Revision (27 January 2022)

I am nearly finished with Section Two of The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.). There are four Entries that have yet to receive their proper revisions. The most important changes here concern how information in Section Two is conveyed as the foundation for the rest of The Work-Standard. This means that the Second Edition will be delving a bit further into the “Reciprocal Theory of Value (RTV)” and the “Work Theory of Money (WTM).” We cannot understand how the “Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) Process” operates in Section Three without grasping the fundamental logic governing its methodology in Section Two.

Of the four Entries in Section Two, two of them could be replaced by new Entries exclusive to the Second Edition. For “World Reserve Currencies,” that Entry could be combined with a similar one in Section Six, “Potential Feasibility of the Work-Standard as a World Reserve Currency,” allowing the transition from Section Two to Section Three to be more seamless and readable. Its preceding Entry, “Devaluation and Revaluation (Pt. 2 of 2),” was essentially a repeat of similar ideas from Part I. I am thinking about consolidating “Devaluation and Revaluation” into one Entry.

I will figure something out about the replacements for those two Entries, then settle on completing the rest of Section Four and be done with both Sections before the end of this week. Section Four just needs the usual proofreading.

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