurity.” In the Liberal Capitalist ideological language, the term “food insecurity” denotes any nation-state undergoing an apparent inability to feed its own Totality. The national economy is incapable of producing enough foodstuffs, the store shelves are oftentimes empty, and the Prices continue to rise amid mounting shortages. While the Totality are not ‘starving’ per se, the right amount of circumstances is capable of steering their plight toward that direction, which can be as sudden as droughts or as the buildup of previous economic disasters. At the rate things are going, most nations have undergone some form of food insecurity, although it is difficult to tell which nations are closer toward famine and which ones are more less likely to experience famine. Even so, the most vulnerable include the disabled, who have fewer chances of employment, and most developing countries. Signs of food insecurity among members of an armed forces is another dangerous sign, with the most egregious case being the ongoing one involving the US military. A reintroduction to Rationing, something that has not yet been done before since the end of World War II among the Soviets and Eastern Bloc countries, has yet to be done by the US and Western Bloc countries.  

I have yet to find adequate evidence to indicate that we are heading toward the direction of Rationing. But just in case, if somewhere beyond the mist-shrouded fog of the near future that Rationing becomes another revisited norm again in the Western, the timing is paramount. Shop for essential goods early in the day and early in the week. Do not wait until the last minute. Always plan ahead.

This Ration Card could become your future under Liberal Capitalism.

“Buy Early in the Week. Buy Early in the Day.”

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