Update (10 February 2022)

The ongoing issues which have been plaguing me earlier this week have finally subsided. For the duration of this week, I will be working to complete the rest of the The Work-Standard (2nd Ed.) while at the same time continuing to keep everyone updated on its completion. In the meantime, I want to include in this Blog post two diagrams that are now in the completed Section Five of the Second Edition. There are still a few more diagrams that I would like to include as part of Sections Five and Six. Tomorrow, I will be issuing a new Post about the Solidarity Rate and the Indices, neither of which, I feel, were given proper work on the accounting side of things.

Here’s the Diagram for the Reciprocal-Reserve Banking System
Here’s how Command-Obedience Account Bookkeeping looks on a diagram. I made this one because not all of us are familiar with Accounting or are event Accountants.

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